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ZIPAIR Baggage Allowance Policy and Carry on Fees 2024

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Published on January 25, 2024

ZIPAIR Baggage Allowance provides generous luggage options to its passengers for a comfortable journey. Since the airline comes under the low-cost carrier category, it lets you check in multiple checked bags for a reasonable fee. Nevertheless, ZIPAIR baggage policy states that a passenger can bring items on board free of charge. It becomes the of a passenger to understand the baggage limits before packing the bags for the trip. If you bring more than what is permitted, the airline will charge a heavy fee at the airport ticket counter. So, be smart and go through the shared details.

ZIPAIR Carry On Baggage Limits

ZIPAIR Baggage Rules for carry-ons state that a bag should be under 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm in size. You may pack all the travel essentials that you require during the flight. Such items should be placed in cabin bags instead of checked luggage. Along with a carry-on, you may also carry one ZIPAIR personal item measuring 35 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. The combined weight of both bags should be under 7kg. As long as you meet these conditions, the airline will transport your bag free of charge. Additional baggage fees will apply for bags exceeding the permitted dimensions and weight limit. 

You can increase your ZIPAIR carry on baggage allowance up to 15kg (combined weight) up to a day before scheduled departure. Please note that you cannot purchase additional baggage at the airport on the day of travel. In that case, the airline will check in the excess luggage. Check the table below for ZIPAIR Baggage Fees:

ZIPAIR Baggage Fees for Additional Carry-on
Narita – Seoul2,000 YEN
Seoul – Narita19,050 WON
Narita – Manila3,000 YEN
Manila – Narita23 USD
Narita – Bangkok3,000 YEN
Bangkok – Narita760 BAHT
Narita – Singapore3,000 YEN
Singapore – Narita31 SGD
Narita – Honolulu4,000 YEN
Honolulu – Narita31 USD
Narita – Vancouver5,000 YEN
Vancouver – Narita52 CAD
Narita – San Francisco5,000 YEN
San Francisco – Narita38 USD
Narita – San Jose5,000 YEN
San Jose – Narita38 USD
Narita – Los Angeles5,000 YEN
Los Angeles – Narita38 USD

Cabin Regulations for Carrying Items

As per ZIPAIR Airlines baggage allowance, some items are either forbidden or restricted for the safety and security of passengers. Every passenger is responsible for complying with these restrictions. Otherwise, the airline will levy heavy charges or even confiscate the item. Memorize the following list of items that are prohibited on board the ZIPAIR flights:

  • Fireworks, firecrackers, or any item that contains gunpowder.
  • Aerosols excluding cosmetics, toiletries, or medicines. 
  • Bleach, paints, self-heating meals.
  • E-cigarettes, lithium, and portable batteries.
  • Matches and cigarette lighter
  • Weapons including knives, scissors, sharp instruments, blunt tools, etc.

ZIPAIR Restrictions on Liquid Items

Passengers are allowed to carry liquid items on board as long as they comply with Zip Air baggage limits. Pack liquid or gel-based items in a container with a capacity of no more than 100 mL. The same condition applies to aerosol cosmetics and toiletries. If you are carrying more than one container on board, pack them inside a single transparent plastic bag. The volume of the bag should be equal to or less than one liter. Every passenger is permitted to carry one such bag to the flight cabin. 

ZIPAIR Check In Baggage Allowance

ZIPAIR Check In Baggage Allowance

ZIPAIR Baggage Allowance for checked bags permits bags up to a maximum of 30kg. The sum of the three sides should be within 203 cm or less. Unlike carry-ons, checked bags are not included in your fare. You will have to add them to your ticket for a fee. The airline calculates the fee for the first piece of luggage and up to the fifth piece. A single passenger can carry a maximum of five bags as checked luggage. Each piece will levy ZIPAIR Baggage Fees separately. 

ZIPAIR Baggage Fees

We recommend purchasing ZIPAIR Checked Baggage in advance as the airline charges additional charges at the airport. When you add checked luggage at the airport check-in counter, the airline will automatically charge a handling fee together with a standard baggage fee. At that time, your expenses will increase, and no cash will be accepted for payment. 

ZIPAIR Baggage Fees for Checked Luggage
Narita – Seoul4,000 YEN
Seoul – Narita38,100 WON
Narita – Manila5,000 YEN
Manila – Narita38 USD
Narita – Bangkok5,000 YEN
Bangkok – Narita1,270 BAHT
Narita – Singapore5,000 YEN
Singapore – Narita51 SGD
Narita – Honolulu6,000 YEN
Honolulu – Narita46 USD
Narita – Vancouver7,000 YEN
Vancouver – Narita73 CAD
Narita – San Francisco7,000 YEN
San Francisco – Narita54 USD
Narita – San Jose7,000 YEN
San Jose – Narita54 USD
Narita – Los Angeles7,000 YEN
Los Angeles – Narita54 USD

ZIPAIR Baggage Rules For Sports Equipment

Passengers may check-in sports equipment up to five pieces, which is the same as the standard ZIPAIR baggage rules. The maximum weight limit is 32kg per item, and the size should be in accordance with the cargo compartment. If the length of an item is under 254 cm, the height is 91 cm, and the width is 76 cm, it can be checked in. Similarly, if the dimensions are under 50 cm (width) x 60 cm (height) x 292 cm (length), you can check in the sports equipment. 

You may check in all the equipment as normal checked luggage except for bicycles, golf, skis, snowboards, surfboards, etc. The transportation will cost an additional fee depending on the selected route. Once you complete the purchase, the amount becomes non-refundable. 

ZIPAIR Baggage Fees for Golf Equipment, Ski/Snowboarding Equipment, One Surfboard
(Maximum Length ≤ 200 cm)
Narita – Seoul5,500 YEN
Seoul – Narita66,000 WON
Narita – Manila6,000 YEN
Manila – Narita55 USD
Narita – Bangkok6,000 YEN
Bangkok – Narita1,800 BAHT
Narita – Singapore6,000 YEN
Singapore – Narita72 SGD
Narita – Honolulu7,000 YEN
Honolulu – Narita64 USD
Narita – Vancouver8,000 YEN
Vancouver – Narita83 CAD
Narita – San Francisco8,000 YEN
San Francisco – Narita73 USD
Narita – San Jose8,000 YEN
San Jose – Narita73 USD
Narita – Los Angeles8,000YEN
Los Angeles – Narita73 USD
ZIPAIR Baggage Fees for Bikes and One Surfboard
(Length > 200 cm)
Narita – Seoul8,000 YEN
Seoul – Narita96,000 WON
Narita – Manila9,000 YEN
Manila – Narita82 USD
Narita – Bangkok9,000 YEN
Bangkok – Narita2,800 BAHT
Narita – Singapore9,000 YEN
Singapore – Narita109 SGD
Narita – Honolulu11,000 YEN
Honolulu – Narita100 USD
Narita – Vancouver13,000 YEN
Vancouver – Narita135 CAD
Narita – San Francisco13,000 YEN
San Francisco – Narita118 USD
Narita – San Jose13,000 YEN
San Jose – Narita118 USD
Narita – Los Angeles13,000YEN
Los Angeles – Narita118 USD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many bags can you take on ZIPAIR?

ZIPAIR Baggage Allowance permits one carry-on (55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm), personal items (35 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm), and checked baggage up to 158 cm on every flight. 

Is ZIPAIR strict with baggage?

Yes, the airline strictly follows its size and weight restrictions. Passengers who exceed the zip air baggage limits will pay additional charges. 

Does ZIPAIR have free checked bags?

Unfortunately, ZIPAIR does not offer free checked bags, and passengers have to add them in exchange for a fee. 

Does ZIPAIR allow carry-on bags free of charge?

Yes, passengers can carry a cabin bag and one personal item free of charge with a combined weight of 7kg or less. 

Can I increase my cabin baggage allowance?

Yes, you can increase your ZIPAIR carry on allowance by paying an extra sum of money depending on your purchased fare and selected route. 


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