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EVA Air Baggage Allowance 2024 – Pack to Pay Less!

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Published on November 8, 2023

Being the largest airline in Taiwan, the airline tries to keep the EVA Air Baggage Allowance pretty straightforward. It offers a generously fair luggage allowance but is strict on restrictions. The excess baggage fee is charged by piece for US flights. Therefore, the baggage must meet the below-mentioned limitations. Carefully pursue the general information of EVA Air baggage allowance for international and domestic destinations before packing your bags. It is better to travel smart than paying extra for luggage which increases the overall travel budget. 

General Information of Eva Air Luggage Allowance

Eva Air Luggage Allowance

Eva Air Baggage Policy refers to a bag that a passenger can carry for wear or check-in at the airport for transportation. If a passenger carries more than what is permitted by the airline, EVA Air excess baggage fee may apply. For the convenience of passengers in handling the baggage, the airline has decided to keep the weight limit under 32kg for checked baggage. Moreover, the weight restrictions are applied to only a single item and do not reflect on the quantity. In case you meet the following conditions then contact the reservation office timely:

  • Carrying more than ten checked baggage individually.
  • The item is not suitable for repacking and weighs more than 32kg or 70 pounds but under 45kg.
  • Carrying a special baggage. 

Eva Checked Baggage Guidelines

Eva Checked Baggage Guidelines

The airline provides a free baggage allowance as per the Eva checked baggage policy.  This allowance is set according to the selected destination, route, and the purchased travel class. However, if the baggage exceeds these allowances then the airline will charge extra cost. These rules are implied on flights operated by Eva Air. If you have bought two separate tickets then the free baggage allowance reflected on each ticket is applied. Some important things should be noted by the passengers:

  • The free baggage is applied to flights operated by EVA/UNI Air.
  • In addition to the free checked baggage policy, passengers are allowed to bring a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair for each infant or child. 
  • The allowance can change if a passenger interrupts the trip or buys a separate ticket for the trip. 
  • If the baggage weighs more than 32kg then it must be repacked to avoid injury to baggage handlers. It’s better if you can split the baggage into two. It is informed that weight limitations are applied to a single baggage only. Splitting the baggage into two will not affect the baggage allowance as long as you are permitted to have that number of pieces. Additionally, this will not affect the excess baggage fee as well.

1. Eva Airways Baggage Weight for the Family Fare

Fare TypeLong-haul flight(US and Canada / Europe / Australia and New Zealand Flights)Short-haul flight(Flights within Asian Countries)
Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, BusinessUp(C), Standard (J), Basic (D)2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each
Premium Economy Up (K), Standard (T/L), Basic (P)2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
EconomyUp (B/Y), Standard (Q/H/M), Basic (V/W/S)2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
Discount (A)1 piece, 23kg(50lbs)1 piece, 23kg(50lbs)
(Including Basic V/W/S)

2. Eva Checked Baggage Allowance for Other Fares

Fare TypeLong-haul flight(US and Canada / Europe / Australia and New Zealand Flights)Short-haul flight(Flights within Asian Countries)
Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, Business2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each
Premium Economy 2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
Economy2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each

Extra Checked Baggage Allowance for Eva Air Members

Passengers having a flying membership of Eva Airlines are eligible for extra baggage allowance. The allowance may vary according to the status of membership, the higher the status the more flexible allowance. Check out your eligibility for extra baggage according to your membership:

  • Infinity MileageLands – Diamond Card, Gold Card, Silver Card
  1. Can carry one checked baggage and the weight should according to the booking class. 
  2. Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, Business Class – 32kg(70lbs) each
  3. Economy and Premium Economy Class – 23kg(50lbs) each
  • Star Alliance Gold members other than EVA (Partner Airlines)
  1. One piece of checked bag, weight according to the booking class
  2. Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, Business Class – 32kg(70lbs) each
  3. Premium Economy and Economy Class – 23kg(50lbs) each
  • Star Alliance Silver members other than EVA (Partner Airlines) 

      Do not get an extra baggage allowance.

Eva Air Carry On Size and Regulations

Carry On Size and Regulations

Eva Air offers free carry-on luggage on flights. Passengers with Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class can take two carry-on bags. Whereas, passengers flying in a Premium Economy or Economy class can take only one hand baggage. Each piece must be under 7kg/15lbs as per Eva Air Carry On Policy. Aside from weight, passengers have to make sure that the bag fits the provided size limit. Otherwise, it is not allowed inside the cabin and may require to be checked. The maximum Eva Carry On Size must be 23 × 36 × 56cm / 9 × 14 × 22in or 115cm in total. Please note that this dimension does not include personal items. Furthermore, bags like chubby boxes or sports bag, may not exceed the dimension range but still does not fit overhead cabin because of excessive depth. The airline recommends checking in such bags. 

For the convenience of customers, a measurement test unit is provided at the check-in counter or boarding lounge. This help passenger in determining whether the bag meets the stated requirements. In case the carry-on is heavier or oversized, the authority will ask you to check the baggage. It is hereby informed that these regulations may vary from country to country thus, go through the local airport carry-on guidelines for your convenience.  

Important Pointers

  • Carry-on bags have to fit the required space to prevent it from sliding sideways. 
  • Make sure that carrying hand baggage does not obstruct your movement to/from/across the aisle. 
  • When carry-ons are stored in overhead bins, make sure that it can close without using much force.  
  • Usually, there are fewer chances of hand baggage or other items falling out of overhead bins with doors open. 
  • However, no passenger is permitted to keep their carry-on bag on the lap. 
  • You cannot use the aircraft’s closet for stowing the baggage.
  • The carry-on bag quantity is subject to change according to the aircraft’s storage capacity. So, it is possible that the size may be more limited, especially on A321s. Thus, passengers may have to check their baggage even if it complies with the standard Eva carry on size. The airline needs passenger’s cooperation at times like this. 
  • It is reminded again that the baggage must fit the stated carry-on weight and size and you must be able to store it properly. Oversized or overweight baggage applies additional changes which further increases your expenses on the journey. So, pack according to the above-stated guidelines. 

Carrying Personal items into the Eva Air Cabin

In addition to free hand luggage, passengers can carry one personal item as well in every travel class. The dimensions should be 40 x 30 x 10cm /16 x 12 x 4in or 80cm/32 inches total linear dimension. Some example of personal items includes:

  • Laptop computer
  • Purse
  • Small backpack
  • Briefcase
  • Camera case
  • Rain gear (umbrella, raincoat)
  • Limited amount of duty-free merchandise

In case your personal item exceeds the provided dimension, it will be treated as a carry-on and standard rules are applied. These items are stowed safely in the closed overhead storage or under the seat.

Special Items for Carry-On

Some special items are not appropriate for check-in bags because of their nature. Therefore, passengers must request to carry them on the flight. These special items are stored in the closed overhead bin or under the front seat of the passenger. If you cannot store it in the mentioned spaces then the item is treated as cabin baggage and the passenger is asked to pay for an extra seat. The following things are considered as special items:

  • Carrying a basket of an infant or stroller that is fully collapsible. This also includes a pushchair, car seat, or cares harness. If the stroller is under the dimension of the overhead bin then it can fit there. However, larger strollers are treated as checked baggage. We recommend removing the stroller accessories to prevent loss. 
  • Items like diapers, bottles, or food must not weigh more than 5kg when taken inside the cabin. 
  • If you require assistance with a walking stick, wheelchair, crutches, braces, or prosthetic device then it can be carried onboard. 
  • Medicines or medicinal equipment like transplanted organs. Do keep in mind that is important to provide a non-infectious certificate issued by a clinical laboratory in advance for blood transportation. 
  • Sculptures or urns which are not in square shapes are accepted as carry-on baggage.
  • Musical instruments, should not block the aisle and should not block the other passenger’s view of the emergency sign. 
  • Valuable things like cash, documents, jewelry, cameras, mobile phones, or portable electronic devices. Keep these items inside your carry-on bag. 

Eva Air Excess Baggage

As mentioned before checked baggage that crosses the free allowance is subject to an excess baggage fee. Therefore, it is suggested to go through baggage’s general information before packing to avoid additional charges. The charges for Eva Air Excess Baggage are divided into Taiwan and five different zones. Meaning the airline has divided countries into five different zones.

Zone IJapan, Korea, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar
Zone IIOceania including New Zealand & Australia, Micronesia including Guam & Palau, Russia & Asia excluding Zone 1, Taiwan
Zone IIILAX, SEA, SFO, YVR, HNL and Middle East
Zone IVNorth America excluding Zone 3, Europe including Turkey, Africa
Zone VCentral and South America

Chart I: Eva Air Extra Baggage Fee International & Domestic

Excess Baggage Fee Chart I includes all destinations except for flights departing from Canda. 

Flying from TaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees140 USD170 USD200 USD230 USD260 USD
Zone 1 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees140 USD160 USD200 USD230 USD250 USD260 USD

Note – Flights between BKK (ZONE 1) and AMS/VIE/LHR (ZONE 4) levies USD230/ per PC

Zone 2 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees170 USD200 USD230 USD250 USD260 USD270 USD
Zone 3 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees200 USD230 USD250 USD260 USD270 USD280 USD
Zone 4 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees230 USD250 USD260 USD270 USD280 USD290 USD

Note – Flights between BKK (ZONE 1) and AMS/VIE/LHR (ZONE 4) levies USD230/ per PC

Zone 5 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees260 USD260 USD270 USD280 USD290 USD300 USD

Chart II: Eva Extra Baggage Fee for Flights Departing from Canada

Zone 5 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees260 USD300 USD330 USD340 USD350 USD360 USD
Zone 5 ToTaiwanZone IZone IIZone IIIZone IVZone V
Applicable Fees300 USD330 USD340 USD350 USD360 USD370 USD

Eva Oversized and Overweight Baggage Charges

In case the baggage exceeds the decided size and dimension then the airline levy Eva Oversized and Overweight Baggage Charges. 

  1. If the baggage is overweight then the charges are applied as follows: 
  • Baggage weight is between 23kg and 32kg, 0.5 pieces of excess baggage fee is applied. 
  • If the bag weighs between 32kg and 45kg, three pieces of excess baggage fee is applied.
  • If the weight is more than 45kg, the airline will not accept it as checked baggage. It must be delivered as cargo only. 

Moreover, it is also mandatory for the bag to meet certain dimensions so, that it fits the provided space. In any case, if the bag exceeds the size, the following excess baggage charges are applied for Eva Oversized Bag:

  • More than 158cm and less than 203cm – one bag excess baggage fee rate is applied. 
  • More than 203cm and less than 292cm – excess baggage charges are applied equal to one piece rate.
  • More than 292cm – It is not accepted as checked baggage and it must be delivered as cargo only. 

Travel with Sports Equipment on Eva Air

Travel with Sports Equipment on Eva Air

Eva Air treats sports equipment as checked baggage and standard allowance rules are applied. Excess fees are applied if you cross the mentioned size and weight. If your equipment is not mentioned on the list of airlines-permitted sports equipment, it is treated as normal baggage or may incur an additional baggage fee. In case the bag contains clothes or anything other than sports items then it is treated as standard checked baggage. Passengers are instructed to pack their sports equipment properly to avoid damage. Otherwise, Eva may not accept it as checked baggage. 

Passengers are asked to open their baggage of sports equipment for inspection, if necessary. It is recommended to purchase baggage insurance if your baggage has a high value. The following is the list of sports equipment you can bring:

  • Angling/Fishing Equipment
  • Archery Equipment
  • Bicycle
  • Bowling Equipment
  • Canoe
  • Fencing and Kendo Equipment
  • Golf
  • Hang-gliding Equipment
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment
  • Kitesurfing Equipment
  • Paragliding Equipment
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Ski & Water Ski Equipment
  • Sporting Firearms & Ammunition
  • Surfboard Equipment / Windsurfing Equipment

Eva Air Regulations for Traveling with Pets

Eva Air accepts accompanied pets; dogs, cats, and rabbits for air transportation via cargo compartment. The airline will treat your pet as checked baggage and thus cannot be carried as hand luggage. However, service dogs are allowed inside the flight cabin for disabled passengers. Keep in mind that pregnant animals or animals younger than 4 months are not allowed in the carriage. Each passenger can check a maximum number of two cages except for unaccompanied minors. It is possible that the origin and destination country may have stricter pet limits, so it is advisable to check it before flying. 

Passengers having pet travel requirest kindly inform Eva Air reservation staff at least 2 days before the scheduled departure. In addition, download the “Passenger’s Declaration for Live Animal” form and fill it out properly. It needs to be submitted at the airport when you complete your check-in procedure. Also, provide valid health and vaccination certificates and other required documents. The following breeds of animals 

DogsMastiff (all breeds)
Boston TerrierPresa Canario
Boxers (all breeds)Shar Pei
Brussels GriffinShih Tzu
Bulldog (all breeds)Tibetan Spaniel
Bull TerrierMastiff (all breeds)
Pug (all breeds)Cats
Chow ChowBurmese
Dogue de BordeauxHimalayan
English Toy SpanielPersian (e.g. Chinchilla)
Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel/Chin ChinExotic short-haired cat
Cavalier King Charles SpanielLhasa Apso
Lhasa ApsoMastiff (all breeds)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much for extra baggage Eva Air?

Eva Air charges from 140 USD to 300 USD for excess baggage depending on your route. 

Is Eva Air strict on baggage allowance?

Yes, passengers are required to meet the mentioned weight and size restrictions otherwise excess fees are charged.

How many baggage is allowed in Eva Air?

Eva Air allows two pieces of checked baggage and two carry-ons for Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class except for economy fares. 

How many check in baggage allowed in Eva Air?

Passengers can bring two checked baggage having different weight limits according to different fares for flights operated by Eva Air. 

Can we take 2 bags in luggage on Eva Air?

Yes, passengers can take two checked baggage and two carry-ons on EVA Air flights. 

What does EVA Air economy include?

Passengers flying on EVA Air economy fare can take one carry-on bag and two checked baggage weighing under 50 lbs. 


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