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Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy 2024 Know What To Pack

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Published on December 7, 2023

To ensure your travel is comfortable, it is important to understand Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance. As the airline flies to a different country and serves some of the major cities, it tries to keep its policies straightforward. Every baggage bought at the airport or into the cabin has to be a certain size and weigh a certain amount. This is crucial to know before packing your bag for the trip. Every passenger has to make sure the baggage fits the airline’s weight & size limit as per the Emirates Baggage policy. Otherwise, additional charges are applied which can further impact your trip budget. Here is how you can travel easily and avoid unwanted charges on your baggage.

Baggage Rules and Guidelines of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Luggage Allowance simply states the approved number and weight of luggage a passenger is allowed to have. The policy changes according to the cabin class, purchased fare, and selected destinations. Every passenger is allowed to carry cabin bags and checked baggage on Emirates flights. However, you may face restrictions on Emirates baggage size and weight and additional costs may apply if not followed properly. 

Emirates Baggage Policy covers every item that is checked at the airport or carried into the flight cabin. Such items include suitcases, briefcases, handbags, sports equipment, pets in the carriage, etc. At the moment, Emirates is not providing a special free baggage allowance for musical instrument carriage. The airline may consider it either checked baggage or a cabin bag subject to size and weight limitations. 

On the contrary, if you purchased an Emirates flight operated by some other airline then different rules may apply. In this case, it is possible that the baggage policy may differ from what is mentioned on this page. Kindly reach out to the airline in charge of flight operation for carry-on and checked baggage policy. 

Emirates International Baggage Allowance

Emirates Baggage Allowance International is quite different from the standard allowance. The airline has set different size and weight dimensions for flights originating from a foreign land. For example, flights from Australia and New Zealand are permitted to have a higher weight allowance on Economy Save fares. Not only that, the airline has different charges for oversized and overweight baggage. Therefore, kindly check Emirates International Baggage Allowance before confirming the reservation and avoid paying extra. 

Emirates Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Emirates Carry On Luggage Allowance varies according to different cabin classes, selected routes, and membership tiers. Cabin bags are permitted inside the plane. Every passenger is allowed to carry one cabin bag on Economy and Premium Economy travel classes. However, the Business Class Baggage Allowance is slightly different. Passengers can bring one carry-on and one briefcase or garment bag on board. All cabin bags must fit the space under the front seat or in the overhead bin. 

Passengers who are traveling with their baby are permitted to bring one carry-cot or one fully collapsible stroller in flight. If there is no room available in the cabin then it is mandatory to check in that baggage. Items like liquor, cigarettes, and perfume bought from Duty-free stores are also allowed into the cabin. Do check the reasonable quantity permitted by the airlines. However, keep in mind the liquid restriction of some airports may prevent these items from passing the security screening.

Emirates Carry On Weight & Size

It is necessary to meet the required Emirates Baggage Dimensions so that it perfectly fits the space for convenient travel. If you are boarding from India then you can carry one carry-on bag with a dimension of 115 cm in total. Any baggage crossing the set limitation is treated as checked baggage and a different allowance is followed. The Emirates Carry On Weight and Size as per different travel classes are as follows:

Economy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness & First Class
Number of Carry-OnsOne OneTwo
Dimensions55 x 38 x 22 cm55 x 38 x 22 cmBriefcase –  45 x 35 x 20 cm Handbag – 55 x 38 x 22 cm Garment bag thickness should be under 20cm when folded
Emirates carry on weight7kg10kg7kg + 7kg

Note: If your flight is originating from Brazil then you can bring up to 10kg of carry-on into the flight cabin. 

Packing Liquid Items on Emirates Carry-On

Passengers can pack liquids, pastes, lotions, creams, drinks, gels, and aerosols in their carry-on bags. It is limited to only one bag per traveler. The liquid items must be packed in 100ml containers. If it is larger, the airline will not accept the container even if it is partially filled.

Moreover, passengers are instructed to pack these containers in transparent re-sealable plastic bags. The capacity should not exceed one liter. 

The airline will not approve larger bags or non-sealable bags like fold-over sandwich bags. The liquid container must fit perfectly within the plastic bag and be closed tightly ensuring no leaks. The authorities at the airport will ask to present the plastic bag for visual examination at the security checkpoint. 

Emirates Cabin Bags Restricted Items

Passengers are restricted from carrying a set of items on the plane due to their health and safety hazards properties. It can be harmful to passengers and can destroy flight operations. Therefore, the airline does not permit these articles or substances on board. Kindly refer to the official website for the allowed quantity for some items like Alcohol. You can check the table below for restricted items as per Emirates Hand Baggage Allowance:

Forbidden ItemsRequires Approval
Personal motorized vehiclesBatteries
Attaché casesSecurity type equipment
Matches, safety, or a small cigarette lighterPowered electronic devices
Disabling devicesMobility aids non-spillable
Electroshock weaponsMobility aids spillable
Items containing explosivesLithium-ion batteries (collapsible)
DronesAvalanche rescue backpack
Non-flammable, non-toxic aerosolsGas cartridges, small, non-flammable
Internal combustion or fuel cell enginesCamping stoves and fuel containers
Permeation devicesOxygen or air, gaseous, cylinders

Emirates Checked Baggage Allowance

Emirates Checked Baggage Allowance

Emirates has the most reasonable checked baggage policy for passengers. The free baggage allowance is influenced by the total number of pieces and the total weight of the luggage a passenger has. Which is also known as the weight or piece concept. The airline applies the weight concept on almost every route. However, the piece concept is applied to flight to/from America and Africa. The Emirates Checked Baggage Allowance varies according to your destination, fare, and travel class. 

Emirates Airlines follows general rules and guidelines for checked baggage allowance. Passengers may visit the “Manage Your Booking” page on the official website to check Emirates checked baggage size and weight specific to their journey. This will also help you in determining the cost of extra baggage. Travelers flying with Emirates Skywards Platinum, Gold, or Silver membership get extra baggage allowance on routes using the weight concept. 

Emirates Baggage Size and Weight

Emirates Baggage Size and Weight

As per the Emirates Baggage Policy, the checked bag allowance is based on heaviness under the weight concept. You can check as many bags as you like up to the permitted weight limit of the purchased travel class. This concept of Emirates Checked Baggage Allowance is applied on all routes except for America and Africa. Every passenger can carry baggage up to 32 kg. Find out Emirates Baggage Size and Weight for checked baggage according to different travel classes:

  1. Weight and Dimension as per Weight Concept 
Class Name Special SaverFlexFlex Plus

Note: If your Economy Saver flight origin is Australia and New Zealand then the baggage weight must not be up to 30kg. 

Travel ClassesEmirates Checked Baggage Allowance
Premium Economy35kg
Business Class40kg
First Class50kg

Moreover, the Emirates Checked Baggage Size should not exceed 300 cm or 118 inches in total. The authorities will not accept larger checked baggage. Whereas, Passengers traveling from Dammam International Airport can check baggage having dimensions up to 215 cm or 84.64 inches

  1. Weight and Dimension as per Piece Concept

The piece concept is applied to flights to and from America and flights originating in Africa. The passengers are allowed to check in bags up to a certain limit which depends on different travel class. However, the following weight and dimension do not apply to flights within America and between the US and Europe. 

Check Baggage Allowance to and from America and Africa
Travel ClassBaggage Allowance
Economy Class1 Checked Baggage & Special Fares – 23kg

2 Checked Baggage
Saver, Flex, & Flex Plus – 23kg each
Premium Economy2 Checked Baggage23kg each
Business Class2 Checked Baggage32kg each
First Class2 Checked Baggage32kg each
Check Baggage Allowance for Flight within America and between the US and Europe
Travel ClassBaggage Allowance
Economy Class1 Checked BaggageSpecial & Saver Fares – 23kg
2 Checked Baggage Flex & Flex Plus – 23kg each
Premium Economy2 Checked Baggage23kg each
Business Class2 Checked Baggage32kg each
First Class2 Checked Baggage32kg each

Note: The weight concept is applied if your flight is originating from Australia, New Zealand, or Asia to North or South America including the Europe sector, or layover in Dubai for more than 24 hours. Similarly, for flights to Africa with a stopover for more than 24 hours. 

In addition, the airline permit dimension up to 150 cm (59 inches) for each piece or a maximum of up to 300 cm (118 inches). Passengers may face additional charges if the baggage exceeds the described Emirates Checked Baggage Size under the piece concept. In case traveling from Dammam International Airport, the maximum dimension accepted is 215 cm or 84.64 inches in total. 

Sports Equipment Baggage Guidelines

Emirates Airlines accepts sports equipment like golf, bicycles, and ski equipment as checked baggage and is treated as a part of the standard baggage allowance. Make sure to contact the airline as well if any special packaging is required. 

If it is covered under the weight concept, the airline will accept Emirates baggage dimensions up to 300cm or 118 inches. Otherwise, the baggage is denied for checked baggage transportation instead it will be sent as cargo or freight.  Additionally, there is no exception to this concept.

Under the piece concept, the approved dimension of baggage is up to 300cm (118 inches). Other conditions are the same as the weight concept. However, if the overall baggage weight or quantity crosses the free baggage allowance, extra rates will apply.

Traveling with Pet on Emirates Flight

Unlike other airlines, Emirates does not allow pets in the flight cabin so, passengers cannot bring their dogs or cats as carry-ons. Though falcons are accepted for flights between Dubai and some destinations in Pakistan. Pets are carried on cargo or as checked baggage. The cost of traveling with the animal and its container is based on the weight and dimension of the cage. These charges are levied in every case even when there is no checked bag. Kindly notify the airline timely to check if any permits or tests are required. Although you have to carry important documents of your pet such as vaccinations. Afterwards, the airline will make the proper arrangements for you. 

Animal and cagePrice
Animal + Cage is under 23kg and 59 inches (150cm)USD 500
Animal + Cage combined weigh – 24kg to 32 kgDimension –  59 inches(150cm) to 118 inches(300cm)USD 650
Animal + Cage combined weight is more than 32kg Dimension –  59 inches(150cm) to 118 inches(300cm)USD 800
Animal cage dimension is more than 118 inches(300cm)Cargo

Oversized and Overweight Emirates Luggage Allowance

In some cases, passengers may exceed the described Emirates Baggage Size and Weight, termed as oversized and overweight. Such pieces of luggage are applicable for additional charges as a penalty. Now, these charges are applied in two ways:

  1. If you are flying with the permitted number of pieces and you exceed the size and weight limits. Charges are applied as follows:
Type of FlightsOverweightOversizedOverweight and Oversized
Flights to/from the America and flights to/from AfricaUSD 75USD 75USD 150
Flights to/from CanadaCAD 95CAD 95CAD 185
  1. If you have already bought the additional piece of baggage and that too exceeds size and weight limits. The following would be the applicable charges:
Type of FlightsOverweightOversizedOverweight and Oversized
Flights to/from the America and flights to/from Africaadditional piece cost + USD 75additional piece cost + USD 75additional piece cost + USD 150
Flights to/from Canadaadditional piece cost +CAD 95additional piece cost +CAD 95additional piece cost +CAD 185

Emirates Airlines Extra Baggage Allowance

As we already know, the baggage allowance completely depends on the route, travel class, fare type, and membership. Passengers can purchase extra baggage permits online which is comparatively less than the amount paid at the airport. In most scenarios, passengers pay at the check-in desk in local currency. These are purchased for adult and child tickets but not for infant tickets. It is mandatory for the ticket number to start with 176, indicating the ticket is issued by Emirates. Aside from this, the flight operation and marketing must be handled by the concerned airline as well. Read the following terms and conditions.

1. Adding Additional Weight 

Passengers can purchase additional weight under the Emirates Baggage Weight Concept. You may check in as many bags as you wish under the maximum weight limit. The standard weight allowance is applied and for every additional kg, an extra cost is applied. Passengers can add extra weight in blocks of 5kg which can exceed up to 50kg. Additionally, it is advised to purchase the baggage online in advance to get a greater discount. If you do so, you will pay 50%-60% less than paying at the airport desk. These discounts are claimable up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 

Purchasing Additional Weight at the Airport
From / ToMiddle East / South AsiaAfricaFar EastEuropeAustralia and New Zealand
Middle East / South AsiaUSD 15USD 25USD 25USD 25USD 40
Far EastUSD 25USD 30USD 15USD 30USD 30
EuropeUSD 25USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 50
Australia and New ZealandUSD 40USD 50USD 30USD 50USD 15

2. Adding Additional Piece

Passengers can purchase additional pieces of luggage under the Emirates Baggage Piece Concept. Buy online, at the airline’s office, or even at the airport desk. You can check the number of pieces included in your ticket allowance from the above-mentioned information. 

As stated previously, kindly purchase in advance to save money and travel conveniently. This can save you up to 35% to 50% on the cost of additional pieces. Unfortunately, this is impossible in case of a flight to or from Canada.  

From / ToMiddle East / South AsiaAfricaFar EastEuropeAustralia and New ZealandAmerica
From/to AfricaUSD 200USD 200USD 250USD 200USD 250USD 200
From/to AmericaUSD 225USD 200USD 250USD 100USD 250USD 100
From/to Canada:CAD 280CAD 250CAD 300CAD 125CAD 300CAD 125

3. Emirates Extra Baggage Allowance for Passengers with Disabilities

Emirates is a good airline and is considerate towards passengers having disabilities to make their journey comfortable. Such passengers are eligible for extra baggage allowance completely free of cost. You may check or carry the following items as extra baggage for free:

  • Check in a fully collapsible wheelchair
  • Braces and crutches.
  • Dialysis machine with its associated equipment.
  • Vision and hearing-impaired customers can check in their assistant dog but are not allowed in the cabin. 
  • Carry a sleep apnea device if you have a sleep disorder. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Emirates’ extra baggage cost from India to the USA?

Passengers can face charges up to 225 USD depending on whether additional weight is purchased or piece. 

Are laptops allowed in checked baggage in Emirates?

Yes, passengers can carry their laptops in checked baggage on Emirates flights.

Does Emirates allow extra baggage?

Yes, Emirates allow passengers to purchase extra baggage in the form of additional weight and luggage piece. 

Does Emirates allow extra baggage for students?

Emirates offers extra baggage allowance for students on selective flights like India to Mexico, DXB, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. 

How much baggage is allowed in the Emirates?

Passengers are allowed to have one carry-on and one checked baggage on Emirates flights, quantity changes according to travel classes.

What is a 2pc baggage allowance in Emirates?

Passengers can check 2 pieces of luggage weighing under 23 kgs (32 for first and business class)

What is the luggage allowance for Emirates economy?

Emirates Economy class permits one carry-on (7kg) and one checked baggage of 23kg (2pc for Saver, Flex, & Flex Plus)

Can I carry 2 cabin baggage in Emirates?

Yes, you can carry 2 cabin bags on an Emirates flight if flying on Business & First Class.

How many kg allowed in Emirates Airlines Economy Class?

Passengers carry up to 7kg cabin bag, 23kg 1 checked bag, and 32kh two check bag each. 


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