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Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance – Tips to Save Extra Fees

Published on November 7, 2023

Baggage Allowance of Qatar Airways flights are very flexible providing various options for passengers. As a renowned carrier offering flights to almost every corner of the world, Qatar Qirwats keeps its policies less complicated. Passengers can carry one hand luggage for free on every fare though it is necessary to ensure the bag fits within the described dimensions. Like most airlines, Qatar Airways baggage policy also determines some set of limitations on the size and weight of a bag. Moreover, additional charges are also levied for additional baggage. Let’s dive deep into terms and conditions and avoid paying last-minute baggage fees.

Qatar Airways Baggage Rules For Different Fares

Qatar Airways Baggage Rules

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy helps determine the number and weight of luggage pieces that a passenger can carry for their journey. Such restrictions vary according to the type of fare purchased and the landing destination of the flight. The baggage rules may be different for travelers having a flying membership. This includes a Silver, Gold, and Platinum Privilege Club membership or of Oneworld Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. Also, if the passenger is flying with partner airlines, the baggage allowance may differ. 

According to the baggage policy of Qatar Airways, passengers are permitted to carry hand luggage and a few checked baggage. The restrictions on the size and dimension can vary according to the allowance provided on different tickets. Refer to the table below to determine how much baggage you can take with Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways Economy Baggage Allowance
RoutesEconomy LiteEconomy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations20kg (44lb)25kg (55lb)30kg (66lb)35kg (77lb)
Flights to/from Africa or America1 Checked Bag(23kg/50lb each)2 Checked Bag
(23kg/50lb each)
2 Checked Bag(23kg/50lb each)2 Checked Bag(23kg/50lb each)
Hand baggage1 piece (7kg/15lb)1 piece (7kg/15lb)1 piece (7kg/15lb)1 piece (7kg/15lb)
Qatar Airways Business Class Baggage Allowance
RoutesBusiness LiteBusiness ClassicBusiness ConvenienceBusinessComfort
Flights to/from all destinations40kg (88lb)
Flights to/from Africa or America2 Checked Bag(32kg/70lb each)
Hand baggage2 pieces (15kg/33lb total
Baggage Allowance Qatar Airways First Class
RoutesFirst Elite
Flights to/from all destinations50kg (110lb)
Flights to/from Africa or America2 Checked Bags (32kg/70lb each)
Hand baggage2 pieces (15kg/33lb total)

Qatar Airways Check Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways Check Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways Check Baggage Allowance depends on your flight and booking class. Passengers can find the permitted number of bags and the weight allowed for their journey when they select the flight. Which is also mentioned on the flight ticket. On routes where the weight concept is followed, there is no restriction on bag pieces. Multiple bags are permitted as checked baggage as long as weight limits are met. However, the airline may apply restrictions due to aircraft capacity.

Qatar Checked Baggage Maximum Dimension

Passengers can take Qatar Checked Baggage having a certain size comprising of length + width + height. These dimensions are set by considering the handling process of the baggage. Some airports face issues in handing larger bags in transverse belts. Qatar Airways changes baggage dimensions according to various destinations. 

  • If you are flying to and from Africa or America, the dimensions of your bag must be at most 158cm in total per luggage. 
  • For flights from Dammam, Qatar checked baggage should be under 158 cm.
  • If you booked a flight from Dublin, checked baggage must not exceed 240cm in dimensions. 
  • If flying to and from other destinations, the maximum dimension per checked bag is 300cm.

Qatar Checked Baggage Weight Limit

Passengers cannot bring checked baggage weighing more than 32 kg or 70 lbs. In addition, Qatar Airways does not accept bags that are round or have irregular shapes, tied with rope or strings, or wrapped in a blanket. Additional baggage will cost extra if you purchase it at the airport. Thus, make sure to plan your baggage well before the scheduled takeoff so as to purchase the additional baggage in advance. 

Qatar Cabin Baggage Allowance

Passengers can also bring carry-on bags in addition to checked baggage. You can take this bag inside the plane if it meets necessary requirements. Qatar Carry On Weight Limit varies according to the travel class you are flying on. Also, not every product is allowed on flight, some items are restricted for the safety of passengers and crew members onboard. The accepted weight limit for cabin baggage is as follows:

  • Passengers with First Class and Business Class tickets can carry two bags weighing up to 15kg or 33 lbs in total. 
  • Passengers with Economy Classes can carry one piece of carry-on under 7kg or 15 lbs.
  • If the ticket is issued in Brazil for Economy Class, passengers can carry one carry-on weighing up to 10kg or 22 lbs.

Permitted Carry-On Dimension in Qatar Airways

Similar to checked baggage, the airline has also decided on Qatar Hand Baggage Size which is 50x37x25cm (20x15x10in). Ensure that laptops and laptop bags should be able to fit within your carry-on bag. Passengers can also bring personal items like handbags, or small briefcases, coats, blankets, umbrellas, etc. 

Guidelines for Traveling with Liquid Items

You may carry liquids, gels, pastes, and aerosols in containers up to 100ml (3.4oz) in your hand baggage. Containers larger than 100ml cannot be accepted even if only partly filled. Your containers should be carried in a transparent, resealable, quart- or litre-sized bag no more significant than 20x20cm (8x8in). Please ensure all items fit comfortably in the plastic bag.

Airport security will ask you to produce your transparent bag of liquids separately for screening. There are no restrictions on baby foods and medication. However, you may be required to present a prescription for medication you want to take on board. 

Get Qatar Extra Baggage and Save Up To 70%

Passengers can purchase additional baggage before the scheduled departure online and save up to 70%. You are liable to buy the baggage from the time of booking and up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure as per the extra baggage allowance of Qatar Airways. One can get baggage in bulk by visiting the official website or contacting the airline directly. These prices are only applied to flights operated by Qatar Airways. The extra baggage fee is levied according to the region and route. If you have already booked your flight then visit the “Manage Booking” section on the website and purchase the additional baggage. 

Passengers can save up to 70% on standard rates if they purchase additional baggage in the increment of 5kg.

Important Terms and Conditions

There are certain guidelines for purchasing pre-additional baggage, make sure to peruse them thoroughly before making a purchase:

  • Additional baggage is provided over the free baggage allowance which is indicated on the booking confirmation.
  • The airline will charge additional baggage per kilogram. However, the airline charges per piece for flights to/from Africa and America. 
  • The additional units are provided in increments of one bag or in bundles of 5kg each. Every passenger can have a maximum additional baggage of 5 pieces which can weigh up to 100kg. 
  • Mind you, additional baggage is calculated for every passenger in a booking and for every part of the journey. 
  • Passengers are not eligible to get additional baggage for infants.
  • These charges are quoted and charged in the currency of the departure country. 
  • Remember, this service is non-refundable and the airline will forfeit the amount in case of any changes. However, if the additional baggage is not accepted due to space lamination, the airline may refund the amount.

1) Qatar Extra Weight Charges for Additional Baggage (Bulk)

From/ToEuropeISC & PakistanSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan
& Korea
ISC & Pakistan$13$30$30$13$30$20$10$10$10$10
South/East Asia$15$30$30$15$40$40$13$13$13$13
Central Asia$15$13$15$30$15$15$13$13$13$13
Japan & Korea$15$30$30$40$40$55$13$13$13$13
QatarQAR 45QAR 40QAR 50QAR 50QAR 50QAR 70QAR 28QAR 28QAR 28

2) Prices Charged Per Piece (Bulk)

For Flight to/from Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA
BaggageFlights between Africa and Qatar
(UAE, Türkiye and India)
Remaining Flights
First pieceUSD 150/CAD 200USD 250/CAD 325
Second pieceUSD 175/CAD 230USD 275/CAD 360
Third pieceUSD 200/CAD 260USD 300/CAD 390
Fourth pieceUSD 225/CAD 290USD 325/CAD 420
Fifth pieceUSD 250/CAD 320USD 350/CAD 450

3) Preferred Rates for Additional Baggage (Weight Concept)

If you purchase directly from the airline airport office or via the contact center, the tabulated charges are levied. You can save up to 20% when the purchase is done up to six hours before the flight takeoff. Under the piece concept, USD 100/CAD 130 is charged for flights between Africa and Qatar. For other remaining flights, USD 200/CAD 260 is charged. 

From/ToEuropeISC & PakistanSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan &KoreaAustralasiaGCCLevantIranQatar
EuropeUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 45USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 20
ISC & PakistanUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 20
South/East AsiaUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 40USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 20
Central AsiaUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30
Japan & KoreaUSD 40USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 40USD 55USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30
AustralasiaUSD 45USD 39USD 39USD 39USD 55USD 55USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30
LevantUSD 20USD 20USD 20USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 10USD 10USD 10USD 20
IranUSD 20USD 20USD 20USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 10USD 10USD 10USD 10
QatarQAR 50QAR 45QAR 60QAR 65QAR 70QAR 90QAR 30QAR 30QAR 40

4) Extra Baggage Charges During Check-in (Weight Concept)

From/ToEurope & PakistanISCSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan,KoreaAustralasiaGCCLevantIranQatar
Europe, ISC, PakistanUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 50USD 60USD 25USD 30USD 30USD 30
South/East AsiaUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 55USD 60USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30
Central AsiaUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 60USD 60USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40
Japan, KoreaUSD 50USD 50USD 55USD 60USD 60USD 85USD 40USD 45USD 45USD 40
AustralasiaUSD 60USD 60USD 60USD 60USD 85USD 85USD 50USD 50USD 50USD 50
LevantUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 45USD 50USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 25
IranUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 45USD 50USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 20
QatarQAR 80QAR 60QAR 90QAR 100QAR 110QAR 140QAR 40QAR 50QAR 60
BasisFlights between Africa and Qatar
(UAE, Türkiye and India)
Remaining Flights
Extra baggage (per piece)USD 130/CAD 170USD 255/CAD 330
Overweight piece
23-32kg (50-70lb)
USD 75/CAD 100USD 75/CAD 100

Travel with Sports Equipment on Qatar Airways

Passengers are allowed to travel with sports equipment, Qatar Airways takes this equipment as checked baggage. Moreover, the airline considers this as a part of the passenger’s free allowance for checked baggage. If the equipment crosses the decided limits on free allowance then additional baggage rates are applied. Items you can carry as sports equipment are as follows:

  • Bicycles, surfboards, windsurfing equipment, and kayaks.
  • Fishing equipment
  • Golf 
  • Diving equipment
  • Trekking equipment

The following are the costs applied for extra baggage when it is purchased offline before the takeoff:

  1. Flights to/from Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the USA (rates per piece)
1 Piece up to 23kgUSD 180
1 Piece 23kg – 32kgUSD 250
  1. Flights to/from all other locations
Up to 10kgUSD 150
10kg – 20kgUSD 200
20kg – 30kgUSD 250

Guidelines for Carrying Sports Equipment

Passengers are informed that these rates are levied according to the destination and flight origin. The above-mentioned prices are levied only when the additional baggage is purchased up to six hours before the scheduled takeoff. The size of the medium or small piece should not be over the dimension of 217cm in total and 300cm for larger pieces. If the purchasing is done at the airport, the standard rates are applied. Additionally, passengers can make changes for free along with cancellation requests. The airline will refund the purchase value or provide travel credits in return for future travel. 

Qatar Airways Regulation for Traveling with Pets

Regulation for Traveling with Pets

Qatar Airways treats pets as checked baggage, they are not allowed inside the flight cabin, However, Falcons are allowed to travel in Economy Class cabins. Checking in your pet is subject to regulations of origin and destination country. 

  1. If animals are transported as checked baggage, the following fee is levied according to weight and dimensions:
SizeTotal weight and dimensions*Additional baggage rate
MediumMaximum 32kgTo/From Qatar: USD 200/ CAD 260Other routes: USD 350/CAD 455
LargeAround 32kg to 75kgTo/From Qatar: USD 300/ CAD 390Other routes: USD 450/CAD 590
OtherTotal weight is more than 75kgTotal dimensions is greater than 118 inches (300 cm)Handled as Cargo
  1. The rates are different if Falcons are transported in Economy Class:
From (Vertical)/To (Horizontal)AfricaEuropeFar EastAustralia; New Zealand;Japan;South KoreaThe Middle East;Indian sub-continentQatarAmerica
Africa450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USDUSD 630CAD 820
Europe450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USDUSD 630CAD 820
Far East450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USDUSD 630CAD 820
Australia; New Zealand; Japan; South Korea630 USD630 USD630 USD630 USD450 USD440 USDUSD 630CAD 820
The Middle East;Indian sub-continent270 USD270 USD270 USD450 USD135 USD115 USDUSD 450CAD 590
ISC270 USD270 USD270 USD450 USD135 USD115 USDUSD 450CAD 590
Qatar*900 QAR900 QAR900 QAR1620 QAR450 QARQAR 1620CAD 580
AmericaUSD 630CAD 820USD 630CAD 820USD 630CAD 820USD 630CAD 820USD 450CAD 590USD 450CAD 590

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Qatar extra baggage cost from the USA to India?

Qatar Airways charges per piece for extra baggage for flights from the USA to India. It can cost around 150 to 200 CAD.

How much baggage is allowed on international flights by Qatar Airways?

Passengers can carry one carry-on and two checked baggage (one for economy lite). Free baggage allowance depends on the selected route and ticket type. 

Are chocolates allowed in cabin baggage at Qatar Airways?

Yes, passengers can carry chocolate in the Qatar Airways flight cabin.

Does Qatar Airways allow extra baggage for students?

Yes, Qatar Airways provides students with extra baggage by providing the digital Student Club card during check-in. 

How much baggage is allowed on Qatar Airways?

Passengers are allowed to carry one hand luggage, one checked bag in Economy class, and two checked baggage in the remaining ticket. 

How many kg of baggage is allowed in Qatar Airways?

This varies according to the fare type, economy class passengers can take a 7kg carry-on and a checked bag of 20-23kg.

Does Qatar Airways allow 2 bags?

Yes, Qatar Airways offers two checked baggage on all travel classes except for Economy Lite. 

Can I travel with my pet on a Qatar flight?

Yes, passengers can travel with their pet on a Qatar flight but your pet is treated as checked baggage. You can carry falcons in economy-class cabins. 

Does Qatar Airways charge for additional baggage?

Yes, the airline will charge additional money for extra luggage which varies according to the selected route. 

What sports equipment can I carry on a Qatar Airways flight?

Qatar Airways treats sports equipment as checked baggage which is a part of the free baggage allowance. 


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