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Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Checked Bag Size Guide

Published on December 1, 2023

Preparing for the challenges while traveling saves you from a lot of hassle. The unwanted surprises may cause severe headaches to many passengers. That is why it’s better to know everything about the airline and its services before you fly. Delta Airlines baggage allowance allows you to bring one cabin luggage and one personal item for free. Make sure that the carry-on luggage does not exceed the combined maximum linear size dimensions of 114 cm (45 in). 

Delta Airlines Carry On Size Allowance

Delta Airlines Carry On Size

Passengers traveling with Delta Airlines can carry a maximum of 1 carry luggage and a personal item in addition to it. Delta carry on policy states that the personal item includes a purse, laptop bag, or briefcase that fits under the seat in front of you. You must pack the carry-on luggage and personal items under the given restrictions. So that the bag can easily fit inside the overhead bin or under the seat in case a crew member is not available to help you. 

While carrying a personal item, you must ensure that the item must fit perfectly underneath the seat during the flight. This includes a purse, briefcase, small laptop backpack, camera, or diaper bag. However, the laptop bag can only be checked with additional permission. Apart from the items mentioned, you can carry your jacket or umbrella, duty-free items, stroller, wheelchair, or other special items. The airlines do not specify Delta personal item size, but it must fit under the seat in front of you.

One cabin luggage must be at most the combined Delta carry on dimensions of 114 cm (45 linear inches) (cabin bag + personal item) under Delta carry on policy. Delta Airlines carry on size maximum dimensions for carry-on bags must be at most 56 x 35 x 23 cm (22 x 14 x 9 in). Delta Airlines states that no maximum weight restrictions apply to carry-on baggage. The weight restrictions only apply if the flight is flying to the below-mentioned destinations: 

  • Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore (Max. 15 lbs (7 kg) allowed).
  • Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing (PEK) (carry-on max. weight of 10 kg is allowed).
  • Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China (not more than 22 lbs (10 kg) carry-on baggage is allowed).

Delta Checked Baggage Size Allowance

Delta Checked Baggage Size

Delta Airlines baggage policy states that The airline doesn’t offer passengers free checked luggage service. The airline only allows passengers to carry the checked bags after purchasing them. Delta baggage fees for the first standard checked luggage is $30, and the second standard checked bag is $40. Also, maximum linear baggage dimensions for Delta Airlines checked luggage must not exceed 158 cm (62 in)

Delta baggage weight limit must not exceed 50 lbs (23 kg) and 50 lbs (23 kg) each way. Passengers planning to carry checked bags can visit the official website of Delta Airlines, the app, or a kiosk at the airport to check in and add the number of bags to carry. Passengers can do this within 24 hours of the check-in window. Delta Airlines baggage policy allows passengers to have only two checked baggage at a maximum per passenger for any cabin class and route.

 Also, Delta SkyMiles Medallion and American Express Card Members can bring their first standard checked bag without paying additional Delta baggage fees. Delta baggage allowance charges for checked luggage may vary depending on the route and cabin class for each way.

Delta Airlines Military Checked Baggage

This Airline takes very good care of Military personnel serving in the Military. The airline offers a separate baggage allowance to the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Coast Guard, etc. Military persons traveling with Delta Airlines on Military orders can carry up to 203 cm (80 linear inches) of baggage size. Leisure and personal travel baggage policy allows military members to carry a maximum luggage size of 157 cm (62 linear inches)

Delta Airlines baggage policy is that if the passenger is on Military order, they can carry up to 5 checked bags of 100 lbs (45 kg) without any additional cost applicable to every cabin class. 

Alternatively, if the military person is traveling for Personal travel, the airline allows two free bags of up to 50 lbs (23 kg) in Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Comfort. Delta Premium Select offers three free bags of up to 50 lbs (23 kg), and First Class & Delta One passengers can carry three free bags of up to 70 lbs (32 kg).

Carry-on Luggage for Military Members: The airline allows one free cabin luggage and a personal item free of cost.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance Through Membership

Passengers traveling can use their Card Membership to get the free Delta checked baggage size allowance on their first bag. Passengers can use their SkyMiles membership to get the benefit. SkyMiles can be used anytime by providing the SkyMiles number when making a reservation or during check-in. Click on the “Add Loyalty Program,” enter the number, and it’s done.

Passengers must ensure their luggage is not overweight or oversized and follow the checked luggage restrictions. Otherwise, the airline will deny to offer the benefit to the individual. Passengers with Delta SkyMiles America Express Card and Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card available with them can earn 3X Miles on Delta Purchases. The airline also provides 3X Miles for flight booking through the official website, Delta Sky Club Membership, Delta Vacations Packages, or in-flight purchases. 

Delta Airlines passengers can earn 2X Miles using Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card for Delta Purchases.


  • Please check Delta Airlines’ policies before making any purchases, as all the benefits mentioned above entirely depend on Delta Airlines’ terms and conditions.
  • Passenger Elite Delta SkyMiles members, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, who purchase Delta One or First class can add/carry three checked bags at check-in. 
  • Size and weight may resemble Northbound travel (in San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL)) passengers.

Delta SkyMiles Medallion Members Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers holding loyalty membership points can avail of additional benefits for baggage allowance. The airline offers various baggage allowance benefits to the passengers. Check the below tables for different cabin class’s baggage allowance: 

1. Basic Economy/Main Cabin/Delta Comfort+ Baggage Allowance (Each Way)

Origin & DestinationsSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
Within The US and Canada

1 FREE (70 lbs)

2 FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)
To/From All The International Destinations
50 Lbs:
1 Additional FREE Over Standard Checked Baggage Allowance Each Way
50 Lbs:
1 Additional FREE Over Standard Checked Baggage Allowance Each Way
50 Lbs: 
1 Additional FREE Over Standard Checked Baggage Allowance Each Way
50 Lbs: 
1 Additional FREE Over Standard Checked Baggage Allowance Each Way

2. Delta Premium Select (Each Way)

Origin & Destination SilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
To/From All International Destinations

3 FREE (50 lbs) 

3 FREE (50 lbs)

3 FREE (50 lbs)

3 FREE (50 lbs)
To/From All Domestic Destinations

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3. First Class/Delta One Allowance (Each Way)

Origin & DestinationsSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond

To/From All Destinations

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)

3 FREE (70 lbs)

Delta Airlines Excess & Overweight Baggage

Delta Airlines Overweight Baggage

Passengers traveling with Delta Airlines have enough allowance to carry their luggage. If, in any case, the passenger carries a weight or size more than the allowed limit, the airline will charge additional fees for the same. The airline allows passengers to check in 2, 3, or even ten bags unless they all meet the restrictions. Additionally, the charges for each bag exceeding size, weight, or quantity may vary. Also, there are some exceptions for the Active Military and Medallion Members.

All the passengers must know the points below before packing their checked bags. Not following the restrictions may incur additional charges:

  • Single passengers may check up to 10 bags on Delta Airlines flights.
  • Delta Airlines allows passengers to carry up to 4 bags on their connecting flights. 
  • Carrying the excess luggage depends on the airline’s space availability.
  • The airline may transport the baggage on the next flight if no space is available on the same flight.

The airline will charge up to 3 different types of fees if a bag exceeds the weight and size limitations. one for overweight, one for oversized, and another for exceeding the number of bags allowed. Passengers will have to pay the fees each way for every additional bag.

Delta Baggage Fees for Excess Luggage

Delta Baggage Fees

Excess baggage charges, such as those for domestic and international flights, may vary depending on the flight’s destination. 

1. Delta Baggage Fees for Excess Luggage Within the U.S.

Check the table below to understand the Delta Airlines baggage rules for Excess Luggage allowance completely: 

Type of BagFees and Rules (Each Way)
3rd Checked Bag$150
Between 4 to 10 Bags$200 Each
Overweight Bag51-70 lbs (23 – 32 kg) – $10071-100 lbs (32 – 46 kg) – $200Bags Exceeding 100 lbs (46 kg) not allowed
Oversized Bag161-203 cm (63-80 in) – $200Bags larger than 203 cm (80 in) are not allowed

2. Excess Baggage on International Flights

Travel To/FromTravel To/FromFees and Rules (Each Way)
U.S. / Canada(Including The U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico)U.S. / Canada(Including The U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico)Bag 3: USD 150/CADBags 4-10: $200/CAD Each
U.S/CanadaSouth AmericaBag 3-10: USD 200/CAD
U.S. / Canada(Including The U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico)CaribbeanBags 3-10: USD 200/CAD
U.S. / Canada / Mexico(Including The U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico)Central America (Excluding Gua, Sap & Sal)Bag 3: USD 150/CAD
Bags 4 -10: USD 200/CAD each
U.S. / Canada
Bag 3: $180/CAD
Bags 4-10: USD 200/CAD Each
Mexico / Central America / CaribbeanMexico / Central America / CaribbeanBag 3: USD 125
Bags 4-10: USD 200 Each
U.S. / CanadaSan Pedro Sula / Honduras (Sap) / San Salvador / El Salvador (Sal)Bags 3-10: USD 200/CAD each
U.S./CanadaGuatemala City, Guatemala (Gua)Bag 3: USD 200/CAD 
Bags 4-10 USD 285/CAD each 
North/Central/South AmericaEurope / North AfricaBags 3-10: USD 285/CAD 330/EUR 240 Each
AsiaEverywhereBags 3-10: USD 200/CAD/EUR each
Us / Canada / MexicoTahitiBags 3-10: USD 285/CAD
BrazilEverywhere ElseBags 3-10: USD 200/CAD each
All Other International DestinationsBags 3-10: USD 200/EUR Each

3. Overweight Baggage on International Flights

Travel Between (To/From)
Travel Between (To/From)Fees and Rules (Each Way)
51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): USD 100/CAD
71-100 lbs. (32.21-45.36 kg): USD 200/CAD
>100 lbs. (45.36 kg) are not permitted
North / South / Central America
Europe / North Africa
51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): $100 USD/$120 CAD/€85 EUR
> 70 lbs. (31.75 kg) are not permitted
Mexico / Central America / South America / Caribbean
51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): USD 100/CAD
71-100 lbs. (32–45.36): USD 200/CAD
North America
San Pedro Sula, Honduras (Sap) / San Salvador, El Salvador (Sal)
51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): USD 150/CAD
AsiaEverywhere51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): USD 100/CAD/EUR 
71-100 lbs. (32-45.36 kg): $200/CAD/EUR
Australia / New Zealand
51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): USD 100/CAD/EUR
>70 lbs. (31.75 kg) are not permitted
All Other International Destinations
51-70 lbs. (23-31.75 kg): USD 100/CAD/EUR
71-100 lbs. (32-45.36 kg): $200 USD/CAD/EUR

4. Oversized Baggage Allowance on International Flights

Travel Between (To/From)Travel Between (To/From)Fees and Rules (Each Way)
U.S. / Canada 
U.S. / Canada
63-80” (161-203 cm): USD 200/CAD
> 203 cm (80”) are not permitted
Asia / Middle East / Australia / India
63-80” (161-203 cm): USD 175/CAD/EUR
> 80” (203 cm) are not permitted
North / South / Central America
Europe / North Africa
63-80” (161-203 cm): $300 USD/$345 CAD/€250 EUR
> 80” (203 cm) are not permitted 
U.S. / Canada
Mexico / Caribbean / Central America / South America
63-80” (161-203 cm): USD 150/CAD
> 80” (203 cm) are not permitted
North America
Africa(Except North Africa)
63-80” (161-203 cm): USD 175/CAD
> 80” (203 cm) are not permitted
BrazilEverywhere Else63-80” (161-203 cm): USD 100/CAD/EUR
> 80” (203 cm) are not permitted

Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance for Special Items

Many passengers often carry such items that are larger in size or weight like sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. The airlines count these things under special items and released some exceptional guidelines. Passengers have to meet with the Delta Airlines agent at the gate if carrying special items. The staff then helps passengers check special items and informs them if there will be any charges for the special item’s excess weight or size. The airline will count your luggage under a special item if:

  • The bag is of a unique shape or size from the one mentioned in the guidelines.
  • There are no fragile items.
  • The bag exceeds the weight limit of 50 lbs (23 kg).
  • The bag measures a size larger than 157 cm (62 linear inches).
  • There are musical instruments, sporting equipment, medical instruments, Infant items, etc.

Here is a list of things that count as special items:

  • Infant Items
  • Sports Equipment
  • Medical Instruments
  • Musical Instruments
  • Fragile Items
  • Bulky Items
  • Wheelchairs
  • Imported Merchandise

Infant Baggage Allowance

The airline allows passengers to travel with infants without any hassle and conveniently. Travelers can purchase a separate seat for their child. The FAA-approved child restraint seat must be available during take-off and landing. Delta Airlines doesn’t charge for strollers and car seats. Passengers can carry them without paying any additional amount. Additionally, it will not count under any Delta Airlines baggage allowance. The airline passengers can carry other infant items with the cabin luggage for free. The infant item includes a booster Seat, Breast Pump, associated collar bag, etc.

Note: Airlines can carry additional infant items but must not exceed the cabin luggage size restrictions. 

If there will be any baggage with the child traveling for free, the luggage will count under the adult’s baggage allowance.

Child Baggage Allowance

Child Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines baggage allowance for children depends on the cabin fare booked. Also, the items not allowed in the cabin may be carried as checked luggage. 

Unticketed Child: Children traveling for free don’t have a separate baggage allowance, and everything carried will count under the adult’s baggage allowance.

Ticketed Child: The airlines introduce some baggage policies for the children traveling on a purchased fare ticket. Check the points below to know everything:

  • The airline allows children traveling on an international flight ticket with 10% of adult fare to carry one checked luggage. 
  • The maximum weight must not exceed 20 lbs (10 kg) with a maximum dimension of 45. 
  • Additionally, passengers can carry one completely collapsible stroller or pushchair.
  • No free baggage allowance will given to the infant traveling on lap or arms on a Transatlantic (TATL) Basic Economy Class.
  • The airline allows children traveling on 50% or more of the adult fare to follow the standard baggage allowance.

Sports Equipment

Are you a sports enthusiast or play it for fun? If yes, and you are willing to carry your sports equipment with you, then there is no need to worry. The airline allows passengers to carry their sports equipment 

as a special item. Standard Delta checked baggage size allowance fees will apply to the sports equipment. Delta baggage fees depend on the cabin class booked, destination, and number of equipment or bags checked. If any bag exceeds the weight of 50 lbs (23 kg) and size of 292 cm (115 linear inches), then the overweight baggage fees will apply. Passengers must ensure that all the equipment follows baggage-restricted limits. Also, pack them in a durable container to avoid damage. Here is a list of sports equipment you can carry (standard baggage fee will apply if the item is not on the list):

  • Antlers
  • Archery Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Boogie/Skim Boards
  • Canoes/Kayaks
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Equipment
  • Hockey & Lacrosse Equipment
  • Javelins
  • Kiteboards
  • Kneeboards/Wakeboards
  • Parachutes
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Shooting Equipment
  • Skateboards
  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Surfboards
  • Vaulting Poles
  • Windsurfing Boards

Note: The items must not exceed the overall weight of 100 lbs (45 kg) and size of 292 cm (115 linear inches). Otherwise, the airline will reject the luggage.

Medical Instruments

Delta Airlines baggage rules state that it doesn’t charge any amount to carry medical items and equipment. Medical items are considered additional carry-on items if the items meet the standard baggage restrictions. Regular baggage fees will apply if the item doesn’t meet the limitations. Here is a list of medical supplies and items one can carry on Delta Airlines:

  • Breathing Apparatus,
  • Needles or Syringes,
  • Personal Wheelchairs,
  • Mobility Aid

Musical Instruments

Delta Airlines accept musical instruments as checked luggage. Alternatively, the airlines may accept the instruments as carry-on baggage if they meet the requirements of baggage restrictions. Carrying musical instruments inside the cabin is possible under some special conditions. Passengers must follow the carry-on restrictions or purchase a separate seat if the baggage size is more extensive.

Musical Instruments As Checked Bags: The airline will count your musical instrument under checked luggage only if it exceeds the overall linear size dimension of 381 cm (150 in) and a maximum weight of not more than 165 lbs (75 kg).

Musical Instruments Inside the Cabin on the Seat: If you are willing to carry your musical instrument inside the cabin, you must purchase a separate seat. All the passengers must follow the below restrictions to carry the luggage inside the cabin:

  • The weight must not exceed 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • The instrument must be packed perfectly
  • Passengers must follow the guidance of the inflight crew to avoid shifting the instrument during flight
  • Make sure that the instrument must not restrict any emergency exit, gates, or cabin aisle
  • It must not cover any emergency exit sign, no smoking sign, etc.
  • The luggage must not contain any harmful or dangerous goods

Carry-on Musical Instruments: Small Instruments such as Guitars, Violins, or Flutes can be carried as carry-on luggage. Ensure the instrument fits perfectly in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. 

Fragile or Bulky Items:

For passengers carrying fragile or bulky items and not sure whether to carry them inside the cabin or as checked luggage or have to purchase a separate seat, this section will help. The airline suggests carrying all the fragile, valuable, and precious items, such as cash, cash equivalents, securities, negotiable instruments, irreplaceable documents, and medication, as your carry-on luggage. It is recommended that you don’t transport these stuff as checked-in luggage.

If the baggage size is too large or highly fragile, one can purchase a separate seat for the fragile items. Even after buying a complete seat for your fragile/bulky item, some limitations must be followed:

  • The items must not exceed 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • There must be no restrictions on the emergency exit, gates, or aisle of the cabin because of the item
  • It must not hide the exit or no smoking signs
  • It must not be a restricted or prohibited item
  • The item must be packed in completely secure packaging to avoid any injury to other passenger or any damage to the item

Here is a list of some fragile/bulky items given below:

  • Christmas Trees
  • Computers
  • Created Remains
  • Media Bags, etc.

Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance for Pets

Delta Baggage Allowance for Pets

Many passengers prefer to travel with their four-legged companions. The airline provides a convenient facility for traveling with your pet. Pets can travel as a carry-on and checked luggage, depending on the pet’s size.

Carry-on Pets: If your pet is a small dog, cat, or household bird, you can carry them inside the cabin by paying a one-way fee at check-in time. However, you must ensure that the container or crate for your pet is convenient and comfortable for them. Follow the below-mentioned points to avoid any issues:

  • The pet must be at least eight weeks old for domestic travel.
  • The airline allows only 16-week-old pets if traveling to the US from any other country.
  • The pet must be at least 15 weeks old if traveling to the European Union.
  • Passengers can accommodate only one pet per create. 
  • You can accommodate two pets of the same size and breed between the ages of 8 weeks and six months in a single crate.
  • The airline will then charge for a single pet.
  • The crate must not exceed an overall size dimension of 18 x 11 x 11 inches and must be a soft-sided kennel.

Carry-on Pet Fees: The airline charges a minimum to carry your pet as carry-on luggage. Check the below table for the pet fees:

To/From DestinationsCarry-On Pet Fees (Each Way)
U.S./Canada/Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin IslandsUSD 95/CAD for tickets issued on/after February 28, 2022.USD 125/CAD for tickets issued before February 28, 2022.
BrazilUSD 75

Pet As A Checked-In Luggage: The airline may transport your pet as checked luggage. To make this happen, you must visit the special service desk at the airport and connect with an airline’s staff/agent. The agent will make arrangements to carry the pet as checked luggage. 

Delta Airlines Restricted/Prohibited Items

Due to the safety concerns of the passengers, the airline prohibited some of the items entirely or partially to carry on board. The restricted items include Flammable Stuff, Batteries, Explosives, Aerosols, etc. If you carry any restricted item, you must inform the airline to avoid further issues. 

Banned Items

The airline refused some of the items completely. The items may cause severe injuries to the passengers and crew traveling. Here is a list of items that are completely banned from carrying while traveling:

Banned Items
Aerosol Products (such as cooking spray or anti-static spray)Mace
BleachPepper Spray
Drain CleanersBear Deterrent
PesticidesTorch, Blue Flame Lighters, and all lighter refills
FireworksFuels (like gasoline or Sterno cans)
Black PowderMeals Ready to Eat (MREs)
Balance GlidersItems with Refrigerants
Self-Balancing Boards, HoverboardsMotorized Riding Suitcases (with Lithium-ion batteries)

Restricted Items

Many items are restricted but one can carry them with special permission and up to an allowed limit, such as ammunition, firearms, etc. Here is a list of items that are partially restricted and need exceptional permissions:

  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Battery
  • Food or Alcohol Transportation
  • Personal Care & Medical Items
  • Automotive Items
  • Household & Personal Electronic Items 
  • Robotic, Machine Items
  • Sporting & Leisure Goods
  • Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Marijuana, etc.

Note: The airline recommends carrying the spare batteries as carry-on luggage and that you can have no banned items.

Ammunition & Firearms

Delta Airlines allows carrying firearms and ammunition, but some exceptions remain. The airline may refuse to bring the items on board if not followed. 

Ammunition: Passengers can only have a maximum of 11 lbs (5 kg) of ammunition for small arms. The ammunition must be accepted as a checked bag only. All the firearms and ammunition must be packed in a secure box. Passengers may asked to show all the valid proofs, documents, and licences while check-in. Otherwise, the airline’s authority may reject and seize the firearms and ammunition. 

Fireworks/Explosives: No passengers can transport the fireworks or explosives in a cabin or checked luggage. Firecrackers, signal flares, Christmas crackers, and sparklers are entirely banned by Delta Airlines. 

Dangerous Goods and Items

The airline allows passengers to carry almost all the items except the dangerous goods that may cause hazards or severe injury to the passenger and crew. Check below list

  • Knitting/Scissors
  • Hiking or Trekking Poles
  • Knives/Swords
  • Hair Dryer/Straightener
  • Hair Spray
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray
  • Batteries
  • Food (Carry-on)
  • Fishing Hooks
  • Fragile Glass Items

Note: Remember that if you have any one of the item available with you; Heat-producing items, or Mercury Barometer or Thermometer, you must have to contact the airline’s goods department to carry them. The airline only allows heat-producing items if underwater torches/soldering irons are 18 cm (7 inches) or less as carry-on baggage

Battery-Operated Devices: Passengers can carry battery-operated devices in some specific conditions. The lithium-ion batteries are only allowed if they are a maximum of 160 Wh (watt hours) per battery. Batteries that are more than 160 Wh are entirely banned. In-built lithium-ion battery devices can be carried as checked and carry-on luggage. No spare batteries can be transported if the number of batteries is more than two as carry-on luggage. Additionally, no more than 20 spare batteries can be transported per person. 

Food & Alcohol in Luggage: The airline allows passengers to carry some alcohol or liquor items as their checked or carry-on luggage. The airline has divided these things into several categories. Let’s have a look:

  • Alcohol & Liquor
  • Dry & Wet Ice
  • Liquid Nitrogen (Dry Shipper)
  • Ready-To-Eat Meals

Alcohol & Liquor: Delta Airlines allows passengers to carry alcohol or liquor as their checked or carry-on luggage. One has to follow all the given restrictions for to carry the item:

  • 140 Proof is the maximum allowed alcohol content
  • No passenger can carry more than 5 liters of alcohol per person between 48 and 140 proof
  • Alcohol under the 48 proof measurement is allowed as it’s not considered as a hazardous
  • Only the originally packed alcohol is allowed on board
  • Passengers must purchase the alcohol after the security checkpoint to avoid security rules on alcohol 
  • No security rules apply if alcohol is purchased after security checkpoint

Dry & Wet Ice: The airline allows passengers to carry packets of dry ice with a maximum weight of 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). More than that is not allowed. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • The package must follow all the carry-on baggage restrictions
  • There must be a release of carbon dioxide
  • Packaging must show the actual weight of the dry ice material.

Liquid Nitrogen (Dry Shipper): Passengers can carry liquid nitrogen as their carry-on luggage if packed in insulated packaging. The ice must kept at a very low temperature. 

Ready-To-Eat Meals: Delta Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to carry ready-to-eat meals as their checked and carry-on luggage.

Delta Airline offers many great services to the passengers. Delta Airlines Baggage allowance allows them to carry enough luggage. So that they don’t have to pay additional Delta baggage fees to purchase more luggage allowance. The airline offers passengers to carry 1 carry-on luggage for free and a personal item such as a purse, small laptop backpack, briefcase, etc. Delta carry-on baggage weight must be followed strictly. However, it doesn’t offer any baggage allowance for the checked luggage. But, if required, passengers can purchase it by paying an additional amount. The airline provides infant baggage, pet travel, special items, sporting equipment, and musical instrument baggage allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many kg of baggage is allowed on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines checked baggage weight limit must not exceed 50 lbs (23 kg) with a maximum linear size dimension of 157 cm (62 in). 

How much luggage can I take on Delta for free?

Delta Airlines allows passengers to carry 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item, such as a purse, small laptop bag, briefcase, etc., for free.

Can I check in 2 bags with Delta?

Yes, you are allowed to check in 2 bags with Delta Airlines. However, Delta Airlines checked baggage allowance is not free; you must purchase it. 

Does Delta allow 1 free bag?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows passengers to carry 1 free carry-on baggage and a personal item.

Does Delta have a carry-on weight limit?

There is no carry-on weight limit on Delta Airlines. However, the baggage size must be under the restricted limit.


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