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Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Tips for Stress-free Travel

Published on December 4, 2023

Traveling with a lot of luggage is OK if you plan to travel with Turkish Airlines. Turkish is one of the most reputed and renowned airlines in the aviation industry. It offers exceptional services to passengers to make them utterly comfortable while traveling. Turkish Airlines baggage allowance may cover all your baggage needs on a trip. It allows passengers to carry a maximum baggage allowance between 20 kg and 32 kg depending on the destination and cabin class booked. 

Turkish Airlines Carry On Size Allowance

Turkish Airlines Carry On Size

Economy Class passengers traveling on Turkish Airlines have the baggage allowance to carry one cabin luggage and a personal item. The cabin baggage must have an overall size dimension of 23 x 40 x 55 inches and a maximum weight of not more than 8 kg. Similarly, the personal item size must not exceed 40 x 30 x 15 inches, and the weight must be up to 4 kg. 

Business Class passengers can carry a maximum of 2 cabin baggage and a personal item. The size of each cabin luggage must be at most 23 x 40 x 55 in and 8 kg of each baggage weight. The maximum allowed weight is 16 kg for cabin luggage in Business Class. Additionally, the personal item size must be up to 40 x 30 x 15 in and not exceed the overall weight of 4 kg. Turkish Airlines baggage policy for infants is one piece of bag with a maximum allowed weight of 8 kg for Economy and Business Class on domestic and international flights.

Here are some key points to keeping the items inside the cabin while traveling with Turkish Airlines: 

  • The same baggage allowance mentioned above applies to Star Alliance Gold Card holders. 
  • Restrictions on carrying liquids may vary depending on the different airport guidelines.
  • Many airports only allow passengers to carry up to 100 ml of liquid in containers, even for duty-free products.
  • The cabin baggage and personal items must follow the carry-on luggage restrictions. 
  • It must fit inside the overhead bin and under the seat for you.
  • The airline suggests taking care of the things you are packing, as any suspicious item will be seized and may cause problems.
  • The airline only allows passengers to carry a maximum of 100 ml liquid containers inside the cabin, such as perfume, shampoo, deodorant, etc.
  • Each passenger can carry a liquid container larger than that inside the cabin. 
  • All the liquid containers must be placed inside a 1-liter zipped, clear, and transparent bag to avoid any hassle. 
  • Turkish Airlines allows passengers to carry shaving foam and toothpaste inside the cabin.
  • Passengers traveling with an infant can carry limited food or liquid for the infant required during the flight.
  • Only suitcases or suit bags with a maximum size dimension of 114 x 60 x 11 cm are allowed inside the cabin. 
  • Patients or passengers with any medical history can carry their medicine as cabin luggage only if they have all the documents and proofs and have packed the initial medication.
  • As a special bag, the airline allows passengers to carry lighters, make-up items, and tennis or squash racquets inside the cabin. 

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance for Personal Items

Turkish Airlines Personal Items

Passengers traveling with Turkish Airlines can carry personal items as carry-on luggage. The airline specified some size allowances for different types of bags. Check the table below to get a clear understanding:

Personal ItemDimensions
Male/Female purses40x30x15 cm
Miniature video camera or camera40x30x15 cm
Tablet, laptop40x30x15 cm
Bag-type baby strollersBag type max.70x30cm/Carriage type max. 40×40 cm
Umbrella (except for those with sharp tips)90 cm
Baby Care Bag

Turkish Airlines Restricted/Prohibited Cabin Luggage

Prohibited Cabin Luggage

Many airlines restricted some daily usable items to carry inside the flight. Similarly, Turkish Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to have a specific list of things that may considered dangerous and may cause serious injury. The airline divided them into categories, such as some items being allowed as cabin luggage and restricted as checked luggage. Here is a list of prohibited items that you can’t carry inside the cabin as cabin luggage:

  • Pool, Billiard
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Camping Stoves with inflammable fuel
  • Self-defense and Electric shock Devices
  • Personal self-defense items such as pepper spray
  • Safe bags, money bags, etc.
  • Radioactive Material Equipment
  • Standardization devices
  • Non-Flammable & Non-Toxic Canisters
  • Medical Oxygen Cylinders
  • Sharp Objects such as Knives, swords, etc.
  • Internal combustion or fuel cell engines
  • Medical or clinical thermometers
  • Foldable wheelchairs and movement aids
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • One packet of safety matches or one lighter 
  • Toy guns or gun-shaped lighters
  • Sprays
  • Golf, Baseball, Cricket Bats, etc.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Traveling with Turkish Airlines can be a fantastic experience. The airline offers impressive checked baggage allowance to passengers depending on the various classes of domestic and international flights. Check the table below to know the baggage limitations on different classes: 

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance for Domestic Flights

The table shows the actual baggage allowance for the different class passengers on Domestic Flights:

Cabin ClassAdult/Child
Economy PrimeFly25kg
Economy ExtraFly20kg
Economy EcoFly15kg

Turkish Airlines International Flights Baggage Allowance

Passengers traveling with Turkish Airlines International flights can carry a specific amount of baggage. Check the table below for better clarification (on weight concept):

Travel ClassTotal Maximum Weight
Business30 kg
Economy20 kg
Infant (0-2 years old)10 kg + one collapsible baby carriage/buggy (115 cm)
  • Baggage Allowance on Piece Concept for International Flights
Travel ClassMaximum PiecesMaximum Weight Per Piece (kg)Maximum Dimensions Per Piece (L + W + D cm)
Business232 kg158 cm
Economy223 kg158 cm
Infant (0 – 2 years old)Two collapsible baby carriages/buggy23 kg115 cm

Here are some key points to remember while carrying checked luggage on Turkish Airlines:

  • Passengers traveling on routes that follow the piece and weight concept must ensure that they only carry a maximum weight of 23 kg for one piece of baggage for economy class and a size of up to 158 cm.
  • Business Class passengers can carry a bag of similar size that is at most 32 kg. 
  • Passengers must ensure they pack only items that are allowed to avoid hassle.
  • Passengers traveling with infants can carry an additional piece of luggage with up to 10 kg of weight for all classes except Ecofly passengers.
  • The airline allows passengers to carry strollers with a maximum size of 115 cm on all flights. 
  • Children traveling with Turkish Airlines have the same baggage allowance as adults. 
  • EcoFly International flight passengers are not allowed to carry any checked baggage. 
  • The piece baggage concept only applies to international flights.
  • Domestic flights will have the weight concept applicable.
  • Passengers with Star Alliance Gold membership can carry one additional baggage in the piece concept or for international flights.
  • For the weight system, passengers can carry 20 kg as their checked luggage.

Turkish Airlines Extra Baggage Allowance

Turkish Airlines Extra Baggage

Many passengers carry excess baggage with them intentionally or unintentionally. But only some airlines allow passengers to have it with them. Turkish Airlines is one of them that offers extra baggage allowance by paying the additional charges. There are different criteria for carrying excess baggage on domestic and international flights.

  • Excess Baggage Fees for Domestic Flights
Cabin ClassFree Baggage Allowance (kg)Baggage Charge Per Kg (Turkish Lira)
Business30 kg10 kg12
Economy20 kg10 kg12
Promotional15 kg10 kg12

Here are some key takeaways for the passengers to avoid any hassle:

  • Ensure the free baggage allowance is printed and visible on the ticket before that flight departure. 
  • Under the piece concept, the airline allows passengers to carry a maximum weight in one piece of baggage, at most 23 kg for Economy Class. 
  • One piece of baggage must be at most 32 kg for Business Class. 
  • Additionally, the airline considers 23 kg of 1 bag as extra baggage for both Economy and Business Class.
  • 80 USD amount will be charged for each piece on the piece concept route for baggage weighing between 23 and 32 kg.
  • Apart from all the piece and weight concepts, the maximum baggage weight must not exceed 32 kg. 
  • If, in any case, the baggage weight is more than 32 kg, passengers will have to divide the items and carry two or more pieces of baggage instead of one.

Turkish Airlines Extra Baggage Rules

The airline released some specific guidelines for the passengers to make the service hassle-free and more comfortable. These restrictions will help them carry the baggage under the allowed limit to avoid additional charges. Here are some points to remember before traveling with Turkish:

  • Passengers with already booked flight tickets are eligible to purchase excess baggage allowance.
  • Special items like sports equipment and musical instruments cannot be covered under extra baggage restrictions. 
  • A single passenger must carry a minimum baggage weight of 3 kg for one piece of bag and a maximum of 230 kg for ten pieces of extra luggage. 
  • The extra baggage can be purchased online, via the official website, or by calling.
  • Additionally, any single piece of bag must not exceed 32 kg of weight.
  • The overall maximum baggage size must be at most 158 cm.
  • Passengers can purchase excess luggage at least 60 minutes before the domestic and 75 minutes before the international flight.
  • If the baggage allowance exceeds, the passengers will have to pay the additional baggage fees of the weight difference for the excess baggage carried at the airport. 
  • Turkish Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to carry any additional baggage allowance for infants, but baby strollers are permitted to carry on all the flights for free.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance for Special Items

The airline allows passengers to carry special items, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, etc., to avoid any hassle while traveling with their favorite stuff. Turkish Airlines charges are very reasonable compared to other airlines in the industry, which is an option for anyone. On Turkish Airlines, passengers can carry:

  • Sports Equipment,
  • Musical Instrument,
  • Travel with Pets, etc.

Sports Equipment

If you are a music enthusiast or a professional sportsperson, you can carry all your sports equipment by paying additional fees. Here is a list of all the sports equipment one can carry on Turkish Airlines:

  • Bicycle
  • Mountaineering
  • Golf
  • Canoeing
  • Skiing / Snowboard
  • Archery
  • Parachuting / Paragliding
  • Rafting / Inflatable boat
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Water skiing
  • Diving
  • Hockey / Lacrosse
  • Bowling
  • Tenting
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

Here is the Turkish Airlines Sports Equipment Fees check out below table

Turkish Airlines domestic sports equipmentFee
Ski Equipment300 TRY
Snowboard Equipment
Golf Equipment
Diving Equipment
Camping Equipment
Inflatable boat
Hockey Equipment
Canoe and rafting equipment
Other sports equipment not specified

Note: Passengers with more than 32 kg of weight in sports equipment must split them into two bags. Also the airline will then charge for both bags separately. 

Note: The airline may charge up to 449 TRY fees for passengers traveling to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 

Special Charges for Sports Equipment

The airline charges a special amount to carry sports equipment to/from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This depends on the Normal and oversized baggage and the destination. Check the table below to know the charges applicable on a specific zone:

Baggage AllowanceTR-ZONE 1TR- ZONE 2TR- ZONE 3TR- ZONE 4TR- ZONE 5
Normal50 EUR60 EUR70 EUR80 EUR90 EUR
Oversized70 EUR80 EUR90 EUR100 EUR110 EUR

Check the below table for the the countries in a specific Zone: 

Zone 1Zone 2ZONE 3ZONE 4ZONE 5
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijanChadBangladeshArgentina
BulgariaBelgiumEritreaBurkina FasoChina
passengers CroatiaCzechiaIrelandCameroonColombia
GeorgiaDenmarkMoroccoDemocratic Republic of the CongoCuba
GreeceEstoniaNigerDjiboutiHong Kong
LebanonIraqUnited Arab EmiratesGuineaMauritius
MacedoniaItalyUnited KingdomIndiaMexico
MoldovaKuwaitUzbekistanIvory CoastPanama
SerbiaLuxembourgKongo CumhuriyetiSingapore
SloveniaMaltaKyrgyzstanSouth Africa
UkraineNetherlandsMadagascarSouth Korea

To check all the countries in a specific zone, check the Special Charges page on the official website of Turkish Airlines.

Special Fees Table for Flights Departing from Canada

From/ToTurkish Republic of Northern Cyprus & TurkiyeZONE 1ZONE 2ZONE 3ZONE 4ZONE 5
Normal 130 CAD205 CAD220 CAD230 CAD250 CAD260 CAD
Oversized160 CAD260 CAD275 CAD290 CAD305 CAD320 CAD

Musical Instruments

Whether you are a professional musician or doing it is your hobby, Turkish Airlines helps everyone to carry their Musical Instrument wherever they are traveling. The airline allows passengers to have musical instruments inside the cabin and checked luggage. 

Musical Instrument as a Cabin Luggage

Passengers willing to carry their instruments inside the cabin can do it. The instrument must follow all the carry-on baggage restrictions. Passengers must ensure that small instruments, such as guitars, saz, flutes, etc., must not exceed an overall size dimension of 118 cm. The passengers will then carry their instruments free of cost. 

However, there are few changes in the International flight policies for musical instruments such as Cellos. Turkish Airlines released some guidelines for International flights to/from Turkiye to make everything crystal clear for the passenger to avoid any misunderstanding while carrying their instruments inside the cabin:

  • The charges will be applicable if you bring your musical instrument as cabin luggage. 
  • The instrument’s maximum weight must be up to 75 kg with a maximum size of 140 x 42 x 25 cm.
  • Passengers cannot book the instruments, such as cellos, etc., through any online mode. 
  • Passengers must make the instrument reservations and book extra seats at least 48 hours before the flight departure through the airport office. 
  • Passengers will have to pay an amount of USD 200 (each way) for Economy Class.
  • The cabin luggage amount may equal the net fare tax-free amount of the ticket booked.
  • Passengers traveling on Business Class will have to pay the each way amount of USD 500. 

Musical Instruments as a Checked Baggage

Passengers traveling with large instruments can check their instruments in the hold. Before transporting, the passengers must ensure that the instrument is properly packed in a hard case that protects it from any damages or scratches. Passengers must pay additional fees for the instruments if they exceed the allowed baggage limit. Additionally, the charges are a bit different for the instruments departing from Canada. Check the table below for the actual fees:

Canada fees
CabinOne directionRound trip
Economy275 CAD690 CAD
Business550 CAD1380 CAD

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance for Pets

Passengers can travel with their fluffy friend by paying the pet transportation fee. The airline permits cats, dogs, and small birds on board. For this purpose, the total weight of the pet+carriage should be under 8kg. The dimensions must not exceed 23 x 30 x 40cm. If you check in your pet as hold luggage, the overall weight must be under 50kg. The dimensions can be 75 x 75 x 125cm. Otherwise, the airline will transport your pet through cargo. 

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance for Pets suggests passengers get a protective and suitable case for their dogs or cats. Ensure three sides of the carriage have holes of at least 2.5 cm in diameter for the animal to breathe easily. The airline refuses to transport pets with respiratory health problems as checked baggage. In addition, passengers are not allowed to travel with pets if their final destination is the UK. This applies to connecting flights as well. 

Pet Transportation Fee

Turkish Pet Transportation will incur an additional fee. Whether you carry it as checked or cabin baggage, the following charges will apply:

Type of CarriageWeight LimitsApplied Charges
Pets traveling in flight cabin (PETC)0-8 kg250 TRY
Transportation through cargo hold (AVIH)0-15 kg400 TRY
Transportation through cargo hold (AVIH)16-22 kg500 TRY
Transportation through cargo hold (AVIH)23-28 kg550 TRY
Transportation through cargo hold (AVIH)Over 28 kg600 TRY

Note: – If you are flying on an international flight, the charges will apply group-wise. The airline has divided different countries into three categories. Visit the official website for detailed information. 

Restricted Items

Due to the maximum safety restriction, there are many daily usable items that are prohibited by the airline. These items are either allowed to carry as a carry-on or checked baggage. Turkish Airlines marked some items under dangerous good that cannot be transported in any condition. The below-mentioned table includes all the prohibited or banned items:

Restricted/Banned ItemsCan Be Carried on YouAs Cabin LuggageAs a Checked LuggageNotes
Hair spray, perfumes, colognes, medicines containing alcohol, etc.Maximum 100 ml can be carried in the cabin.
Sprays used at home or during sports that are not flammable or toxic and do not cause any adverse side effects.XX
Toy guns or gun-shaped lightersXXIf deemed appropriate by the security units, they are loaded onto the aircraft by the ground personnel.
One packet of safety matches or one lighter (must not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel other than liquid gas)XXBlue-flame lighters cannot be carried
Wheelchairs and movement aids with non-leak batteries (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segweys, etc)XX
Wheelchairs and movement aids with lithium batteries or batteries which may leak (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segweys, etc)XX

Foldable wheelchairs and movement aids with batteries or lithium-ion batteries (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segweys, etc)XX
Portable electronic devices with lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries, or standard batteries, such as watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers and recording devices
Spare lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries, or standard batteriesX
Portable electronic devices wıth non-leak batterıesX
Thermometers or barometers containing mercuryXX
Medical or clinical thermometersXX
Energy-saving lightbulbs
Portable electronic devices powered by fuel cell systems, and spare cell cartridges
Hair curling devices containing hydrocarbon gasXUp to 1 per passenger.
Internal combustion or fuel cell enginesXX
Alcoholic drinksThe maximum alcohol content allowed is 70%. The maximum amount of alcohol that one passenger can carry is 5 l.
Sharp objects (penknives, knives, walking stick-style umbrellas, etc.)XXUp to 2 items per passenger.
Medical oxygen cylinders belonging to the passengerXXThe cylinder must be empty
Canisters containing non-flammable or non-toxic gasX
Small gas cylinders containing non-flammable or non-toxic gas
Standardization devicesXX
Non-infectious samples in small quantities packed in flammable liquidX
Portable electronic medical equipment (including breathing apparatus)
Radioisotopic heart rhythm adjusters, etc.X
Equipment containing radioactive material such as chemical imaging devices, emergency alarm diagnosis device monitorsX
Safe bags, money bags, etc.XXX
First aid bagsX
Dry iceXA maximum of 2.5 kg may be carried per person.
Personal self-defense items such as pepper sprayXXX
Personal self-defense items such as electroshock devicesXXX
Heat generating devicesX
Camping stoves containing inflammable liquid fuelXXThe stove should be emptied of fuel and left to dry for at least 6 hours before the flight.
Insulated packages containing refrigerated liquid nitrogenX
Arms and ammunitionXXFor personal use, a maximum of 5 kg gross per passenger can be carried.
All cues (pool, billiard, etc.)XXAll cues (pool, billiard, etc.) are carried in the cargo compartment as registered baggage. It is not allowed to carry the cues in the cabin.

Smart Baggage: Passenger is not permitted to carry smart luggage that has built-in GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., with Lithium batteries that cannot be detached.

Only detachable lithium battery devices are allowed. The batteries must be detached and packed in the original packaging.

Additionally, the airline only allows passengers to carry Lithium-ion batteries of up to 100 Wh in their cabin or checked luggage. Only two spare batteries can be carried as hand luggage of up to 100-160 Wh. Turkish Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to carry hoverboards, segways, airwheels, solo wheels, etc. 

Turkish Airlines baggage allowance will enable passengers of every cabin class to carry one piece of cabin luggage with a personal item. Ensure that the cabin luggage size must not exceed a maximum dimension of 23 x 40 x 55 and an overall weight of not more than 8 kg. The above restrictions are applicable for Economy Class passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Turkish Airlines allow 2 bags?

Turkish Airlines passengers traveling on an International flight can carry a maximum of 2 checked bags on a piece concept. 

How many kg is allowed in Turkish Airlines?

Traveling on International routes with a piece concept, passengers can carry a maximum weight of 23 kg in Economy Class and 32 kg in Business Class for each piece of luggage. Additionally, the maximum linear size dimension must be at most 158 cm.

Can you put 30 kg in one bag on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines only allows Business Class passengers to carry a maximum weight of 32 kg in one bag.

Are Turkish Airlines strict with hand luggage?

Turkish Airlines is very strict with hand luggage and may charge additional fees if the baggage restrictions are exceeded.

How many bags can I take on Turkish Airlines Economy Class?

If you are traveling on an Economy Class, you can carry a maximum of 1 carry-on bag with a personal item. For Business Class, it increases to 2 cabin luggage with one personal item.


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