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Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Carry on Size Limit

Published on December 12, 2023

The airline offers convenience to its passengers with the help of Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowance. Being a flag carrier, the airline has tried to keep its baggage regulations up to the passenger’s travel requirements. Swiss Air has designed the baggage policy to ensure passengers’ as well as staff members’ safety onboard. Free bags and extra charges are highly influenced by the type of purchased fare, selected route, and travel class. Scroll down to peruse the Swiss Air baggage allowance and check whether additional charges apply to your bag. 

Swiss Airlines Baggage Requirements

Swiss Airlines Baggage Requirements

Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowance states restrictions on cabin and checked bags. Every passenger is required to comply with baggage rules and regulations. The airline offers free allowance to its customers. This implies passengers can carry bags completely free of cost. However, if you bring bags over your allowance, additional charges will apply. The fee may vary according to the place where you make the payment. The closer you are to the departure date, the greater the fee amount is. Hence, it is always better to check in or carry bags according to the Swiss Airlines baggage limits. 

Check Free Allowance Using Swiss Air Baggage Calculator 

Swiss Airlines offers free baggage allowance to its passengers depending on the selected route and purchased travel class. Therefore, the number of free baggage varies from fare to fare. Passengers can also check it on the official website by providing their travel details, such as flight origin, flight destination, number of passengers, etc. We have shared Swiss Air’s Free Baggage Allowance for domestic flights. However, these may change according to their travel destination. Use the baggage calculator on the official website to check the allowance permitted for your trip. 

Travel ClassesHand LuggagePersonal ItemChecked LuggageAdditional Baggage
Economy Class (Light)One Carry-on Up to 8 kg Within 55 x 40 x 23 cmOne Personal Item Within 40 x 30 x 10 cmNot includedNot Included
Economy ClassOne Carry-on Up to 8 kg Within 55 x 40 x 23 cmOne Personal Item Within 40 x 30 x 10 cmOne Checked Baggage
Up to 23kg
Within 158 cm
One Ski or Snowboard
Up to 23kg Within 200 cm
Economy Class
One Carry-on Up to 8 kg
Within 55 x 40 x 23 cm
One Personal Item
Within 40 x 30 x 10 cm
One Checked Baggage
Up to 23kg Within 158 cm
One Ski or Snowboard
Up to 23kg Within 200 cm
Business ClassTwo Carry-ons
Up to 8 kg Within 55 x 40 x 23 cm
One Personal ItemWithin 40 x 30 x 10 cmTwo Checked Baggage
Up to 32kg each Within 158 cm
One Ski or Snowboard
Up to 23kg Within 200 cm

Swiss Air Hand Baggage Allowance

Swiss Air Hand Baggage

Passengers can take their travel essential and valuable items onboard under Swiss Air Hand Baggage Allowance. In addition to this, passengers can take one small personal item as well. Bags should be of a specific size and weight to fit the provided space. The Swiss Air Carry on size should be under 55 x 40 x 23 cm and the weight should be under 8kg. In addition, the airline will also consider foldable garment bags as a carry-on with maximum dimensions of 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

Travel Class TypePermitted NumberPermitted Weight
Economy LiteOne Carry-on BagMaximum 8kg
EconomyOne Carry-on BagMaximum 8kg
BusinessTwo Carry-on BagMaximum 8kg
First ClassTwo Carry-on BagMaximum 8kg

Swiss Cabin Baggage Allowance for HON Circle Members, Senators, Frequent Flyers, and passengers with Star Alliance Gold or Silver status is decided according to the travel class. Therefore, check the maximum size and weight permitted under your travel class. If the baggage is too heavy or big, the staff will remove it at the gate and ask you to submit it as checked baggage. Accordingly, a fee for the baggage will apply. Paying fees at the gate will cost you more, and only credit cards are accepted for the payment. Therefore, make sure to bring Swiss Air Hand Luggage according to the permitted size and weight. 

Other Items Permitted Onboard

Passengers, including children with their own seats, can take other permitted items onboard in addition to the carry-on bags. Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowance allows passengers to carry a handbag, laptop bag, or shoulder bag if it measures equal to or less than 40 x 30 x 10 cm.

The airline lets passengers carry one-pocket buggies onboard under their free allowance if they are packed in a travel-friendly way. In addition, passengers with physical disabilities can carry one pair of crutches, splints, and other types of mobility devices. 

Exception To Swiss Air Hand Luggage

If you are flying on a smaller aircraft, there may come a situation when the airline will ask you to check in the carry-on at the gate. This decision is taken for the passenger’s safety and comfort. Moreover, some countries have stricter baggage regulations for carry-ons. For instance, in the United States, passengers with First and Business Class tickets are asked to check in the second piece of hand baggage. 

Furthermore, specific rules apply to flights from and within South Africa. Swiss Air Carry On Size for passengers flying in Economy Class is 56 x 36 x 23 cm, and the maximum weight is 7kg. At the same time, Business and First Class passengers can carry two handbags under the same Swiss Airline baggage limit. Both passengers can take one laptop bag on board.

Liquid Items as Hand Baggage 

Liquid items carried onboard are subject to special regulations. If you are taking gel, cream, and liquid-based items, you must consider following restrictions. 

  • Carry liquid-based items in a container that has a capacity of no more than 100 mL.
  • All these containers must be packed in a single plastic bag, which should be resealable and transparent. 
  • Passengers have to present this bag at the security screening. The bag, plus all the items packed inside, must be securely sealed. 
  • No passenger is allowed to carry more than one plastic bag. 

Few Exceptions: Medicines and Special Foods

Swiss Airline Baggage Allowance does not consider medicines and special foods within liquid items’ travel restrictions. The airline permits larger quantities of these items due to their significance. In addition, you may carry liquids up to 2 liters in checked bags if they are not categorized as dangerous goods.

Type of LiquidRule for Carrying 
Medicines Passengers can take medicines onboard if they are urgent. There are no restrictions on the quantity; take as much as you require. It is advisable to get a medical certificate in English.
Special FoodsPassengers traveling with children can carry baby food in their cabin bags. If you have allergies, you can take liquid foods on board or in the carry-on bag. Kindly ensure the food is packed, sealed, and leakproof. 

Note – Passengers with connecting flights booked within the USA have to pack their liquid-based items in the hold luggage after reaching the final destination in the United States. 

What Not to Pack In Swiss Cabin Baggage

For the safety of passengers, the airline has prohibited some items from carrying onboard. If such items are found during security checks, the staff has the right to confiscate them at the airport. There are no exceptions to these articles. Once the item is seized, you will not get it back afterward. You may pack some of these items in checked baggage to prevent loss or inconvenience during travel. 

✤ All types of weapons
✤ Imitations and toys
✤ Signal flares Starting pistols
✤ Bows and arrows
✤ Crossbows and harpoons

Stunning devices
✤ Stun guns
✤ Tasers
✤ Stun batons and similar items
✤ Animal stunners and killers
Pointed or sharp-edged items
✤ Knife for chopping, cutting, or dismembering (axes, hatchets, and cleavers)
✤Ice axes and ice picks
✤ Razor blades
✤Box cutters
✤ Knives with blades over 6 cm
✤ Scissors with blades over 6 cm if measured from the fulcrum
✤ Pointed or sharp-edged martial arts equipment
✤ Swords and sabres
✤ Crowbars
✤ Drills and drill bits, cordless portable power drills are also included
✤ Tools with a blade over 6 cm long (e.g., screwdrivers or chisels)Saws and portable cordless power saws
✤ Blowtorches
✤ Bolt and nail guns
Blunt instruments
✤ Baseball and softball bats
✤ Clubs, batons, or sticks, for example, billy clubs, blackjacks, and truncheons
✤ Martial arts equipment

Swiss Air Check In Baggage Allowance

Swiss Air Check In Baggage Allowance

Swiss Air Baggage Allowance states that passengers can check in baggage only if it meets a certain quantity and weight. These restrictions vary according to the purchased travel class. 

The size of a checked bag should not be more than 158 cm and weigh between 23kg and 32kg, depending on the purchased fare. Passengers can adjust the Swiss Air Checked Baggage Allowance as per their travel requirements. You can get Economy Class tickets at very low prices or choose Classic and Flex fares that offer one baggage for free. 

Swiss Baggage Allowance includes one foldable pushchair or travel pram in all fares for infants.  You may also refer to the baggage calculator on the official website to check the exact number of bags you are allowed to take. The basic allowance as per the different fare classes is described below:

Travel ClassNumber of BaggagePermitted WeightPermitted Dimensions
Economy LightBaggage not included
Classic and FlexOne Checked Bag23kg each158 cm
BusinessTwo Checked Bag32kg each158 cm

Swiss Air International Baggage Allowance

Swiss Air International Baggage Allowance

Swiss Air International Baggage Allowance is slightly different from the standard allowance. Weight and size restrictions stay the same. However, the number of bags varies.  

Travel ClassNumber of BaggagePermitted WeightPermitted Dimensions
Economy One Checked baggage23kg158 cm
Premium EconomyTwo Checked BagsTotal weight – 46kg158 cm
BusinessTwo Checked BagsTotal weight – 64kg158 cm
FirstThree Checked BagsTotal weight – 96kg158 cm

Baggage Allowance for Economy Fares on Selected Routes

Passengers traveling in the following routes will automatically get a generous baggage allowance in Economy Class. The weight must be under 23kg, and the dimensions should not be over 158 cm in total. 

Selected RoutesBaggage Allowance for Economy Class
Flight from the USA/Canada to South AfricaOne bag of 23 kg
Flights from the USA/Canada to East, West, andCentral Africa (excluding Mauritius)Two bags of 23 kg
Flights between the USA/Canada/Mexico, and Afghanistan,Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, YemenTwo bags of 23 kg
Flights to/from JapanTwo bags of 23 kg

Excess Baggage Rules for Swiss Air Baggage

Excess Baggage Rules for Swiss Airlines

Bags heavier than the Swiss Airlines baggage limit are treated as excess baggage, and the airline charges extra for transportation. If you exceed your free allowance, the airline will charge extra from you. However, the airline will straight away decline transportation of baggage that is over 32kg and 292 total dimensions. 

Swiss Airlines Baggage Fee for oversized bags is applied to each part of the flight. If the booking includes a connecting flight within 24 hours, it is combined and counted as a single route. You have to pay separately in local currency for outbound and return flights on the day of departure. If you bring a bag weighing over 32kg, the airline will ship the baggage separately as cargo. This will depend on certain circumstances. However, it’s possible the airline will transport this bag in a separate aircraft. 

Passengers having defined status are eligible to bring in additional baggage up to a certain weight. However, if you have purchased an Economy fare, you are not entitled to get additional baggage. 

StatusAll European routes
HON CircleSenatorSTAR GoldOne additional bag item of 23 kg in Economy ClassOne additional bag item of 32 kg in Business and First ClassOne set of golf equipment
Frequent TravellerOne additional bag item of 23 kg in Economy Class
SWISS Golf Traveller1 set of golf equipment
Swiss Air Additional Baggage Allowance for International Flights
StatusFlights to/from/connecting to the USA and CanadaFlights to the remaining destinations
HON CircleSenatorSTAR GoldOne additional bag of 23 kg in Economy Class One additional bag of 32 kg in Business and First ClassOne additional bag of 23 kg in Economy Class One additional bag of 32 kg in Business and First Class one set of golf equipment
Frequent TravellerOne additional bag of 23 kg in Economy ClassOne additional bag of 23 kg in Economy Class
SWISS Golf Travellerone set of golf equipmentA set of golf equipment

Swiss Airlines Baggage Fees

The following table depicts Swiss Airlines Baggage Fees for the first checked bag in Economy Lite Fare. The fee amount is applied according to the selected destination and the type of baggage. If you book through the airline’s service center, passengers must pay 5 EUR/USD/CHF per baggage. 

Point of
Within SwitzerlandEuropeIntercontinental
(USA / Canada)
On the official websitefrom CHF 20from EUR 15 from USD 20from CHF 30 from EUR 25 from USD 30CHF 75EUR 65USD 75CAD 75from CHF 70 from EUR 60from USD 70
At check-in deskCHF 60EUR 50USD 60CHF 60EUR 50USD 60CHF 75EUR 65USD 75CAD 75CHF 105EUR 90USD 105

Additional Charges for Extra Baggage

If you add additional baggage to your allowance, the Swiss Airlines Baggage Fees may vary. Check the table below for zone-wise additional bag prices. In addition, the prices are higher when purchasing is done at the airport check-in counter. It is considered wise to add extra baggage in advance via the official website.  

Selected Routes/ ZonesUp to 23 kg and within 158 cm
(Bought online at the official site)
Up to 23 kg and within 158 cm
(Bought at the check-in counter)
Overweight/ oversized
(more than 23 kg or over 158 cm)
Overweight and oversized
(more than 23 kg and over 158 cm)
Within SwitzerlandCHF 65EUR 55USD 65CHF 80EUR 70USD 80CHF 125EUR 110USD 125CHF 170EUR 150USD 170
EuropeCHF 75EUR 65USD 75CHF 90EUR 80USD 90CHF 150EUR 130USD 150CHF 205EUR 180USD 205
Levant and North AfricaCHF 90EUR 80USD 90CHF 115EUR 100USD 115CHF 200EUR 175USD 200CHF 285EUR 250USD 285
Short-haul intercontinentalCHF 140EUR 120USD 140CHF 170EUR 150USD 170CHF 285EUR 250USD 285CHF 400EUR 350USD 400
Medium-haul intercontinentalCHF 185EUR 160USD 185CHF 230EUR 200USD 230CHF 370EUR 320USD 370CHF 505EUR 440USD 505
Long-haul intercontinentalCHF 230EUR 200USD 230CHF 285EUR 250USD 285CHF 460EUR 400USD 460CHF 635EUR 550USD 635

Note – Flights to and from India will include local taxes, which should be added to the baggage fee irrespective of the place of departure. 

2. Flights to/ from Japan 

Selected RouteUp to 23 kg and within 158 cm
(Bought online at the official site)
Up to 23 kg and within 158 cm
(Bought at the check-in counter)
Overweight (More than 23 kg)Oversized (Over 158 cm)Overweight and oversized
(more than 23 kg and over 158 cm)
Flight to/from JapanCHF 180EUR 150USD 200CHF 180EUR 150USD 200CHF 300EUR 250USD 350CHF 420EUR 350USD 500CHF 540EUR 450USD 650

Transporting Sports Equipment On Swiss Air

Passengers who like to travel with their sports equipment would be happy to know that the airline will transport the sports equipment without additional charges. Ensure the equipment does not exceed the Swiss Airline baggage limit. If it does, the airline will have to charge extra. In addition to your luggage allowance, the airline offers transportation service free of charge for Ski Equipment. However, this offer is not valid for passengers flying in Economy fares. Furthermore, the tariff is applicable on each part of the flights, including connecting flights operated by Swiss Air. If the flight is connecting within 24 hours, the airline will consider it as one route. 

More importantly, the airline has limited storage for bags and everything; thus, customers are requested to register their sports equipment. Simply fill out this form to get your equipment registered and reserve a space in a minute. 

Standard Sports EquipmentEquipment Bigger in Size
Examples: fishing equipment, golf bags, rackets, ball sports, ski/snowboarding equipment, bicycles, and boards under 2 meters in length.Examples: hang gliders, tandems, and boards over 2 meters in length.

Regulations for Firearms and Ammunition

Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowance states special regulations for the transportation of Firearms, ammunition, and other hunting items. Passengers are instructed to pack such items in separate containers. Afterwards, ensure it is put inside a different baggage inside the checked bag. If you are carrying such equipment, you have to check it in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Getting in touch with the airline’s service center is recommended to discuss the other aspects of transportation. The following are some regulations that are levied on firearms and ammunition:

  • Pack the item unloaded and keep it inside a case suitable for air transportation. 
  • It is the responsibility of a passenger to follow the said regulations and get the import permit and other important papers. This applies to both arriving or departing from a country.
  • Passengers are permitted to carry up to 5kg of ammunition, specifically of 1.4S, UN 0012, or UN 0014 type. Pack the item separately in a suitable container; it should not be placed in the same place as the weapon. In addition, the container should be able to protect the ammunition against vibration. If you are flying to or from South Africa, pack it inside a lockable ammunition box. 
  • Please note that the airline may charge transportation fees for sporting firearms and hunting weapons. These fees are applied in addition to the rate for carrying such equipment. 
  • Ensure you present your guns for thorough inspection for flights departing from Zurich. The inspection may cost around CHF 55 for every weapon. Passengers can pay it using a credit card. The payment is made directly to the company carrying out the inspection. 

Prohibited and Restricted Items on Swiss Air Flights

Certain items can endanger the safety of passengers; therefore, the airline decides to either put some restrictions on transportation or completely restrict the item. Here, we have shared a list of all such items that are considered dangerous by the airline. Ensure to check the following list before packing your bags. The airline will cease any items that are not up to Swiss Airlines’ baggage requirements. 

Everyday Use Items
✤ Briefcase with built-in alarm devices.
✤ Lithium batteries that are non-rechargeable and have more than 2g lithium content. 
✤ Rechargeable lithium batteries have more than 160 watt-hour ratings. 
✤ Damaged Lithium batteries. 
Flammable Items
✤ Matches and combustible materials.
✤ Toxic propellants (flammable and non-flammable)
✤ Lighter gas
✤ Camping gas
✤ Stoves for Camping
✤ Combustible paste like fondues.
✤ Lacquer
✤ Thinners
✤ Petrol
✤ Solvents
✤ Flammable and non-flammable paints
✤ Items that react with water and release flammable gases. 
✤ Pepper and pepper KO sprays.
✤ Camping gasses and stoves.
✤ Burners
✤ Butane gas cylinders
✤ Cylinders with more than 50 mL capacity
✤ Blue flame lighters
✤ Cigar lighters
✤ Carbon cartridges
Items Dangerous for Health
✤ Radioactive materials 
✤ Toxic substances that can cause infection
Fragile Items
✤ Monitors
✤ Television
✤ Other similar items
Other Harmful Items
✤ Firecrackers, signal flares, party poppers, and Christmas crackers.
✤ Bleach, peroxide, and other oxidizing substances
✤ Acids, mercury, alkalis, cell battery fluid, and other corrosive substances.
✤ Magnetic items
✤ Electric shock devices like taser guns Items operate on lithium batteries such as bikes, hoverboards, e-skateboards, or e-luggage scooters.
✤ Combustion engines
✤ Blasting caps Detonators and fuses, etc.
Medical mercury thermometersMedicines and related itemsToiletries and aerosols
Electronic cigarettesLighters/box of matches
Lithium powered devicesSpare batteries
Dry iceMedical oxygen cylinders
Portable oxygen concentratorsMobility devices powered by batteries
Heat-generating equipment Parachutes
Avalanche rescue backpackInsulated packaging
Small gas cartridgesLifejacket or other self-inflating safety device
Alcoholic beverages with over 24% alcohol volumeAmmunition

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is checked baggage on Swiss Air?

Swiss Airlines applies baggage fee on Economy light. It ranges between CHF 20 and CHF 60 for domestic flights and CHF 70 to CHF 105 for international flights. 

How much baggage is allowed on Swiss Air?

Passengers can take one carry-on up to 55 x 40 x 23 cm and under 8kg, one small personal item, and checked baggage (except Economy Light).

How much luggage is allowed in the SWISS premium economy?

Passengers flying in Premium Economy can take two checked bags under 46kg (total) in addition to hand luggage as per the Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowance. 

Is Swiss Air strict with hand luggage?

Yes, Swiss Air is strict with its hand luggage allowance. Any bag that exceeds the restrictions is charged extra. If it is unable to fit the provided space, you may have to check it in at the gate. 

What items are prohibited on Swiss Air?

Any item that poses a risk to a passenger’s health is strictly prohibited inside the flight or in checked baggage. Some examples would be firecrackers, radioactive materials, flammable items, fragile items, toxic substances, etc. 

What happens if your bag is over 23kg?

In that case, the airline will apply an overweight baggage fee to the bag ranging between CHF 125 to CHF 460, depending on the route. 

What is the maximum baggage weight on Swiss Air?

Swiss Airlines permits bags weighing up to 32kg only. The airline will refuse to transport the bag if it weighs over 32kg. 


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