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Sunwing Baggage Allowance Policy & Fees 2024

Published on February 13, 2024

Sunwing Airlines baggage allowance does not include free carry-on and checked bags. Passengers have to pay for what they want to carry for their trip. However, if one personal item is included on all fares. Additionally, if you have purchased a vacation package, first baggage is included free of cost. Similarly, there are other terms and conditions of Sunwing baggage allowance that every passenger must know. Our blog will help you understand what you can and cannot take on board. 

Sunwing Carry On Baggage Size

Sunwing Airlines baggage allowance states that passengers have to purchase it for a fee of 25 USD per way. You may also add it to your allowance online in advance or at the airport counter in case you forgot to. Ensure that the Sunwing carry-on baggage weight is kept within 5kg or 11 lbs. The size should be within 51 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (20” x 16” x 9”), not greater.

A good example of an ideal cabin bag would be a suitcase, duffle bag, and backpack within the permitted restrictions. Passengers have to stow their cabin bags in the overhead compartment bin. 

Additionally, parents or guardians traveling with their little one can carry one diaper bag as well. Make sure the bags are within the stated Sunwing carry-on baggage weight and size limit.

Any bag exceeding the Sunwing baggage limit for carry-ons is termed a checked item and is subject to an excess baggage fee. 

Sunwing Baggage Limit For Personal Items

Sunwing Baggage Limit For Personal Items

As per Sunwing baggage allowance, every passenger is allowed to carry one personal item free of cost. It is included in your allowance only when it measures within 40 cm x 25 cm x 16 cm (16” x 10” x 6”). For instance, a small handbag or purse, suitcase, laptop case, or messenger bag are considered personal items, and you can carry them on board. You can also carry a small backpack or duffle bag up to the Sunwing Baggage Limit .

What to Pack in a Sunwing Cabin Bag?

Sunwing baggage allowance suggests packing all the crucial and valuable items in your cabin bags. Do not forget to put items that you require during the flight. Fragile and valuable items are suitable for checked bags. 

In the event of lost and delayed bags, you can lose some important articles. Some examples of such items are — medicines, passports, IDs, health insurance, cash, debit and credit cards, and personal electronics like tablets and laptops. 

Sunwing Checked Baggage Allowance

Sunwing Checked Baggage Allowance

The Sunwing baggage limit for checked bags is 158 cm or 62” (L + H + W). Moreover, the bag should measure equal to or less than 23kg or 50 lbs. To add it to your allowance, you must pay a checked baggage fee. Passengers can pre-purchase via the official website or sales office to enjoy discounted rates. Any bag that is over the Sunwing baggage allowance and size limit (within 32kg) will incur additional charges. Passengers will have to pay oversized or overweight baggage fees.  You may refer to the table below for the applicable Sunwing checked baggage fee.

Type of BaggagePermitted WeightPermitted SizeAdvance fee (Purchased more than 48 hours before departure)Airport fee (when purchased within 48 hours of departure)Additional Information
First checked bag is FREE on vacation packages23 kgs or 50 lbs158 cms or 62” (L + H + W)$50 for each segment, including taxes.$70 for each segment, including taxesThe first checked bag is free on vacation packages except for Florida. This is available for flight-only bookings.
Second checked bag23 kgs or 50 lbs158 cms or 62” (L + H + W)$70 for each segment, including taxes.$90 for each segment, including taxes
Third checked bagFirst checked bag are FREE on vacation packages158 cm or 62” (L + H + W)Not Available$120 for each segment, including taxesOnly available at check-in.
Oversized or overweight bags32 kg or 70 lbs292 cm or 115” (L + H + W)Not Available$115 for each segment, including taxesOnly available at check-in.

Please note that carrying additional baggage is subject to the space availability of the aircraft.

Sunwing Airlines Baggage Allowance For Infants

Sunwing Airlines Baggage Allowance For Infants

Unticketed infants are not entitled to the Sunwing checked baggage allowance. Fortunately, parents or guardians can check in any two items, such as a stroller, playpen, car seat, or pushchair, for free.  Parents can carry these items in addition to their permitted allowance.

However, they may have to pay the associated cost for lap-infants flying in vacation packages and flight-only bookings. A diaper bag is also permitted. For infants and children occupying a seat, the first checked bag is free on vacation packages (excluding flight-only bookings).

Sunwing Baggage Regulations For Special Items

Sunwing Airlines follows specific regulations for special baggage. These articles are non-standard items that do not lie under the Sunwing baggage limit. Passengers must adhere to these regulations if they wish to carry such equipment or instruments on their trip. 

Medicines and Medical Equipment

Medicines and Medical Equipment

As per Sunwing baggage allowance , medical equipment is allowed without any additional charges. Passengers have to contact the Special Services Department at least three days before departure to make prior arrangements. The equipment is permitted for personal use only and on the basis of a physician’s letter.  If you require the use of medical equipment on board, then it must be battery-operated. There is no power source available in flight cabins. Kindly connect with the Special Service at [email protected]. For medicines, passengers must keep a copy of the prescriptions. Make sure the medicines are kept in their original packaging. Also, keep in mind that there is no refrigeration available in the cabins for medicines. So, make prior arrangements.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

If you wish to carry your musical instrument on board, ensure that it measures as per the Sunwing carry-on baggage weight and size limits. This implies that an instrument should be equal to 23 cm x 41 cm x 51 cm and weigh less then 5kg. You will also have to pay the applicable charges. In case you decide to bring one, you will have to fill out and sign a limited-release form. In case the instrument exceeds the Sunwing baggage limit, you will have to check it in, and an excess bag fee may apply. Make sure the instrument is packed appropriately in a suitable case. The packaging should contain instrument-related items only. No additional items (like clothes, shoes, or other personal articles) are allowed.

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Every passenger is permitted to pack one piece of sports equipment for their adventurous trip. Again, the request is permitted through the Special Assistance Department. Passengers are liable to pay $75 CAD ($100 for kayaks and surfboards) each way and sign a limited release form as well.  Pack the sporting items appropriately in a suitable case. Also, remember that registering your equipment in advance does not guarantee space availability. It is advisable to confirm it at the airport check-in counter. Check the table below for applicable charges and permitted size and weight limits:

Types of EquipmentPermitted QuantityApplicable Conditions
Golf ClubsOne regular golf bag containing a maximum of 14 clubs, 12 golf balls, and a pair of golf shoes.Checked baggage conditions and fees are applicable as long as it is under 23kg.
If not, an oversized baggage fee will apply.
BicycleNot Available
Scuba Diving EquipmentPassengers can carry one air supply regulator, pressure gauge, tank harness, face mask, pair of diving fins, snorkel, knife, spear gun, air pistol, and a safety vest.
KiteboardThe container may include a kiteboard, a power kite, a helmet, and any related accessories or clothing.
Fishing RodsNot Availableare counted as checked baggage if they weigh less than or equal to 5kg.
If not, an oversized baggage fee will apply.
Snorkelling EquipmentA pair of fins and a mask are permitted
Kayaks, Surfboards, and Windsurfing boardsEither one kayak (without paddles, helmets, life preserves, etc.), one surfboard less than 12 feet, or one windsurfing board with one mast boom and/or sail.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Sunwings Airlines baggage allowance permits electronic cigarettes (including personal vaporizers) in carry-on bags. You cannot pack electronic smoking devices in your checked bags. E-cigarettes are banned on flights to or from the Dominican Republic and Cuba. You cannot carry them in your cabin bags as well.

Hunting Equipment and Firearms

Ammunition is strictly prohibited in both checked and carry-on bags. The airline may transport sporting guns via cargo hold, providing all the documents and valid licenses are provided. The passenger will have to complete the Sunwing Firearms Declaration as well.  The concerned authority will thoroughly check such items at the check-in counter. At the same time, it should be unloaded and dismantled, with the firing pins removed. Please pack such items in a strong metal or wooden casing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the baggage allowance for Sunwing?

The Sunwing Airlines baggage allowance includes one free personal item on all fares and flights.

How much baggage is allowed on Sunwing?

A passenger can carry one cabin bag (51 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm) and one checked bag (158 cm or 62”).  Extra baggage is allowed for an additional fee.

Does Sunwing charge for carry-on baggage?

Yes, Sunwing Airlines charges around 25 CAD for carry-on bags. The fee amount is applicable per segment of the flight.

Is baggage included with Sunwing?

Only a personal item up to 40 cm x 25 cm x 16 cm is included in the Sunwing Airlines baggage allowance. Other items, like carry-ons and checked luggage, are added for a fee.

Do you have to pay for baggage on Sunwing?

Yes, passengers have to pay to add carry-on and checked luggage to their Sunwing allowance.

How strict is Sunwing with carry-on size?

Sunwing Airlines strictly adheres to its baggage policy. If a carry-on is over 51 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm, it is submitted at the check-in counter.

Do you get a free bag with Sunwing?

Only one personal item is included in your allowance free of charge. Other bags must be added in exchange for a fee.

Is the first bag free on Sunwing?

If you book Sunwing vacation packages, the first bag is included free of charge.


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