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Spring Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy, Fees & Size Limit

Published on December 20, 2023

Spring Airlines Baggage Allowance is designed to offer choice to its customers. This implies that passengers only pay for what they use, and there are no additional charges. More importantly, the airline encourages its passengers to pack light for the trip to help reduce carbon emissions. So, fly smarter with Spring Airlines and take a step towards a healthier and greener environment. Avoid paying excess baggage fees by going through the Spring Airlines Baggage Policy. 

Spring Airlines Carry On Baggage

Spring Airlines Carry On Baggage

A passenger is permitted to have one personal item and one cabin bag onboard with Spring Airlines carry on baggage allowance. The sum of the three sides of the carry-on bag should not exceed 115 cm, and the dimensions should be 56 cm (length) x 36 cm (width) x 23 cm (height). In addition, the bag should weigh under 7kg. Passengers can bring a handbag, camera bag, umbrella, etc as personal items. Pack your valuable items like cash, jewelry, documents, IDs, etc in your carry on bags. What you cannot pack are items with sharp tips, things that can be used as weapons, and literal weapons. 

Moreover, laptops and tablets are not included in the Spring Airlines baggage allowance (7kg). However, the airline has put some limitations on the number of pieces of such items. Whether passengers carry one laptop or two tablets or one laptop and one tablet, cords are included with each item. 

Where To Store Cabin Bags on Spring Airlines Flights?

Passengers are informed to store their carry-ons and personal items properly for their safety and comfort as well as for others. You can store your cabin bag in the overhead compartment and personal items under the seat in the front seat. Passengers who have booked exit row seats have to use the overhead bin only. Make sure to store the baggage properly so it does not slip out right when you open the compartment door. No passenger is allowed to keep their bags on their seat, on the lap, or at the feet. 

Spring Airline Domestic Flights (China) Cabin Bag Allowance

Passengers flying on Spring Airlines domestic flights within China can bring one carry-on bag of up to 7kg. Meanwhile, passengers with SpringPlus membership can bring a 10-kg cabin bag. The dimensions must be 30 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm and 40 cm x 20 cm x 55 cm for SpringPlus members. Ensure your baggage does not exceed the decided weight and size limits. The staff will inspect your bags at the check-in counter and boarding gate. Any bag that exceeds the limit will be charged an excess baggage fee according to the extra weight. The airline will store such baggage in the cargo hold and charge the following fee amount:

Fee Charged for Excess Baggage at Boarding Gate (Domestic Flights) (Local Currency)
Boarding gate
(If less than or equal to 10KG)
Boarding gate
(if weigh more than 10KG)
CNY 300CNY 500
Fee Charged for Excess Baggage at Boarding Gate (International/ Regional  Flights) (Local Currency)
Boarding gate
(If less than or equal to 20KG)
Boarding gate
(if weigh more than 20 KG and less than or equal to 32KG)
THB 3500THB 7000
USD 100USD 200
HKD 800HKD 1600
KRW 120000KRW 240000
MOP 800MOP 1600
TWD 3000TWD 6000
SGD 140SGD 280
JPY 11500JPY 23000
CNY 700CNY 1400

Restrictions On Spring Airlines Cabin Bags

Restrictions On Spring Airlines Cabin Bags

For a safe journey and to ensure the safety of passengers on board, Spring Airlines has put some restrictions on item quantity and size. We have listed out these restrictions below for our passengers:

  • A traveler is allowed to carry only one piece of smoking lighter. 
  • No one is allowed to have an oil lighter or pre-mixing lighter. 
  • Passengers can carry electronic cigarettes with lithium-ion batteries but cannot use them on board. 
  • Do not carry items that are longer than 60 cm, even when folded, such as tripods; these items are not permitted inside a flight cabin. 
  • Passengers are allowed to carry items but sharp points if the length of the blade is under 6 cm. However, scissors used for cosmetic purposes, such as small eyebrow scissors, portable sewing sets, etc., are allowed on board.
  • Passengers cannot store liquid-based items in the overhead compartment due to the risk of leakage. Instead, put it under the seat in front of you. You can bring tea etc, on board. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical items are restricted to only 0.5 kg or 0.5 L for every container. A passenger can carry up to 2kg quantity.
  • Alcoholic beverages with over 70% alcohol content are not allowed inside the flight cabin.  
  • Do not bring any items that include seawater. 

Limitations On Carrying Liquid Items on Spring Airlines International Flights

Passengers carrying liquid items on international flights operated by Spring Airlines have to comply with levied restrictions. You can carry liquid-based items in a container that has a capacity of not more than 100 mL; partially filled items are not allowed on board. Afterward, you have to place these containers in a single ziplock transparent bag. The capacity of the plastic bag should not be more than one liter. According to Spring Airlines baggage allowance, only one such plastic bag is permitted per head. In addition, the airline is not responsible for providing the packing material, and the passenger is responsible for arranging the clear zipper bag. 

In case you comply with all the restrictions but present these items in a non-transparent bag, the airline will not permit it on board. However, if you happen to carry a larger quantity, the airline will ask you to either discard the extra quantity or pack it in the checked bag. 

Spring Airline Checked Baggage Size Limit and Weight Allowance

Checked Baggage Size Limit on Spring Airline

The airline does not include checked baggage on domestic flights within China. Only SpringPlus passengers get a 30kg checked baggage allowance. Passengers can check multiple bags on domestic flights within Japan, but the Spring Airline Checked Baggage Size Limit should not exceed 203 cm. The dimension is calculated by adding up the measurements of three sides of a bag. Moreover, the weight of a checked bag should not be over 30kg. Spring Airlines offers free baggage allowance to its passengers, which has different weight allowances for different fares. Nevertheless, the size limit for every fare stays the same. The following table depicts the free baggage allowance for three fare types:

Fare typeLucky SpringSpringSpring Plus
Checked Baggage Weight Limits0kg20kg30kg

Note – The check in baggage size for international flights is the same as mentioned here. Some details may vary according to the purchased fare and selected route. 

Spring Airlines Baggage Policy For Additional Bag

Passengers exceeding their free allowance have to pay an extra fee as per the Spring Airlines Baggage Policy for additional baggage. The fee varies for international flights checked baggage. You can pay the amount online, at the airport, or the boarding gate. Every passenger can buy additional bags online up to two hours before the scheduled takeoff. If you are making the purchase through the call center, make sure to call during working hours. 

Guide for Infant Baggage and Mobility Device

Passengers are permitted to bring any of these – baby strollers, infant car seats, carry-cots, etc. Spring Airlines will not charge any additional fee for it, and check these bags entirely free. Please note that the airline does not provide strollers or similar items for loan, so make sure to bring yours.

Passengers with physical disabilities can check in mobility devices for free as per Spring Airlines baggage allowance. However, in some cases, the airline may decline to check in your device due to its heavier weight and larger size. Thus, check the size and weight limits beforehand and inform the airlines at least five days before the scheduled departure. Additionally, the airline will loan you a wheelchair for moving around the airport after you check in your device. 

Purchase Extra Seat for Additional Baggage 

Passengers can also purchase an extra seat next to their booked seat to put their special baggage, like musical instruments. You can get this service by contacting the airline’s call center. A maximum of three seats in the same row next to the booked seat is available for purchase. However, no passenger is eligible to purchase an extra seat in the first row as you cannot raise the armrest. For this purpose, passengers have to make sure their baggage weighs under 75kg. Mind you, passengers with exit row seats are not eligible to purchase this service. Lastly, ensure to secure your special item with a seat beath or in-flight extension belt. 

Spring Airlines Baggage Fees

Spring Airlines Baggage Fees

Passengers will have to pay Spring Airlines baggage fee to check in luggage. You can purchase the allowance online while making the reservation or at the airport. Please note the airline accepts only credit card payments for online purchases. Cash payments are valid only at the airport check-in counter, which may be higher than online prices. Thus, make the purchase wisely, as the amount is non-refundable. 

Weight Allowance
Point of Purchase
Online/Call CenterAirport counterBoarding Gate
Up to 5 kg750 YEN1,500 YEN2,500 YEN
Up to 10 kg1,500 YEN3,000 YEN4,000 YEN
Up to 15 kg2,250 YEN4,500 YEN5,500 YEN
Up to 20 kg3,000 YEN6,000 YEN7,000 YEN
Up to 25 kg3,750 YEN7,500 YEN8,500 YEN
Up to 30 kg4,500 YEN9,000 YEN10,000 YEN
Over 30 kg
(per kilogram)
Advance booking
Not Available
500 YEN500 YEN
Additional Luggage Fee for International Flights Checked Baggage

Weight Allowance
Point of Purchase
Online/Call CenterAirport counterBoarding Gate
Up to 5 kgJPY 2,500 / CNY 150JPY 5,000 / CNY 300JPY 6,000 / CNY 360
Up to 10 kgJPY 4,500 / CNY 270JPY 9,000 / CNY 540JPY 10,000 / CNY 600
Up to 15 kgJPY 6,500 / CNY 390JPY 13,000 / CNY 780JPY 14,000 / CNY 840
Up to 20 kgJPY 8,000 / CNY 480JPY 16,000 / CNY 960JPY 17,000 / CNY 1,020
Up to 25 kgJPY 9,000 / CNY 540JPY 18,000 / CNY 1,080JPY 19,000 / CNY 1,140
Up to 30 kgJPY 10,000 / CNY 600JPY 20,000 / CNY 1,200JPY 21,000 / CNY 1,260
Over 30 kg (for every 1 kg)Advance booking
Not Available
JPY 1,500 / CNY 90JPY 1,500 / CNY 90

Oversized Baggage Regulations of Spring Airlines

Spring Airlines baggage allowance do not include oversized luggage, sports equipment, and musical instruments. Passengers carrying such items have to pay a separate fee for transportation. The airline will consider a bag oversized if the sum of three sides of an item is over 203 cm and within 320 cm, given the longest side is under 277 cm. 

Three are five types of sports equipment: golf equipment, surfboards, diving equipment, skis/snowboards, and bicycles. Spring Airlines will treat these items as checked luggage. However, if you are bringing a tennis or badminton racket, you can carry it on board as long as it meets the weight and size dimensions. Moreover, passengers are not allowed to travel with firearms and sword items for safety concerns. 

ItemPoint of Purchase
Online/Call Center
(International/ Domestic)
Airport counterInternational Flights
(Airport Counter)
Oversize baggage The sum of 3 sides exceeds 203 cmAdvance booking Not Available4,000 YENJPY8,000 / CNY500
Golf equipmentAdvance booking Not Available2,000 YENJPY4,000 / CNY250
Diving gear
SurfboardAdvance booking Not Available4,000 YENJPY8,000 / CNY500

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the carry-on size for spring airlines?

Spring Airlines’ carry-on size on domestic flights within Japan is 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm and 30 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm for domestic flights within China. 

What is Spring Airlines baggage allowance for international flights?

Passengers can bring checked bags up to 30kg, but the sum of three sides of a bag should not be more than 203 cm. 

What is Spring Airlines checked baggage fee?

Spring Airlines checked baggage fees can vary depending on the point of purchase, but they can cost from 750 YEN to 4,500 YEN if purchased at the airport. 

Are laptops and tablets included in Spring Airlines’ 7kg carry-on baggage allowance?

No, they are not included in Spring Airlines carry-on baggage allowance. There is a piece limit applied to laptops and tablets. 

Can I stow my carry on bag at my feet?

No, Spring Airlines does not permit placing your cabin bag at the feet or on the lap. This can disrupt the movement of other passengers. So, it is strictly prohibited. 

Are duty-free items included in my cabin bag allowance?

Yes, things bought at the airport are treated as carry-on items and, thus, included in your cabin bag allowance. 

Is there a size limit on oversized baggage on Spring Airlines flights?

Yes, if the longest part of the bag is over 277 cm and the sum of the three sides is under 320 cm, the airline will consider it an oversized bag. 

Can I pack Japanese swords and firearms in Spring Airlines?

No, passengers are not permitted to bring swords and firearms in checked or carry-on bags, even if they are used for sports. 

When can I check in excess baggage?

Passengers can check in excess baggage up to two hours before the scheduled departure and pay the additional baggage fee. 

What should be the cardboard box size for check-in luggage?

The sum of the three sides of the cardboard box should not be more than 203 cm as per the Spring Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance. 

What is the additional luggage fee for checked baggage on international flights?

Passengers will have to pay from JPY 2,500 to JPY 10,000 as an additional checked baggage fee if paid at the airport. 


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