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Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Know Before Fly

Published on January 24, 2024

Traveling domestically or even Internationally on a flight with a specific quantity of luggage can be a little hectic sometimes. The situation may be worse if you don’t have proper information on how much luggage you can carry while traveling with Spirit Airlines. This life-saving information about Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance will help you travel hassle-free. Spirit Airlines allows passengers to carry 1 personal item without paying any fee.

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed to carry baggage inside the flight cabin on Spirit Airlines. But, if you think that there are some Spirit carry-on free bag services available, then you need to look at the policies again. Spirit Airlines provides the lowest ticket fares by applying charges to both carry on and checked baggage. However, the airline allows passengers to carry a personal item inside the plane completely free of cost. Spirit personal item size must be under 45 x 35 x 20 cm so that it can completely fit under the seat in front of you. 

Spirit Airlines Carry On Size & Fee

The airline allows passengers to carry a larger-sized item by paying a Spirit carry on fee. This Spirit carry on price will be applicable in case, a traveler is carrying luggage larger than Spirit Airlines personal item size. Spirit carry on size must be equal to or less than 56 x 46 x 25 cm. Passengers will have to pay a carry on fee to bring the carry on baggage on board which may vary depending on the mode they are using during a flight booking. Check the Spirit Airlines carry on price for different modes of booking:

Spirit Carry-On Baggage PurchaseSpirit Airlines Carry on Fee
Purchased While Booking Flight Online$37
During Online Check-in$45
At The Airport$55
At The Gate$65

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Allowance for Pets

Many passengers often book flights along with their pets. In that case, airlines allow travelers to carry certain pets inside the domestic Spirit flight cabin. Remember the below points for better understanding:

  • The traveler needs to make sure that the pet is placed in a cage/carrier that must not exceed 45.72 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm (18 x 14 x 9 inches) size and 40 lbs (18.14 kg) weight.
  • Only 2 similar pets are allowed in the same carrier so that each pet is free to stand and sit freely inside the carrier.
  • The airline charges a fee of $125 for carrying a single carrier/kennel.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Carry on Policy | Restricted Items

Spirit Airlines baggage policy was released by the airline to clear all the doubts in passengers’ minds. The airline prepared a list of items that are completely banned or prohibited to carry including Guns, Fireworks, Axes, Ammunition, etc. while traveling with Spirit Airlines. The Spirit baggage policy states that travelers, who booked a flight with Spirit cannot carry the following items:

Completely Restricted ItemsItems Restricted to Carry Large AmountsProhibited Items in Carry-On Luggage
Fireworks, or other explosivesE-CigarettesSnow Globes
Fire ExtinguishersVaping DevicesGel Candles
Torch LightersPepper SprayPocket Knives
Oven Cleaners or bleach, etc Hair Spray cans

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to carry checked baggage for free. To keep the ticket fare prices low, the airline charges the baggage fee. Travelers must be aware that they can only check no more than 5 bags into the hold. Additionally, an amount will be charged for each bag added. 

Spirit Checked Bag Fee and Size

Spirit Airlines checked baggage dimensions must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) and weight must be less than or equal to 40 lbs (18.1 kg). Spirit Airlines checked baggage fee also depends on the dates, destinations, and mode of purchase. Check the below table to understand clearly the Spirit checked bag fee:

Baggage TypeDuring Online Booking (Standard)Before/ during Online Check-in (Standard)At AirportAt Gate
1st Checked Bag$26-$58$36-$61 $89$99
2nd Checked Bag$36-$73$46-$76 $99NA
3rd-5th Checked Bag$81-$98$91-$99$100NA

Spirit Overweight Bag Fee | Excess Baggage Allowance

There are many cases in which passengers pack their bags above the baggage allowance limit at the airport. This results in overweight or oversized baggage fees. Almost every airline shows leniency toward the baggage allowance and allows passengers to carry all the baggage with them by paying the applicable excess baggage fee. 

Many products or items exceed the checked baggage allowed limit such as Sporting equipment, large Musical Instruments, etc. Sporting or any other equipment can be checked by paying additional fees to the airlines depending on the item. Here are some points including the recent/updated Spirit overweight bag fee and overweight or excess baggage size:

  • A bag weighing between 41 lbs and 50 lbs (18 and 23 kg) will cost you $79/bag.
  • Bag Weighing between 51 lbs to 100 lbs (23 and 45 kg) will cost you around $125/bag.
  • If the Spirit Airlines baggage dimensions are from 158 cm to 203 cm (63 to 80 inches), a $150 fee will be applicable.
  • If the bag dimensions exceed or over 80 linear inches (203 cm), it will cost you $150.


All these baggage guidelines and prices are for reference purposes only. The prices may vary at times depending on the real-time situation and baggage weight, size, and destination.

Spirit baggage rules are very strict and need to be followed. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional amount for the same. Spirit Airlines allows passengers to carry 1 personal item for completely free without charging any amount. Apart from this, Spirit Airlines baggage policy and rules make it clear for everyone to understand how much luggage a passenger can carry while traveling. The Spirit Airlines baggage weight must be under the given limit to avoid any additional charges. 

Spirit weight limit for carry on and checked baggage is 40 pounds (18 kg). People looking for an answer on how much is it to check a bag on Spirit will the exact information right here. Spirit Airlines baggage allowance, baggage fees, and other related information can help you avoid any hassle while traveling with for your dream trip. Happy Journey!

People Asked Questions – FAQs

How much to check a bag on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines charges an amount between $59 to $99 to check the first bag. These prices may vary depending on the purchase mode, and time selected.

Does Spirit allow carry on bags?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to check carry on bags up to a limit. The airline doesn’t charge any amount to carry 1 personal item including a purse, laptop bag, etc. 

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for bags?

Spirit Airlines charges start from $31 for carry-on bags and $26 for checked baggage. Similarly, the overweight or oversized baggage charge starts from $79/bag.

How many bags can you take on Spirit for free?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to carry 1 personal item for free including a purse, laptop backpack, etc. Spirit Airlines personal item size dimensions must be under 45 x 35 x 20 cm.

Can you have 2 checked bags on Spirit?

Passengers can check up to 5 bags on Spirit Airlines by paying the additional fees to carry the luggage.


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