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Silver Airways Baggage Allowance 2024 Guidelines

Published on November 22, 2023

Silver Airways Baggage Allowance is designed to ensure a comfortable travel experience for its customers. Every passenger gets to carry a small cabin bag and a personal item on all flights irrespective of purchased fare. Customers with checked baggage need to pay additional charges. If luggage exceeds the permitted limits, it is determined ‘overweight’ and thus not allowed for transportation. It is permitted only when you deposit a specific fee amount. Packing the bag right can save you more than you can think of. Familiarize yourself with the Silver Airways Baggage Rules for a comfortable journey!

Silver Airways Baggage Rules for Passengers

Silver Airways Baggage Rules

Silver Airways baggage policy states that the airline will accept baggage only if it’s necessary and appropriate for travel.  Every baggage will go through a proper inspection by the carrier or TSA. However, the carrier has no right to perform the inspection. The airline has the complete right to deny the transportation of baggage not shown for inspection. Silver Airlines baggage includes personal, carry-on, and checked baggage. Out of this, passengers get permission to take personal items and carry-ons on every flight. The addition of checked baggage depends on the type of ticket purchased by the airline. 

As per the policies, passengers have to make sure that their luggage meets the size and weight limitations. If not, you may have to pay Silver Airways baggage fees for excess baggage. The following points dictate general baggage conditions:

  • Present the baggage at the check-in desk at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of domestic flights. Whereas, 60 minutes before the international flight departure. Note that TSA may have other check-in limitations which you can check at its official website. 
  • Affix the passenger’s name on the baggage so that it’s clear to whom it belongs. Only the holder of the baggage receipt will receive the luggage from the baggage claim on the arrival of the flight. 
  • Silver Airways baggage rules may differ based on the purchased fare, selected destination, and route. Passengers can check their allowance while booking a ticket online.

Permitted Dimensions for Personal Baggage

Every passenger will get to carry one personal baggage on board and store it under the seat. You put it inside the overhead compartments as well. The permitted dimension of Silver Airways personal baggage is  8″H (20 cm) x 10″ W (25 cm) x 17″ L (43 cm). Otherwise, the airline will consider it as a carry-on or checked baggage. Items that are counted as personal baggage but not limited to a small backpack, briefcase, purses, pocketbook, handbag, pet carriage, etc. If you are traveling with the items listed below, the airline will not consider them as personal baggage:

  • Loose Clothing
  • Hats
  • Overcoats
  • Crutches 
  • Canes
  • Walker
  • Medical Devices
  • Children Restraint Seat
  • Collapsible Strollers

Silver Airways Carry On Baggage

Silver Airways Carry On Baggage

The airline permits passengers to take one carry-on as per the Silver Airways carry on policy.  It should have the dimensions of 9″H (22cm) x 14″ W (35cm) x 22″ L (55cm), including wheels and handles. Items packed inside the carry-on or the bag itself should fit in the overhead compartment. If it doesn’t, the authority takes your bag for a gate check. Afterwards, it is treated as checked baggage, passengers have to deposit a fee according to the standard policy. Lastly, It’s essential for the passengers to familiarize themselves with the prohibited items. The airline will seize such items if found during the screening.

Silver Airways Guidelines for Pets in Cabin

Silver Airways permits animal transportation in the cabin under certain circumstances. It is not applicable when traveling on a seaplane due to the small size of the cargo. Passengers should take full responsibility for following the laws. Every aircraft can carry up to a maximum of ten animal containers to ensure the animal’s safety. According to Silver Airlines baggage regulations, a passenger can carry only one pet. However, you can carry two kittens or puppies under 10 weeks or two household birds protected in a single container. Passengers must make sure they meet the following conditions before the day of departure

  • The pet should be harmless, odorless, and should be under the control of the passenger. 
  • You carry it in a container that passes the screening and is approved by the airline. 
  • The size of the container must not be larger than 17” L x 16” W x 9” H. You can stow it under the passenger seat. Passengers are liable to get the container, and the airline will not supply any. 
  • Keep in mind the containers have to be leak-proof and have proper ventilation. Do not lock it as your pet should be accessible easily in case of an emergency. Moreover, there should be enough space for the pet to stand, sit, and change positions comfortably. 
  • The airline does not accept the booking of emotional support animals. 
  • Silver Airways accepts service animals for travel in case of persons with disabilities. The animal should be seated in the floor space in front of the booked seat.
  • Travelers with trained service dogs are required to submit a DOT form stating the animal meets the qualifications of health and training. 
  • It is essential to provide all the necessary documents at the ticket counter. This may include vaccination certificates and other medical reports. For passengers flying to international destinations, contact the airline for additional documents. 

Charges for Traveling with a Pet on Silver Airways

If you are carrying a pet in the cabin, it is subjected to Silver Airways baggage fees. It is applied for all parts of flight, each way. Passengers have to pay $98 for pet transportation on both domestic and international flights. The transportation of service animals is permitted without any charges, but make sure to confirm it with the airline first. 

Silver Airways Checked Baggage Regulations

Silver Airways Checked Baggage

Silver Airways checked baggage allowance says the maximum weight should be under 23kg or 50 lbs per bag. Moreover, the dimensions should be under 152 cm in total or 62 inches for every bag. Passengers are permitted to carry only two pieces of checked bags. For this, you may have to pay charges too. If you exceed it then the airline may send your baggage to the next available flight for transportation. Your baggage might not arrive on the same flight you booked. For flights having more than one connection, bags are checked to the final destination and should be collected there only. 

Purchase Additional Baggage at Silver Airways

If you are taking an extended vacation or staying for more days, purchase additional checked baggage. The airline has set Silver Airways baggage prices based on different routes. You can pay the fee amount online via “Manage Booking” or at the airport. While paying at the airport, passengers have to pay an additional $5. The amount is non-refundable in nature. Check the chart below for Silver Airways checked baggage fees, per route, per passenger, and per bag:

Name of the Route First Checked BaggageSecond Checked Baggage
Flights within the U.S. and flights originating in St. Croix and St. Thomas$30Ft. Lauderdale – Key West, Orlando: $45Orlando – Pensacola: $35Tampa – Pensacola, Key West: $35$40Ft. Lauderdale – Key West, Orlando:  $45Orlando – Pensacola: $45Tampa – Pensacola, Key West: $45
Flight between the U.S. and the BahamasFlight in the Caribbean
$39Ft. Lauderdale – Freeport, Marsh Harbour, North Eleuthera: $43San Juan – Santiago, St.Kitts, Dominica – $45$44Ft. Lauderdale – Freeport, Marsh Harbour, North Eleuthera: $50San Juan – Santiago, St.Kitts, Dominica – $50

Provision for Carrying an Overweight Checked Baggage

If traveling with an overweight, you incur additional fees that may add up to your overall travel budget. The excess baggage fee is based on size, weight, route, and total number of pieces. Thus, ensure the baggage aligns with the permitted size and weight guidelines. In case your bag weighs more than 100 lbs or 115 inches, or a single dimension exceeds 84 inches, the baggage is denied. Note that overweight items such as sports equipment may incur higher charges.

Moreover, charges for overweight and oversized bags are not payable online. The check-in counter at the airport collects the amount. They also treat sports equipment as checked baggage, with a maximum length of 84 inches for any item. Check the baggage fee of Silver Airways for oversized and Overweight baggage:

Type of BaggageApplied Baggage Fee
Checking a third bag100 USD
Overweight Bag(51 – 70 lbs / 62 linear inches)Checked Baggage Fee Plus 50 USD
Overweight Bag(71 – 100 lbs / 62 linear inches)Checked Baggage Fee Plus 100 USD
Oversized bag(62-115 linear inches)Checked Baggage Fee Plus 100 USD
Sports equipment Checked Bag + Overweight Fee apply

List of Restricted Items on Silver Airways

Silver Airways does not accept any baggage or item which in any way can affect the safety environment. Examples of such items can be products like aerosol spray, lithium batteries, flammable items, etc. These items are neither allowed in checked nor in carry-on baggage. This is also applicable to items that can leak or generate toxic fumes when a flight takes off and temperature changes. The airline is very strict with its baggage policies and instructs passengers to avoid packing such items. Therefore, kindly ensure you are not carrying forbidden or hazardous materials in your bag. The following is the list of restricted items on Silver Airways flight:

  • Lithium batteries (e.g. spares in checked baggage, batteries over a certain size)
  • Explosives or fireworks
  • Matches or Lighter fluid
  • Compressed gases or aerosols
  • Oxygen tank or liquid oxygen
  • Flammable liquids
  • Pesticides or poison
  • Corrosive materials

Exception on Above-listed Items

There are special exceptions on carrying these items. Sometimes the airline permits a certain amount of these items that are considered safe onboard. Passengers can carry medicinal and toilet articles up to a small quantity of 70 ounces and spare lithium batteries in carry-on baggage. You may also keep smoking materials personally with you. These items are permitted to be carried on board with the passenger. However, passengers cannot carry spare lithium batteries and cigarette lighters inside the checked baggage. It should be removed before the check-in counter and carried on board. Carrying these items does not mean you can use them during the flight. Passengers should obtain additional details on restricted items by personally contacting the airline. If you are not carrying any of the listed items then you are good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the weight limit for luggage on Silver Airways?

The airline permits a passenger to carry checked baggage weighing under 23 kg or 50 lbs.

Does Silver Airways charge for overweight baggage?

Yes, Silver Airways charges from 50 USD to 100 USD for oversized and overweight baggage depending on the selected route and purchased fare. 

What is Silver Airways’ maximum weight limit for checked baggage?

The airline permits passengers to bring checked baggage up to a maximum of 100 lbs. The airlines do not accept bags exceeding this limit.

Can I carry personal items on board?

Yes, Silver Airways permits every passenger to carry one personal item and one carry-on on all flights. 

How many number bags can I check at the check-in counter?

The Silver Airways Baggage Allowance permits passengers to check a maximum of two bags.

Can I add additional baggage to my Silver Airlines flight?

Yes, you can purchase additional baggage for free online and at the airport, the prices are cheaper on the official website. 

Is Silver Airways allowing pets inside the flight?

Yes, passengers can travel with their pets on flight cabins for a fee of $98 for domestic and international flights. 


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