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Ryanair Baggage Allowance 2024 The Complete Guide

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Published on January 8, 2024

Ryanair Baggage Allowance includes personal, carry-on, and checked baggage. The rules for carrying these bags may vary depending on the purchased fare conditions. If you need extra baggage allowance, there are numerous options available at Ryanair. The airline has provided detailed regulations for every item carried on board or packed in checked baggage. This leads to no confusion and hassle-free travel. 

Ryanair Baggage Allowance Guidelines

Ryanair Baggage Allowance Policy

Ryanair Baggage Policy dictates the rules and conditions of bags and every packed item brought into the flight. Passengers are required to follow these regulations or else they have to pay extra in order to carry the baggage. To brief you on the baggage allowance of Ryanair, every fare includes one small handbag. While other fares also permit taking carry-on and checked baggage. Bags that are permitted on flights have to fit a specific space thus, the airline has set Ryanair baggage size as well. 

Passengers can check Ryan Air baggage allowance while booking their flight ticket. One can also add equipment or items to an existing booking before the scheduled departure via “Manage My Bookings”. This is done with the help of an official website or mobile application. Just simply log in to your account and click on the “Manage Booking” option and click on the “Add bag/equipment”. From thereon, you can follow the onscreen instructions and add baggage. Mind you, this may also incur additional charges. Thus, packing according to the baggage allowance Ryanair is crucial. Check how and what to pack and save money on your trip!

Ryanair Small Bag Size and Regulations 

As mentioned previously, every fare allows passengers to carry one small bag or personal item on board. There are charges levied for carrying a personal bag on the flight. Passengers are instructed to fit such baggage under the seat in front of them. Therefore, chose a personal bag that is under the dimension of 40x20x25cm. Some examples would be a laptop or a small handbag. The bag should not slide back into the aisle side or disrupt the movement of passengers. Hence, it is recommended to keep the baggage size smaller than Ryanair’s Small Bag Size. If the baggage is bigger than the permitted dimension then it may need to be checked for a fee. 

Ryanair Carry On/Hand Baggage Allowance

Ryanair Carry On

Besides personal baggage, passengers can also bring carry-on bags if their fare allows it. Such baggage must be stored in the overhead and the size and weight are decided according to that only. Passengers have to make sure that Ryanair carry on size is under 55x40x20cm. Not only that, but the weight should be under 10kg or around 22 lbs. Passengers should be able to close the overhead locker without additional force. Once the baggage is locked, there is no chance of it falling out. If your fare permits Priority and 2 cabin bags then you can bring one personal item and a cabin bag on board. It also lets passengers embark on the plane first using the Priority Boarding queue at the gate.

In case the bag is bigger than the permitted Ryanair carry on size, the airline will tag your bag and treat it as a checked suitcase. You will be instructed to leave the baggage and it will be placed in the aircraft hold for a fee. The Ryanair baggage fees will be according to the standard checked baggage rule. After landing at the final destination, you may collect it from the baggage claim section. 

Things to Consider Before Packing

Here are some tips shared to ensure no extra fee is levied on the passenger for carrying a handbag. Make sure to heed the following points before packing your carry-ons and avoid any hassle:

  • Passengers are not allowed to bring RyanAir carry-on bags for children under two years. This is because you cannot book a seat under the infant’s name. 
  • Unlike many airlines, RyanAir permits carry-on bags against a fee. This implies passengers will have to purchase the baggage under the standard limits. You cannot take oversized and overweight baggage through the boarding gate.
  • It is mandatory to go through regulations set for liquid items.

Permitted Liquids On RyanAir Flights

Passengers packing liquids inside carry-ons or handbags are suggested to check RyanAir’s liquid policy to clear out any confusion. The airline strictly adheres to the current EU Security requirements for traveling with liquids, aerosols, and gels on board. Before passing through the security screen, make sure you check the following requirements:

  • Every liquid item must be packed in a bottle or container having a capacity of no more than 100ml or 3.4 ounces. 
  • Once you have packed the liquids in a container, it should be placed in a single transparent and resealable plastic bag. The dimensions of the bag should not be more than 20cm x 20cm and its capacity must be up to one litre. 
  • Passengers should be able to fit the plastic bag in their handbag so that is easily accessible for inspection. 
  • Make sure to meet all the above-stated requirements as the authority will verify everything during the screening procedure. 

Conditions for Traveling with an Infant

However, if your booking includes an infant (8 days to 2 years) then you can pack as much liquid food as you require during the flight. This may include baby milk, powdered milk, sterilized water, and baby food as well. It will be fine if these items exceed the standard liquid limits. Ensure to inform the airline beforehand to get in-depth details. In addition, it is not mandatory to fit them in a plastic bag but keep them ready before inspection during security checking. Thus, store it in a place where you can easily access them. 

Passengers are also permitted to carry liquid medicines on board in as much quantity as needed. Also, it is not required to fit these medicines in a transparent plastic bag as compared to other liquid items. Just keep them ready and out for inspection during screening. 

Carrying Electronic Devices in Carry-ons

Ryan Air has a different set of rules for carrying electronic devices and passengers are advised to strictly follow them. It states, you can bring e-cigarettes on board but cannot use them during flight. A smart bag is allowed on the plane as a carry-on but it is necessary to remove the lithium battery. The removal should be done before storing it inside the overhead locker. Passengers can keep the battery with them during the course of the flight. Ryanair Baggage Allowance permits passengers to take 15 electronic devices and a maximum of 20 lithium batteries on board. Every item is safe to carry until or unless it is not listed in the prohibited items list. 

In case you are unable to pack such devices in cabin baggage, you can put the items on hold. However, you must make sure that:

  • The device is stored completely switched off and will not be turned on under any circumstances. 
  • Therefore, disable any alarm, application, or settings that can activate the phone accidentally. 
  • Pack the electronic device in a manner that it’s protected from potential damage caused by handling. Make sure to pack it in a cushioning material and do not keep it in the same place as flammable material. 

Guidelines for Ryanair Hold Luggage

Ryanair Hold Luggage

The hold luggage allowance states that the maximum Ryanair checked bag dimensions for a 20kg bag should be 80 x 120 cm x 120cm. Passengers can bring bags weighing a maximum of 10kg and 20kg, not more than. These bags are dropped at the check-in counter and not allowed inside the flight as they are bigger and heavier in weight. Passengers can bring checked baggage only for a fee. You can purchase it while booking the reservation or add it later through the official website. The checked baggage should have the name of the passenger attached to it. The baggage is collected from the baggage claim section as soon as the passenger reaches the final destination. The person holding a baggage identification tag is entitled to the delivery of the Ryanair Hold Luggage. In case the passenger fails to provide an identification tag, the baggage is delivered only if he/she is able to provide his/her right to the bag. If the baggage is not claimed within three months, the airline will dispose of it without any liability to the passenger. 

What not to pack inside Ryan Air Checked Baggage?

Passengers bringing checked bags must know that certain items are not allowed. If any of the following items is found during the screening procedure, the airline will seize it. 

  • Cash
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Securities
  • Jewelry, valuable metals
  • Keys
  • Cameras
  • Electronic Cigarettes 
  • Watches
  • Medicines
  • Spects, sunglasses, and contact lenses
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, or related goods
  • Business papers
  • Identification documents like passports
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets

Conditions for Traveling with Sharp Objects

If a passenger is traveling with sharp objects, such items are asked to pack inside checked baggage. Any blunt object should be packed and wrapped to prevent any injury to the handling staff. 

Tennis rackets, squash rackets Arrows and darts
Cricket bats, baseball bats, softball bats and batonsCrampons, grappling irons, hooked bars of iron, and plates with iron spikes are used in  mountaineering
Golf clubs or any other clubsHarpoons and spears
Hockey sticks, hurley sticks, and lacrosse sticksIce axes, ice picks, and ice skates
Kayak and canoe paddlesKnives with blades of more than 6cm
SkateboardsMeat cleavers, machetes, sabers, swords and swordsticks
Billiard, snooker, and pool cuesRazors and razor blades Excluding safety or disposable razors with the enclosed blade. 
Fishing rodsScalpels, craft knives utility knives and scrapers
Martial arts equipment
(Such as knuckledusters, coshes, flails,nunchakus, kubatons, and kubasaunts)
Scissors with blades more than 6cm
Ski poles and walking or hiking poles
Axes and hatchetsThrowing stars
Arrows and dartsTradesman’s tools having a blade or a shaft bigger than 6cm with a potential to be used as a weapon
Such as drills and drill bits, box cutters, saws, screwdrivers, chisels, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches, spanners and blowtorches

RyanAir Baggage Fees

As we all know, the airline offers small cabin bags for free on all flights. All the other baggage is checked and carried on board in exchange for a fee. The RyanAir Baggage Fees amount completely depends on the purchased fare. The following table depicts the standard fee amount for different baggage, it may differ from fare to fare. The selected travel date, destination, and route are other factors that influence the fee. 

Non-priority passengers who have not purchased a bag can still add a 10kg checked bag at the airport for €/£ 35.99. This payment is done at the baggage drop desk. Passengers who bring such baggage to the boarding gate will have to check it in for a fee of €/£ 46.00. The same goes for the 20kg checked baggage, passengers who have not added to their booking can add it for  €/£ 70.00. The amount is paid at the airport drop desk. 

Unfortunately, the passengers have to pay for cabin baggage as well as per the Ryanair carry on allowance. Again, the fee amount varies from fare to fare. 

Type of BaggageDuring Booking After Booking 
Priority & 2 Cabin Bags€/£6 – €/£36€/£20- €/£38
10kg Checked Bag€/£11.99- €/£29.99€/£23.99 – €/£35.99
20kg Checked Bag€/£18.99 – €/£59.99€/£44.99 – €/£59.99

Excess Checked Baggage Fee

In case your bag weighs more than the decided limit and exceeds the Ryanair checked bag dimensions. Passengers will have to check it in at the Oversized Baggage Desk and extra charges are applied there. However, if you are aware that your baggage is bigger then it’s advisable to purchase it online. You can purchase excess baggage online up to two hours before scheduled departure for per kilo charges. RyanAir excess baggage fee is more at the airport/ call center/ kiosk center. Unfortunately, the airline has not stated whether the passenger can buy excess baggage during booking. Check the fee amount below and decide accordingly:

Point of PurchaseExcess Baggage Fee
During Ticket ReservationNot Available
After Flight Confirmation€/£9 – €/£11

Ryan Air Sports & Music Equipment Luggage

Passengers are permitted to bring any sports equipment on board if it meets the Ryanair carry on allowance. For equipment that exceeds the limit, passengers can pay extra to book an extra seat for storage. For this purpose, one must buy an extra seat and flight ticket. To do so, the passenger must book this seat with “EXTRA” as the first name and “ITEM SEAT” as the last name. No checked baggage or carry-on allowance is attached with the purchase of this extra seat. 

In case the sports equipment does not fit the carry-on allowance and you do not want to book an extra seat, check it in. The airline will then treat the equipment as checked baggage and you will pay the standard fee. Fees for this equipment differ from those for checked baggage. Baggage weighing more than 20kg will incur an excess baggage fee and it is applied per kilo. An example of such equipment would be bicycles that weigh more than 30kg. It should be packed in a protective box to get accepted for travel. However, Ryanair does not permit the transportation of electric bicycles. 

Music Equipment Conditions

Similarly, passengers can bring any musical equipment if it is under the carry-on baggage allowance. You can buy extra seats for smaller instruments exceeding the cabin baggage restrictions. Some examples would be guitars and violins. The procedure for purchasing an extra seat is as mentioned above. If you do not want to buy an extra seat then simply check it in as a checked bag and pay the applicable fee as well. In the case where the instrument weighs more than 20kg, an excess baggage fee is applied. 

Fee Charged for Sports Equipment and Musical Instruments

The fee is charged for every item and for every part of the flight. If the baggage is more than 20kg, the airline may apply an excess baggage fee. However, if you are carrying a bike then the maximum permitted weight can be 30kg. 

Sports EquipmentDuring BookingAfter Booking
Large sports item€/£55€/£65
Sports equipment€/£35€/£40
Ski equipment€/£45€/£50
Golf clubs€/£30€/£40
Musical instrument€/£50€/£65

Guidelines for Traveling with Your Pets

Traveling with Your Pets

RyanAir does not accept animals as carry-ons on their flights. However, passengers can travel with assistant dogs and cats within Europe or the European Economic Area. This option is not available for flights to and from Morocco or Israel. The airline permits up to four dogs or cats on a flight, one dog per passenger. This service is free of charge including the dog food, container, and travel. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to get in touch with the airline and inform them about the situation. The following are some of the general guidelines for traveling with a pet on RyanAir:

  • The assistant pet must be well-trained to guide the concerned passenger. 
  • The dog has to wear a jacket or a harness to identify as a guide or assistant pet throughout the flight journey.
  • There are no seats for pets so, your dog must sit and rest on the floor. 
  • Passengers must notify the airline about traveling with a guide dog before the day of departure. It is preferable if you do it at the time of booking. If not, reach out through the ‘My Booking’ section on the official website. 
  • Emotional support or therapy pers are not considered assistant pets and so are not included on board. 

List of Required Documents

If your pet falls under the above-stated category and you are eligible to travel with them, bring the following documents:

  • Updated EU pet passport stating the dog vaccination reports. Along with the treatment required by the destination country. 
  • In case your country does not issue a pet passport, bring an authorized animal health certificate. It should be issued by a recognized vet stating the dog meets pet travel conditions. Bring the necessary documents as well. 
  • You may also produce evidence that states the guide dog is a member of the following:
  1. the International Guide Dog Federation;
  2. Assistance Dogs UK; or
  3. Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

Lost, Damaged, & Delayed Baggage 

Lost, Damaged, & Delayed Baggage 

Reach out to the Lost Property Desk at the arrival airport for any lost, damaged, and delayed baggage. The authority will then issue you a Property Irregularity Report, which will help you get an update on the lost/damaged baggage. For this purpose, you can use the 10-character reference number on the top of the report. 

Afterwards, passengers can submit a claim form to Ryanair. Remember to put the report reference number on this form as well. No passenger can claim baggage unless the case has been reported to the concerned desk. The form should be submitted under a defined period for immediate action:

  • Damage baggage report should be reported and the claim must be submitted within seven days from the date of damage.
  •  Misplaced baggage claim should be submitted within 21 days from the day of misplacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the baggage allowance on Ryanair?

RyanAir baggage allowance offers one small cabin bag for free on all flights with carry-on and checked bags for a fee. 

How much does Ryanair charge for baggage?

Ryan Air charges around for €/£11.99- €/£29.99 for 10kg checked bag and €/£18.99 – €/£59.99 for 20kg bag during booking. 

Does RyanAir offer a free baggage allowance?

Yes, Ryan Air lets passengers carry one small cabin bag for free on board. This is valid for all flights irrespective of purchased fare. 

Can I carry my guitar on RyanAir flights?

Yes, you may carry a guitar on RyanAir flights if it meets the required carry-on baggage allowance. Otherwise, buy an extra seat or decide to check it in. 

Can I travel with my pet?

Yes, you may however the airline lets a passenger travel with an assistant dog within Europe or the European Economic Area. 


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