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Provincial Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Advice

Published on February 28, 2024

Provincial Airlines baggage allowance is flexible and caters to the luggage requirements of travelers. You get a carry-on and checked bags included in most of its fares. However, you still have to comply with Provincial Airlines baggage restrictions to avoid fees. Any bag that exceeds the limit is regarded as excess, and extra charges are applicable. Therefore, you must learn what items you can take and in what quantity before packing bags. Here, we have explained all the terms and conditions of Provincial Airlines baggage policy. Check how much a checked bag will cost you. 

Provincial Airlines Carry On Baggage

Provincial Airlines Carry On Baggage

Provincial Airlines baggage allowance includes one piece of cabin bag on every flight booking. Passengers have to ensure that it does not exceed the size limit of 12 x 16 x 10 inches. Additionally, the weight of a hand luggage should be 131 lbs. Moreover, the airline permits carrying one small purse or any personal item in addition to a cabin bag. It can be a personal bag, diaper bag, clothing item, etc. We recommend packing valuable items, IDs, medicines, keys, wallets, jewelry, etc., in your carry-ons. This ensures security as well as immediate access to travel essentials. Once you board the plane, you can stow the bigger bag in the overhead locker. Use the space under the seat in front of you to place your personal item. 

Provincial Airlines Checked Baggage

Provincial Airlines Checked Baggage

As per the Provincial Airlines baggage allowance, each passenger is allowed to pack a checked bag according to the purchased fare. Some fares include complimentary bags, while others do not. Passengers have to purchase it online or at the ticket counter. Provincial Airlines baggage restrictions for checked bags state that they should not weigh more than a combined weight of 50 lbs. Its linear dimension must not exceed 62 inches. If the bag is over the mentioned weight and size limit, the airline will consider it as excess baggage. 

Provincial Airlines Baggage Fees

Passengers can include bags in their booking by paying a Provincial Airlines baggage fee. The amount varies depending on the purchased travel class. For instance, passengers flying in premium class get a bag free of charge included in their booking. To book your PAL checked bags, you can reach the customer center or make a visit to the airline’s ticket counter. The simplest way would be to log into the official website. You can check the table below for Provincial Airlines baggage fees as per the different fares:

Number of Check BagsBasic StandardFlexibleFreedom
First Bag40 CDN20 CDNIncludedIncluded 
Second Bag80 CDN40 CDN40 CDNIncluded
Excess Bag100 CDN100 CDN100 CDN100 CDN

Provincial Airlines Rules For Excess Luggage

Provincial Airlines Rules For Excess Luggage

Any bag that exceeds the Provincial Airlines baggage allowance is subject to an additional fee. These bags are transported based on the aircraft’s space availability. The airline makes sure your baggage travels on the same plane as yours. However, if the space is not available, your luggage may travel on the next available flight. Under such circumstances, you can either collect your bags from the airport or make prior arrangements with the departure station to get your bags delivered to the preferred location. Provincial Airlines baggage fee for bags exceeding the standard limit is $100 CND for Dash-8 and Beech 1900 aircraft. 

Provincial Airlines Baggage Restrictions For Special Items

There are some things you should know when you are flying with non-standard bags. These bags do not meet the size and weight limits stated under the Provincial Airlines baggage allowance.  The information shared below will provide you with some insight into the terms and conditions of special items.

Sports Equipment 

Sports Equipment 

Sports equipment is counted as checked baggage until it exceeds the 50 lbs weight limit. It is considered excess baggage as soon as it weighs over the stated limit.  Passengers have to have a “Limited Release Tag” for all sporting goods. 

(Standard Baggage Fee Applicable)
Special Instructions
Hockey BagIt can contain equipment like a hockey bag and stick. It is considered as one piece of item. It should not be over 50 lbs. You can carry a second bag as well, but the airline will apply a standard baggage fee. 
Ski EquipmentSkis and a ski bag are counted as one bag,You can carry it without incurring any cost. You may bring other related items, but the standard fee will apply. 
Golf BagA golf bag is equal to one piece of baggage with a standard baggage fee. Passengers must pack the item in a hard-sided case. 
Fishing EquipmentA Fishing rod and tackle box are equal to one item. You can check in other pieces but for a standard fee. 
BicyclesPassengers can check one bike per head in addition to the permitted allowance. Handles should be kept sideways. Remove the pedals and semi-deflate the tires. 

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

PAL Airlines will let you carry your favorite musical instruments on board, given they meet the standard weight and size limit. You may also check the items only if they are properly packed in a suitable travel case, which should be hard-sided. In case the instrument is damaged or lost due to the mishandling of the airlines, passengers can claim a maximum liability of up to $2,100. 


In accordance with the Transport Canada Regulations, passengers can check in rifles and shotguns and pay the applicable fee. More importantly, the following guidelines should be met:

  • Ensure the firearm is unloaded and the secure lock is on. 
  • Checked bags with firearms packed inside should be tagged with the “Firearm” and “Priority” tags. 
  • In addition to this, passengers can pack ammunition weighing up to 5kg or 10 lbs. 
  • Pack the ammunition in a secured package with a strong case (wood container preferably) covering.  The container can be made up of metal or fireboard, or it should be packed in an original carton. 
  • Also, ensure that the ammunition is packed separately from the firearms.
  • Please stick an ammunition sticker and a “Priority” tag to the container carrying ammunition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many bags can I take on PAL Airlines?

Passengers can take one carry-on bag up to 131 lbs with a personal item and a checked bag on PAL flights. The number of checked items depends on the selected fare class. 

How many kg is hand/ carry luggage on Provincial Airlines?

Passengers can only take one carry-on bag on a Provincial Airlines flight. However, you can also bring one piece of personal items such as a small bag or diaper bag. 

Can I check in two bags on PAL flights?

Yes, passengers can travel with two checked bags by purchasing them online or at the PAL Airline’s ticket office.


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