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Mahan Air Baggage Allowance 2024 Pack it Like a Pro

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Published on February 27, 2024

Packing your bags within the limit can be depressing for many passengers. But, if you will be aware of the exact restrictions for carrying luggage, you can pack your bags accordingly without leaving your favorite stuff behind. Mahan Air baggage allowance allows you to carry a maximum weight of up to 7 kg for each passenger. The airline offers various different cabin classes on which the checked baggage allowance depends. The checked baggage policy is created for passengers who carry heavy bags while traveling. 

Mahan Air Carry on Baggage Policy

Mahan Air Baggage Allowance

Travelers flying with Mahan Airlines are allowed to carry a restricted limit of carry on bags depending on the cabin class selected. Economy Class passengers can carry up to a maximum of 5 kg of total baggage weight with a maximum size of not more than 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Similarly, Mahan Air Business Class baggage allowance allows passengers to bring cabin luggage with not more than 7 kg of weight and 55 x 40 x 23 cm of maximum size allowance. 

The carry-on luggage includes a personal item that can be anything, such as a handbag, laptop bag, purse, overcoat, wrap or a blanket, walking stick, a small camera, etc. Passengers must ensure they carry all their personal items, which include only a small backpack or laptop bag that can be carried inside the cabin. 

Mahan Air Checked Baggage Allowance

If you are holding heavy bags, you must know the exact checked baggage restrictions to carry them without hassle. The airlines allows passengers to carry a maximum total linear size dimension of 158 cm for all the cabin classes. However, some restrictions exist on carrying luggage on international and domestic flights. 

For International Flights, passengers traveling with a Business Class ticket can easily carry up to 40 kg of total baggage weight. Alternatively, Economy Class passengers can carry up to 30 kg of total baggage weight. 

For Domestic Flights, Mahan Air Business Class baggage allowance allows passengers to have a Mahan Air baggage weight of not more than 25 kg, and Economy Class passengers can carry a maximum baggage weight that must not exceed 20 kg

Each passenger must ensure that no single baggage weighs more than 30 kg. Also, passengers must remember that the airlines may allow them to carry the baggage as an international baggage allowance during the 48 hours while traveling on Mahan Air connection flights only. 

Things to Remember

  • Passengers traveling with Mahan Airlines can carry a wheelchair that the passenger can use under serious medical conditions, and no amount will be charged.
  • All valuable items, such as jewelry, gold, precious metal, cash money, antique items, confidential documents, passports, etc., must be carried inside the personal item only to avoid any unwanted loss or damage. 
  • Carrying non-radioactive items or toiletry articles and non-flammable, non-toxic items must not exceed an overall weight of 2 kg or 2 L
  • Any item containing these liquid items, such as creams, lotions, cosmetics, gels, etc., must be under 0.5 kg or 0.5 L and be placed inside the 2 L resealable bag.
  • All the items must be properly packed and not overpacked or sized/weighed.

Mahan Air Infants Baggage Policy

Travelers with their newborn babies can travel with Mahan Air with some additional luggage. The airline provides a facility to carry up to 10 kg of maximum infant baggage allowance, including a baby stroller. Passengers can also carry baby food inside the aircraft for their infant. Other than baby food, all other baby carriers will be accepted as checked luggage on all Mahan Air routes without charging an additional amount. 

The luggage or carrier includes fully collapsible baby strollers, pushchairs, prams, etc. The airline will carry the baby carrier in the aircraft compartment. Also, the limited release tag will be required if the passenger will deliver the baby carrier at the boarding gate. 

Traveling with Pets in Mahan Air

If you plan to travel with your pet on a Mahan Air flight, you can do the same by making an advance reservation for any flight; however, passengers are not allowed to carry their pets inside the cabin. The carrier will be collected from the traveler’s origin airport and delivered to the destination airport. Unfortunately, the airline doesn’t allow pets to be transported as cargo on International flights. The pet kennel/carriage will also not be included in the free baggage allowance. 

Traveling with Pets in Mahan Air
  • The airline only allows birds, cats, and dogs to travel on a domestic flight with extreme care. 
  • Passengers can carry the pets as checked luggage. 
  • If carrying checked baggage, the traveler must provide the carriage at the origin airport, which will be delivered to them at the reception hall of the destination airport. 
  • The airline suggests that passengers contact their staff in real-time before making any reservation to get updated information about pet carrying.
  • If carrying the pet as cargo luggage, an airway bill will be generated and given to the person, which can be later presented at the destination airport to get the delivery of the pet carriage. 
  • Passengers must carry all the required documents such as pet ID card, birthday certificate, valid vaccination certificate, paid carriage fare, etc. 

Eligibility Criteria for Pets

  • Passengers must know that no pets of less than 9 weeks are allowed to travel. Also, old, wild, sick, reptiles, aquatic, rodents, etc., are not allowed on Mahan Air flights. The airline allows a mother with her 3 baby animals between 9 and 12 weeks with a maximum weight of 30 lbs (14 kg). Only rigid containers are allowed, and the passenger has to check that there will be no leakage.
  • The airline will strictly reject the pets if they are under 8 weeks or less than 9 weeks and/or weigh more than 30 kg
  • The check-in for international flights must be done at least 03 hours before the scheduled flight departure. 

Mahan Air Pet Baggage Fee 

Travelers can carry their pet on a Mahan Air flight by paying an additional amount. Here are the charges mentioned below for pet baggage fee:

  • Bird = (Bird Weight + bird container weight) × 4
  • Pet = (Pet Weight +pet container weight) × 2

Mahan Air Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment

Are you a sports enthusiast or a professional sportsman? Mahan Airlines covered everything under the baggage policy for sports equipment as well. Passengers willing to carry their sports items while traveling can do so under some restrictions. 

Mahan Air Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment

Bicycle: Passengers can carry a bicycle under a free baggage allowance, but the maximum Mahan Air baggage weight must not exceed 30 kg. Additionally, the properly packed bicycle must not exceed dimensions of 210 cm. An additional charge will be applicable if the size exceeds the maximum allowed dimension of 210 cm. If the weight exceeds the charge will be applicable depending on the route traveled. 

Golf: Travelers can carry one golf bag with a maximum allowed weight of 15 kg for each passenger. Additionally, depending on the route traveled, the airline will charge an amount for the rate for each 03 kg. 

Ski Equipment: Mahan Air allows passengers to carry one snow skiing equipment set with a maximum weight of not more than 15 kg, which will be accepted, and the amount will be charged as per route excess baggage for 3 kg.

Surfing Equipment: Passengers can carry one surfboard as checked luggage but must ensure it does not exceed 15 kg. Additionally, the airline will charge for the equipment under excess baggage charges at a rate of 3 kg for each applicable on the specific route traveled. 

Scuba Diving Equipment: The airline will accept the scuba diving equipment as checked luggage for each passenger, which includes suits, vests, socks, masks, shoes, torches, knives, empty oxygen cylinders, regulators, etc., and an amount will be charged with a rate of 06 kg of route excess baggage. 

Mahan Air Special Items Baggage Policy

Passengers traveling with Mahan Air can carry almost everything they need except restricted items. These restricted items are considered dangerous or hazardous and are banned or only allowed inside the checked luggage. 

Restricted Items: Various items are completely restricted to carry as cabin luggage. These items include knives, metallic objects, spare parts, umbrellas, curved objects, and other items that may cause serious injury and can be used as a weapon inside the cabin. Travelers can only carry these items as checked luggage. 

Mahan Air Special Items Baggage Policy

Firearms, Weapons, and Ammunitions: Passengers cannot carry any firearm, weapon, or ammunition inside the aircraft. However, these can be carried as checked luggage.

Sporting or hunting equipment, such as firearms with a caliber of less than or equal to 19.1 mm, can be carried as checked luggage. However, all the below-mentioned conditions must be followed:

  • The maximum weight of the ammunition must not exceed 5 kg. 
  • All the ammunition must be packed and stored in its original packaging. 
  • All the guns and other firearms must be unloaded and disassembled if possible. 
  • The firearms can be carried inside their original hard case packaging or bag. 

Passengers traveling with Mahan Airlines experience amazing travel while flying with them. This is because the airline offers the passengers some best-in-class service and amenities, including baggage allowance policies, which help them travel without hassle. Travelers can carry up to a maximum of 5 kg of luggage for Economy Class and 7 kg for Business Class. However, the maximum allowed size will be the same is not more than 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the allowed number of pieces for a Mahan Air flight?

Travelers can carry up to a maximum of 1 piece of baggage that must not exceed an overall weight of 30 kg and under the maximum linear size dimension of 158 cm. 

What is the allowed size for Mahan Air baggage?

Mahan Air allows passengers to carry checked baggage with a maximum linear size dimension of 158 cm. 

Does Mahan Air provide any carry-on allowance?

Passengers traveling with Mahan Air can carry up to a maximum of 1 piece of bag each passenger with a maximum allowed weight of not more than 5 kg for Economy Class and 8 kg of total weight for Business Class passengers with a combined overall maximum size dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

Does Mahan Air allows pets to travel on a flight?

Yes, Mahan Air allows passengers to carry their pets under restricted guidelines. Additionally, pets are not allowed to be carried inside the cabin. 

What is the Mahan Air infants baggage policy?

Passengers traveling with an infant can carry an additional bag of up to 10 kg, including a baby stroller. Baby food can also be carried inside the cabin. 


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