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Jet2 Baggage Allowance 2024 Pack More Bags with Less Fee

Published on December 8, 2023

Jet2 Baggage Allowance includes free checked and carry on bags. This implies you can take your glitzy holiday clothes for the trip or get ample room to bring souvenirs with you. The airline has designed Jet2 baggage rules in a way that meets the travel requirements of every passenger. Carry bags without worrying about paying extra as you get over 22kg bag included in the standard fare with a 10kg carry-on bag free of charge. However, you have to pay extra here and there, but only if you exceed the limit stated in your allowance. Join us in this comprehensive guide and understand the luggage rules of Jet2 Airlines to avoid paying extra charges. 

Jet2 Baggage Rules For Different Fares

Jet2 baggage allowance 2023 states that passengers must check in or carry bags according to size and weight restrictions. These limitations are levied according to different travel classes and fares. Passengers with premium tickets are more likely to enjoy baggage benefits than those passengers with basic fares. Nevertheless, Jet2 Airlines gives equal value to every passenger. Thus, it offers a free baggage allowance on every standard fare until the bags are under the permitted weight and size allowance. If not, passengers will have to pay Jet2 baggage charges for extra bags under the excess baggage policy. 

Similarly, if carry-on baggage is not according to the Jet2 cabin bag size, the airline will ask the passenger to check in such bags. Under such conditions, we recommend you separate all the valuable items packed in an oversized carry-on and place them into another bag. The airline does not recommend packing valuable or fragile items in checked bags. Once you submit the carry-on to check it into the hold storage, the airline will levy jet2 hold baggage price, if necessary. 

Luggage Rules for Jet2 Holidays Passengers

Luggage Rules for Jet2 Holidays Passengers

Jet2 holidays baggage allowance is almost similar to the standard allowance of the airline. Passengers booking with Jet2holidays get 22kgs of checked baggage and 10 kg of carry-on bags in every standard fare. 

Are you worried about extra baggage when traveling with the little ones? To make everything easier, passengers can travel with baby travel essentials like collapsible pushchairs, strollers, car seats, etc., without paying extra. Jet2 baggage weight allowance for infants is 10kg in addition to the adult passenger allowance. 

Top Luggage Tips for Smooth Travel

Here, we have prepared some baggage tips that are helpful for your trip with Jet2 Airlines. Keeping the following points in mind will keep you away from unnecessary hassle during flight. Thus, experience a smooth and comfortable air journey. 

  • Each piece of your baggage should be labeled correctly with your name, flight number, destination, phone number, and home address.
  • Choose a bag that is stiff, strong, and suitable for the checked baggage handling process. Otherwise, the bag will not perform well in protecting the content that is packed inside. 
  • Do not pack money, valuable articles, perishable goods, medicines, important business papers, or documents in general in your checked bags.
  • Items like cigarettes and tobacco are not allowed in checked bags. Put them in your cabin bag. 
  • Passengers are requested to check airport restrictions on purchasing alcohol for the final destination. Glass bottles may break in checked baggage. They can cause damage to your packed items and to the other passenger’s baggage. 
  • Jet2 Airlines gives its 100% to ensure all bags are handled with care. However, passengers must know that the airline’s liability for damaged, lost, or delayed bags is very limited. Hence, we strongly recommend not packing valuable or fragile items in your checked bags. Even if you do, ensure you have adequate travel insurance on that item. 
  • Submit your bag at the luggage counter only after ensuring all the pockets and zips are securely closed. 
  • When you reach the check-in section, the staff gives you a baggage tag indicating your flight number. It is affixed to each piece of checked baggage. Afterwards, a receipt is issued that you must present while picking up the bag at the destination airport. Do not claim unidentified items on behalf of other passengers. 
  • Since all the baggage and suitcases look the same, passengers often get confused. Worry not; just look for the baggage tag with your name written on it. Contact the airline or its team at the airport as soon as possible if you are unable to locate your bag. Report the irregularities immediately, as baggage claims are difficult to process once you are outside the airport premises. Take assistance from present staff in filling out the Property Irregularity Report Form.

Jet2 Hand Luggage Size and Weight Restrictions

Jet2 Hand Luggage Size

Jet2 cabin bag size must not exceed 56 x 45 x 25cm and should not weigh more than 10kg. Passengers can bring one small personal bag in addition to the carry-on baggage. The airline lets passengers carry one hand luggage for free as long as it meets the weight and size limits. While measuring the size, make sure to count the handles and wheel as well. In case the baggage exceeds these restrictions, you may have to check in the baggage in the aircraft hold. This will lead to additional charges. Passengers bringing personal items can place them underneath the front seat. This can be a handbag, laptop bag, or items bought at the airport. You can bring alcoholic beverages bought at the airport on board but cannot consume them during the flight. 

Guidelines for Traveling with Liquid Items On Board

In addition, Jet2 Airlines has put some restrictions on liquid-based, aerosols, and gel-based items. Passengers have to carry such things in a container with 100 mL or less capacity. If you require more than one container, place all such items in a single clear, resealable plastic bag. The capacity of the plastic bag should not be more than one liter. In case you exceed any of the above-mentioned restrictions, you may have to pack it in the hold luggage. 

Additional Points to Remember

Passengers can carry hand luggage only at the discretion of Jet2 Airlines. Moreover, the airline has the right to put your cabin bag into the aircraft hold. This could be due to space availability or operational reasons. A passenger must transfer all the valuable items from a carry-on bag turned hold luggage to another bag that can be carried on board. Such valuable items can be travel papers, cash, medicines, keys, etc.  Also, make sure you are not packing any item that is restricted under the checked baggage allowance. For instance, spare lithium batteries and electronic devices operated on lithium batteries. 

In the case of space availability, passengers have the option to pre-book the guaranteed cabin luggage for an additional price. If you use this service, the airline will not ask you to put the handbag on hold until it is under the permitted limits. However, if the baggage is overweight or oversized, the airline has the right to put it into the aircraft hold. Similar in the case of operational requirements. 

Jet2 Checked Baggage Allowance

Jet2 Checked Baggage Rules

Jet2 Baggage Allowance lets every passenger carry a maximum of three checked baggage weighing up to 22kg for a fee. The airline does not accept checked bags weighing over 32kg. Passengers may have to pay a certain fee for hold luggage, and extra charges will apply if it exceeds the limits. The charged fee amount is subject to change based on the selected destination and the mode used for making the booking. If you pre-book your checked bags or book at the time of confirming the ticket, the jet2 hold baggage prices are comparatively lower. 

Carrying Excess Baggage on Jet2 Flights

The cost of Jet2 baggage starts from 12 EUR per kilogram if it exceeds the total weight allowance. Checking additional checked bags at the airport on the day of travel will lead to charging 45 EUR in addition to the excess baggage fee. Therefore, if you are walking in at the airport with extra baggage, make sure to arrive early to complete the check-in process. You can make payment for the additional bag at the airport using a local current or debit/ credit card. Passengers can also carry sports equipment and musical instruments if the airline approves. Therefore, ensure that you contact the airline before confirming your booking to get authorization. If you don’t, the airline may refuse to transport such baggage. 

Checked Baggage Allowance of an Infant

Jet2 Airlines does not have a checked baggage allowance for an infant. If you are traveling with your little one and you have a hold luggage allowance, the airline will automatically add an extra 10kg per infant. This service is provided free of charge. The airline may not give separate allowances, but this service does give you more room to pack essential items. So you can check the items you require for your infant. No passenger has to pre-book this service; Jet2’s Red Team is responsible for adding an extra weight allowance to your booking during check-in. 

Jet2 Guidelines for Sports Equipment & Other Bulky Items

Guidelines for Sports Equipment

Travelers who like to take their own sports equipment would be happy to know that Jet2 permits such items as checked baggage. The airline will transport your equipment, providing there is enough space in the aircraft hold. Before availing of this service, make sure you have the right insurance for your favorite equipment. The airline’s liability for any equipment damage is limited. So, if you have decided to travel with bulky items, the check-in procedure may get a little lengthy. 

Restrictions Levied on Sports Equipment

Some everyday items of sports equipment have restrictions on weight allowance and packing instructions. Make sure to connect with the airline’s representative via the Call Centre for detailed information on these items. If it is not included in your standard allowance, you may have to pre-book your sports equipment. Also, get in touch with the airline if you are going to travel with any of the following items.

Bring Musical Instruments as Baggage on Jet2 Flights

Passengers can check in musical instruments on a Jet2 flight for a 30 EUR Jet2 baggage charges. In order to carry a larger musical instrument in the cabin, passengers have the option to purchase an additional seat by paying extra. If the instrument weighs under 10kg and has dimensions of  56cm x 45cm x 25cm, you may carry it as hand luggage. More importantly, it is the responsibility to submit the instrument in a protective packaging to prevent potential damage. Since musical instruments are valued a lot, we recommend submitting them only if you have adequate travel insurance. The permitted Jet2 baggage weight for checked-in instruments is 22kg per item. If the item exceeds the size and weight limits, the airline will levy excess baggage charges. 

Passengers must purchase additional seats by paying extra to travel with bulky instruments like guitar or cello. In this scenario, the airline will allocate you a non-emergency exit window for safety reasons. The item should weigh equal to or less than 65kg and must be kept under control. It should not disrupt the movement of other passengers. If it is longer and goes above the seat, then it should not be more than 30cm. 

Permitted Allowance on Heavy Items

All of the items listed below should be booked in advance, during the online booking or by contacting the airline’s call center. This is because the space available on aircraft is very limited, and passengers must reserve it if they are traveling with bulky items. If you fail to pre-book these items, the airline may run out of aircraft space and refuse to transport your sports equipment or musical instruments. 

Items exceeding the stated restrictions or weight allowance are charged as per the Jet2 Airlines excess baggage policy. The airline may decline to accept the baggage if the serious restrictions are avoided.

Type of ItemsPermitted / Weight AllowanceRestrictions and packing instructions
Archery EquipmentNot PermittedPassengers cannot check in such items on Jet2 scheduled flights
Athletics EquipmentYes / 22kgJavelin and Pole Vault – must be packed in an appropriate protective case having a length size of 400cm.
AmmunitionNot PermittedPassengers cannot carry such items on Jet2 aircraft.
BicyclesPermitted up to 32kgDetach the pedals from the bicycle
Remove or turn the handlebars inwards
Deflate the tires, and pack them in a box made of strong cardboard or related material for protection. Kindly adhere to Dangerous Goods restrictions if applicable. 
Cricket equipmentYes / Standard allowancePacked in a suitable case to prevent damage. 
Diving equipmentPermitted up to 22kgThe airline permits one emptied air tank, and the cylinders must be open.
Two buoyancy control jackets are permitted. The length of the driver’s knife blade should be no more than 6cm.
FootballsYes / Standard allowanceDeflate the ball at least 25%. 
Fencing equipmentPermitted up to 22kgPack the equipment in a locked container.
Fishing equipmentPermitted up to 22kgMust be packed in a suitable case to prevent damage. 
Golf equipmentPermitted up to 22kgMust be packed in a suitable case to prevent damage. 
Hiking polesPermitted/ Standard allowanceNo restrictions
Hockey equipmentPermitted/ Standard allowanceNo restrictions
Hover boardsNot PermittedPassengers cannot carry such items on Jet2 aircraft
Human Remains & AshesNot PermittedJet2 Airlines does permit Human Remains transportation
Ashes are permitted with prior approval from the airline. It should be stored in a suitable container as hand baggage. 
Kitesurfing equipmentPermitted / 22kgThe airline will accept it only if the height of the equipment is within 81cm. 
Lacrosse equipmentPermitted / Standard allowanceNo restrictions
Laser PistolsPermitted / Standard allowanceMust get prior approval from the airline.
Martial Arts equipmentPermittedMust get prior approval from the airline.
Musical instrumentsPermitted up to 22kg as checked baggageThe instrument must weigh within 65kg if you want to carry it into the flight cabin by booking an extra seat. It should not be above the seat by more than 30cm and must be packed appropriately. 

If these conditions are not met, you may have to check in the item as a hold luggage. 
ParachutesPermitted / Standard AllowanceKindly adhere to Dangerous Goods restrictions if applicable. 
ParaglidersPermitted / Standard AllowanceKindly adhere to Dangerous Goods restrictions if applicable. Items operated with a motor should be drained of fuel. 
SailboardsPermitted / 22kgMust be packed in a suitable case to prevent damage. 
Skis, snowboards & water ski equipmentPermitted / 22kgMust be packed appropriately to prevent any potential damage. Items with pointed ends or sharp edges should be padded. Items operated with a motor should be drained of fuel. 
Sporting weapons/shooting equipmentNot PermittedItems that fire a projectile are not allowed on Jet2 aircraft, Such items are as follows:
Antique Weapons Crossbow Hunting Rifles Pellet Gun Shotgun Sporting Rifles
TennisPermitted / Standard allowanceNo restrictions
Ten pin bowlingPermittedNo restrictions

Free Baggage Service for Passengers with Mobility Devices

Baggage Service for Passengers

Jet2 Airlines Baggage Allowance lets passengers carry up to two mobility equipment per passenger for completely free. Please note that this service is only for physically challenged people. However, the transportation is subject to space availability. If your equipment is worth over 1,100 EUR, make sure you have suitable insurance on it. Passengers must inform the airlines in advance about bringing such devices. Moreover, get in touch with the concerned authority at 0800 408 5591 to safely store the equipment onboard. Call at least two days before the scheduled departure. 

Passengers with wheelchairs that are battery or powered in any way should meet the requirements stated in this section. The manual wheelchairs should collapse to 81cm high or less so that it can get through the plane doors. If it is over 32kg, kindly contact the Jet2 special assistance team. 

The airline will accept electric or battery-powered mobility devices if the passenger has a disability or other health issues. All devices should be collapsible and reduce their height up to 81cm to fit and go through the doors. Jet2 Airlines can carry up to three electric on a single aircraft. Please note these devices are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. So, if you bring a mobility device without prior notice, the aircraft may run out of space, and the staff may refuse transportation. In addition, the airline accepts mobility devices with non-spillable sealed lead acid (SLA/dry cell/gel cell) or lithium batteries. Since the airline accepts a variety of mobility devices, it is recommended to provide your device details at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. Kindly check the table below for restrictions on the carriage of batteries:

Non Spillable (SLA) batteries
(inc. dry cell and gel cell) and nickel-metal hydride batteries
Lithium batteries
✤ Passengers must remove SLA or nickel-metal hydride batteries for the course of air travel. It must be packed in such a way that prevents a short circuit. For this purpose, one can use electrical insulating tape. 

✤ Carry the mobility device in a strong, stiff, and waterproof carriage or a box. The airline will load it in the hold section. You do not get packaging materials from the airline, so make sure to pack the device correctly with suitable materials.

✤ The airline permits the transportation of a maximum of two spare batteries. It should comply with the airline’s restrictions. Installed batteries can remain attached to the chair.
✤ If the battery is securely installed on the mobility aid device, it may remain attached. There are not restrictions on the watt-hour for lithium batteries that are attached to a device. 

✤ If the device does not provide enough protection for the batteries, you must remove them from the device. The airline only permits batteries with 300Wh or less. Passengers can travel with only one spare battery or two spare batteries, each with 160Wh. 

✤ Securely pack the spare and remove lithium batteries to prevent short circuits. Use electrical insulating tape for better protection. Follow the above-stated guidelines to carry such batteries onboard. 

Dangerous Goods & Prohibited Articles on Jet2 Flights

Some common articles contain substances that can be dangerous during the course of flight. Therefore, the airline has put some restrictions on these items, and some are completely prohibited. Find out more about dangerous goods and prohibited articles on Jet2 flights.

  • Jet2 Airlines does not provide cargo shipments of goods.
  • No passengers are allowed to carry lithium ion or lithium metal batteries and power banks that do not state the watt-hour rating and lithium content. 
  • Passengers cannot check in small vehicles that run on lithium batteries. Some examples would be balance wheels, air wheels, solo wheels, hoverboards, bikes, etc.

Restrictions on Items Containing Lithium Batteries

If you are carrying any device that is powered by lithium batteries, you have to keep the following restrictions in mind. 

  • Personal Electronic Devices that run on lithium batteries, like laptops and tablets, bring it onboard if they have equal to or less than 160Wh. Passengers should get prior approval from the airline for devices that have watt hour ratings over 100 but lie under 160Wh. 
  • Passengers can travel with e-cigarettes and carry them in the cabin bag. However, no passengers are allowed to it onboard or within the airport premises. You can use the smoking area at the airport. 
  • You can travel with power banks packed inside cabin baggage and may use them during the flight. However, the batter restrictions persist. Its watt-hour rating should not be more than 100. When it’s not required for use, it should be individually protected to prevent short circuits. 
  • No passenger can carry damaged personal electronic devices. 
  • Every passenger can carry up to 15 personal electronic devices. 

Prohibited Articles

Jet2 Airlines comply with European Regulations, and passengers cannot carry any of the items listed below. If you are traveling with such articles, the airline will seize the item during security screening. These articles are strictly prohibited in security areas and in the flight cabin. 

Devices that discharge projectiles

Devices that discharge projectiles 
✤ Firearms of all kinds like pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns
✤ Toy guns, replicas, and imitation firearms 
✤ Component parts of firearms (telescopic sights excluded)
✤ Compressed air and CO2 guns like pistols, pellet guns, rifles and ball bearing guns
✤ Signal flare pistols
✤ Starter pistols
✤ Bows, cross bows and arrows
✤ Harpoon guns
✤ Spear guns
✤ Slingshots and catapults
Stunning Devices
✤ Electric shock devices like stun guns, tasers, and stun batons.
✤ Animal stunners and animal killers
✤ Shock devices used on animals like cattle prods.
✤ Disabling and incapacitating chemicals, gases, and sprays, like mace, pepper sprays, capsicum sprays, tear gas, acid sprays, and animal repellent sprays
Explosives and incendiary
✤ Ammunition
✤ Blasting caps
✤ Detonators and fuses
✤ Replica or imitation of explosive devices
✤ Mines, grenades and other explosive military stores
✤ Fireworks and other pyrotechnics
✤ Smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges
✤Dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives
Objects with a sharp point/ edges
✤ Tools used for chopping, such as axes, hatchets, and cleavers
✤ Ice axes and ice picks Razor blades Box cutters Knives having blade of 6 cm long or more.
✤ Scissors blade more than 6cm if measured from fulcrum.
✤ Martial arts equipment having sharp points or sharp edges
✤ Swords and sabers
Workmen’s tools
✤ Crowbars
✤ Drills and drill bits, cordless portable power drills are included.
✤ Tools with a blade longer than 6cm that can be used as a ✤ weapon, like screwdrivers and chisels.
✤ Saws and cordless portable power saws
✤ Blowtorches
✤ Bolt guns and nail guns
Blunt Instruments
✤ Baseball and softball bats
✤ Clubs and batons, such as billy clubs, blackjacks, and night sticks.
✤ Martial arts equipment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Jet2 baggage allowance?

Passengers can bring one carry on bag of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, weighing up to 10kg, along with small personal items for free and checked baggage for a fee. 

What is Jet2 cabin baggage allowance?

Jet2 Airlines lets passengers bring one small personal item and hand luggage up to 10kg and 56cm x 45cm x 25cm for free. 

Can you combine baggage allowance in Jet2 Airlines?

Yes, passengers can combine luggage allowance into one bag. The combined weight should not exceed more than 32kg. 

How much is a 22kg bag on Jet2?

The cost of Jet2 baggage can be between 8 EUR and 45 EUR, but it varies depending on the selected route and purchased travel class. 

Where do I store my e-cigarettes?

Passengers can carry e-cigarettes in the cabin or pack them in hand luggage but not in checked baggage due to Jet2 Airlines’ safety regulations. 

Can I bring my own alcohol to drink onboard on Jet2 flights?

No, passengers are not allowed to bring their own alcohol. You can drink alcoholic beverages bought at the airport or onboard. 

Does Jet2 weigh hand luggage?

Yes, passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag for free it it weighs under 10kg. Jet2 Airline will check in oversized baggage. 

Do you get free 22kg baggage with Jet2?

Every passenger on Jet2 flights gets one 10kg carry-on and 22kg checked baggage included in their standard fares.  

What are Jet2 hold luggage dimensions?

The airline has not disclosed Jet2 hold luggage dimensions on its official website; the bag should weigh under 22kg. Bags over 32kg are not accepted for transportation. 

Does Jet2 Airlines offer baggage allowance for infants?

Jet2 Airlines does not offer a separate allowance for infants. However, it does add 10kg weight automatically to the adult passenger’s allowance for free. So you can carry travel essentials for your little ones. 

Can I take sports equipment such as golf clubs and bicycles on Jet2 flights?

Yes, you can add sports equipment like golf clubs and bicycles on Jet2 flight bookings. The weight allowance for golf equipment is 22kg and 32kg for bicycles. 

Does Jet2 charge extra for excess baggage?

Yes, there are extra charges for bags that exceed the permitted weight and size allowance. Jet2 baggage charges for excess bag is 12 EUR per kilogram. 

What is the maximum weight for checked bags on a Jet2 flight?

Passengers are permitted to bring bags up from 22kg to 32kg (under special conditions). Bags over the maximum limit, i.e. 32kg, are not accepted for transportation.  


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