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Japan Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Avoid Extra Fee

Published on December 7, 2023

Japan Airlines Baggage Allowance permits passengers to bring checked bags and carry-ons free of cost. The baggage policy is designed to cater to the travel needs of a traveler. Being a flag carrier of the country, the airline has kept its baggage rules and regulations pretty straightforward. This implies it is easy to understand and to comply with. Before embarking on the new journey, passengers are advised to go through the JAL baggage allowance. Whether you are a frequent flyer or flying for the first time, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the levied restrictions. 

Japan Airlines Baggage Rules

JAL Baggage Allowance is based on customer-friendly policies and offers free baggage to passengers for a smooth travel experience. It is important for the passengers to familiarize themselves with the baggage rules before initiating their journey. Japan Airlines baggage policy maintains clear guidelines for luggage weight and size restrictions. Also, to prioritize the safety of its passengers and crew members, the airline has shared a list of prohibited items. From checked baggage to carry-on, Japan Airlines offers all for free. Passengers can travel with comfort without paying a single penny. However, if you exceed the listed JAL baggage restrictions, you will have to pay additional charges. Scroll through the entire page to get all the crucial information and ensure you pack efficiently. 

JAL Carry On Baggage Allowance

JAL Carry On Baggage

Japan Airlines offers free carry-on baggage allowance. Passengers can bring one carry-on bag that meets the size and weight limits. In addition to this, you can also bring personal items such as shipping bags or handbags on board. JAL Baggage Weight Limit of both bags together should not exceed 10kg or 22 lbs. Check other restrictions on cabin bags and personal items:

JAL carry on size limitThe total dimension should be under 115cm or 45 inches.
W: within 55cm×H: within 40cm×D: within 25cm
(W: within 22in×H: within 16in×D: within10in) 
Maximum weight limitUnder 10kg or 22 lbs

The following is the list of items you can pack in your carry-on bags and bring them onboard. Check more details below:

  • Portable Chargers and Mobile Batteries – Japan Airlines does not allow packing lithium batteries, lithium-ion type mobile batteries, and spare batteries in checked bags. Such items have the potential to start a fire. Passengers can pack them inside a carry-on bag.
  • Laptops and Tablets – You can carry laptops and tablets with built-in lithium-metal or lithium-ion batteries inside the hand luggage. If packed in checked baggage, ensure they are turned off and placed in appropriate packaging to protect against fire. The airline accepts lithium-metal batteries with 2g or less lithium content and 160Wh or less watt-hour rating in lithium-ion batteries.
  • Hair Curlers or Curling Irons – The airline approves bringing certain types of hair curlers and ir irons on board, such as socket types, battery-operated types, and battery-equivalent circuit types. However, if the battery is non-removable, you cannot bring it on board. 
  • Lighters – Passengers cannot pack lighters in hold baggage due to the risk of fire. Every passenger is permitted to bring one portable lighter or safety match in carry-on baggage. You can bring liquefied gas lighters, oil lighters, and lithium batter-powdered lighters within restrictions. Please note that premixing lighters, cigar lighters, or oil lighters without absorbent cotton are prohibited.
  • Medicines and Toiletry Items – Passengers can carry such items in carry-on and checked luggage. Each traveler can pack medicines up to 500g or 500 mL per container and 2kg per person. Toiletry items in this content refer to Hairsplay, Perfume, Shaving Cream, and Hand Sanitizers (Including liquid, splays, and alcohol antiseptics.)

Safely Stow JAL Carry-on Bags On Board

Passengers are responsible for storing their baggage onboard in the provided space. The overhead compartment is for storing JAP carry-on bags, and the space under the front seat is for personal items. Additionally, be considerate towards other passengers as well. Do not store your baggage in such a way that can disrupt the movement of other passengers. Moreover, do not leave the baggage on the aisle or in emergency exits; it is strictly prohibited. If you have booked a seat behind the screen, such cabins do not have a separate in front. In such cases, you are not allowed to place your carry-on baggage at your feet. Bags should be able to fit the concerned spaces, or else the staff won’t let it onboard. If the cabin bag is over the JAL baggage restrictions, you may have to check it in the cargo compartment at the boarding gate. 

Items You Cannot Carry to the Cabin

Passengers cannot pack scissors, knives, and other sharp objects in cabin bags. Any item that one can use as a weapon (like golf clubs) is not allowed inside the flight cabins. So, passengers cannot bring sharp, pointy items, items that can be used as weapons, and other similar items. If these items are found during screening at security check, the authority may fine you under the law of the concerned country. 

Liquid Items with Restrictions

Some items are allowed on board, but only if they are in accordance with the JAL baggage restrictions. The best example of this would be liquid-based products. Passengers are allowed to pack liquid or gel items in cabin bags but under permitted quantity. Japan Airlines applied volume restrictions on fluids that are brought onto international flights. All liquid-based items should be packed in a container with a capacity of no more than 100 mL. If you require more than one container, pack them all in a single transparent plastic bag. It should be resealable and have the capability of one liter. 

Every passenger can bring one such bag with a sum of height and width under 40cm. If the bag exceeds these restrictions, pack the bag, put it inside checked baggage, and reach out to the staff at the check-in counter. Passengers with alcoholic beverages and other liquid-based items bought inflight or through duty-free ships in another country should be disposed of when going through a security check in Japan. 

Japan Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Japan Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Japan Airlines baggage policy offers the first two checked bags free of cost. Interestingly, passengers flying in Business and First Class get the first three checked bags free. JAL baggage weight limit is 23kg to 32kg per piece, depending on the type of purchased fare. The total dimension of the checked bag should be equal to or less than 203 cm. Check the table for dimensions rules according to different aircraft types:

Aircraft typesMaximum length of baggage
359 (AIRBUS A350-900)200cm
787 (Boeing 787-8)300cm
789 (Boeing787-9)
767 (Boeing 767)
738 (Boeing 737-800)320cm
E70 (EMBRAER 170)*250cm
E90 (EMBRAER 190)*
DH4 (De Havilland DHC-8-400 Cargo Combi)*220cm
AT4 (ATR42-600)*210cm
AT7 (ATR72-600)*

However, if your booking includes codeshare flights or flights operated by different airlines, your baggage rules may vary from those discussed on this page. In case your flight is booked to or from the U.S. or Canada, the free allowance and charges are applicable according to U.S. and Canadian Law. The decided allowance is then applicable to the entire itinerary.  

The storage of checked bags is limited to space availability on each aircraft. Therefore, make sure to inform the airline beforehand if bridging multiple checked baggage. Also, ensure they meet the JAL baggage restrictions. Passengers must understand the staff may refuse to load the baggage if it is not packed correctly for the travel. Additionally, luggage containing multiple parts is not counted as one piece. 

JAL Free Hold Luggage For Different Fares

JAL Freehold Luggage

Free Checked Baggage Allowance offers up to 20kg of baggage free to every passenger. For first-class passengers, up to 45kg is free of charge. Japan Airlines baggage allowance for checked bags differs for every passenger depending on the type of ticket purchased. Passengers with premium tickets and status will likely have more convenient bag options. Sometimes, the allowance may vary according to the selected route as well. Nevertheless, the following tabulated information displays the basic hold luggage allowance for every fare:

Standard Fares
Type of Travel ClassesFree Baggage AllowancePermitted Weight Allowance
Economy ClassTwo pieces of checked bags23kg per bag
Premium Economy ClassTwo pieces of checked bags23kg per bag
Business ClassThree pieces of checked bags32kg per bag
First ClassThree pieces of checked bags32kg per bag
JMB FLY ON and JGC members
Type of Travel ClassesFree Baggage AllowancePermitted Weight Allowance
Economy ClassThree pieces of checked bags32kg per bag
Premium Economy ClassThree pieces of checked bags32kg per bag
Business ClassFour pieces of checked bags32kg per bag
First ClassFour pieces of checked bags32kg per bag
JMB CRYSTAL members w/oJGC statusThree pieces of checked bags23kg per bag

Bag Options for Infants

When flying with your toddlers, a stroller or carriage becomes an essential part of the baggage. Japan Airlines has decided baggage options for passengers when flying with an infant under two years of age. If the infant is traveling in his/her own seat, then the individual baggage allowance of the travel class will apply. If not, only one piece of checked baggage is under 203 dimensions and weight allowance per the accompanying adult travel class. Passengers can check in a baby stroller, carriage, or a child seat as a checked bag without additional charges. 

What not to pack in JAL Checked Baggage?

Some items are not appropriate for checked baggage due to their high value, accessibility, and fragility. Therefore, Japan Airlines suggests packing the following items either in carry-on baggage or advice to keep to carry it with you. 

  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Precious metals
  • Securities
  • Bills of exchange
  • Works of art and antiques
  • Documents,
  • Electronic data
  • Passports and other travel identification documents
  • Samples
  • Credit/bank cards
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital/ film cameras
  • Computer accessories, etc.

Japan Airlines Excess Baggage Restrictions & Charges

Japan Airlines Excess Baggage Restrictions

When a passenger exceeds the free allowance, the airline charges an additional fee according to the select route. Each passenger is allowed to bring up to a maximum number of 07 bags in addition to their free allowance. This implies the number of bags in the free allowance + 7 additional bags. According to JAL Business Class baggage allowance, passengers can bring a maximum of 10 bags in total. The same is applicable for passengers flying in First Class. At the same time, Economy and Premium Economy passengers can bring 09 bags maximum. JAL baggage weight limit for excess baggage must be under 45kg

However, the baggage rules may vary depending on the selected routes. For instance, checked baggage over 32kg or 70 lbs is not accepted on London, Paris, Helsinki, Dubai, and Australia routes; passengers will have to slip the weight into two bags. In Seoul (Gimpo) airport, passengers cannot check in baggage exceeding 200cm×90cm×90cm dimensions. Check how much you will have to pay if you cross the allowance:

  1. Flights between Japan, Asia, India, Oceania, Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Russia(Moscow), the Middle East, Africa
Excess bag/ pieceCharges/ pieceOversize(over 203 cm)
JPY20,00023㎏ – 32㎏: JPY10,000 32㎏ – 45㎏: JPY60,000 JPY20,000
200 USDIf Between 23kg and 32kg 100 USD and 100 CAD200 USD
200 CADIf Between 32kg and 45kg600 USD and 600 CAD200 CAD
  1. Flights between Japan and Asia, Guam, Russia(Vladivostok), and Oceania
Excess bag/ pieceCharges/ pieceOversize(over 203 cm)
JPY10,00023㎏ – 32㎏: JPY6,000 32㎏ – 45㎏: JPY30,000 JPY10,000
100 USDIf Between 23kg and 32kg 60 USD and 60 CAD100 USD
100 CADIf Between 32kg and 45kg300 USD and 300 CAD100 CAD
  1. Within Japan (when International Conditions of Carriage apply)
Excess bag/ pieceCharges/ pieceOversize(over 203 cm)
JPY5,000 23㎏ – 32㎏: JPY1,000 32㎏ – 45㎏: JPY15,000 JPY10,000

Conditions for Traveling with Pets on JAL Flights

jal airlines pet policy

Japan Airlines will not count your pet under the free allowance. Passengers can travel with their furry friends; however, the airline will transport them as cargo. When the passenger arrives at the final destination, the agent will bring the pet from the cargo compartment to deliver the pet to the baggage claim section. Kindly contact the airline directly to learn in-depth details. For now, you can scroll down to the tables below and check pet travel charges on JAL flights:

  • JPY40,000 (400 USD / 400 CAD) – Flights between Japan, Asia, India, Oceania, and Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Russia(Moscow), Middle East, Africa
  • JPY25,000 (250 USD / 250 CAD) – Flights between Japan and Asia, Guam, Russia(Vladivostok), and Oceania
  • JPY5,000 – Flights within Japan

Japan Airlines Sports Equipment Guidelines

Passengers who like traveling with their own sports equipment would love to know Japan Airlines ‘ Sports Equipment Guidelines. The airline allows passengers to travel with such equipment, and it is treated as standard checked baggage. If the equipment is under the standard restriction, the airline may count it under the free baggage allowance. However, extra charges will apply if the equipment is over JAL baggage restrictions.

Rules for Surfboards and Windsurfing Equipment

Passengers are allowed to bring their own surfboard and windsurfing equipment for the trip. However, this is not counted under the free checked baggage allowance. Passengers will have to face certain charges to check in a surfboard or windsurfing. Japan Airlines levies charges according to the selected route of the flight ticket. Passengers with surfboards can bring up to two items and pack them in one surfboard bag. Make sure to inform the airline beforehand so that arrangements can be made. If there is no space available, the airline cannot check in the baggage.

Packing Musical Instruments on JAL Flights

JAL offers services designed especially for passengers who like to travel with their favorite musical instruments. As per the Japan Airlines baggage policy, passengers can bring such instruments as checked or carry-on bags. If the instrument exceeds the Japan Airlines carry-on size limit, additional charges will apply. The passenger will have to purchase an extra seat to travel comfortably.

Moreover, the airline offers loaner cases free of charge for instruments like Violins and Guitars. However, the quantity of cases is limited and may not be available sometimes. This service is not applicable on codeshare flights. Check JAL Musical Instruments Guidelines divided into two categories:

  1. Instruments with total linear dimensions up to 115cm.

In case the sum of the three sides of the instruments is equal to or less than 115cm, you can carry it as a cabin bag. However, if each side is over 55 cm, 40 cm, or 25 cm, you may have to check it in at the baggage counter. For aircraft having less than 100 seats, the sum of three sides should be under 100cm. In addition, each side must not exceed 45 cm, 35 cm, or 20 cm.

  1. Instruments with total linear dimensions over 115cm.

Passengers have to check in instruments with dimensions over 115cm. You can submit it at the baggage counter; the airline will count it under your free allowance. Therefore, the weight and dimensions should be the same as permitted for your travel class. Moreover, you also have the option to carry the instrument on board by hand. Passengers will have to purchase a separate seat at an extra price. Get in touch with the concerned representative at the JAL call center to reserve a seat for your instrument. 

CasesAvailable AtEligible flightsRequest ProcedureDimensions
Carry-on violin casesTokyo (Haneda/Narita), Osaka (Itami/Kansai), Sapporo (New Chitose), Nagoya (Chubu), Fukuoka, Okinawa (Naha)JAL Domestic flights(aircraft with equal to or more than 100 seats)Connect with the counter representative at the airport on the day of departure. Width: 25 cm
Length: 76 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Guitar and small instrument containersAll airports served by the airline All JAL Group domestic flightsConnect with the counter representative at the airport on the day of departure. Inner Dimensions

Rental Guitar Case

Length: 137 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Width: 44 cm

Small instrument case

Length: 90 cm
Depth: 30 cmWidth: 40 cm
Large instrument caseJAL/JTA domestic flights airportsJAL/JTA domestic flightsReserve in advance by contacting the staff at the counter at least 48 hours before scheduled departure. Inner dimension
Length: 58 cm
Length: 87 cm
Depth: 201 cm
Width: 75 cm

Japan Airlines List of Prohibited Items

Japan Airlines Prohibited Items

Japan Airlines puts passengers’ safety first and thus prohibits traveling with certain items in checked or carry-on bags. No passenger is allowed to pack the items listed below. If found at the security check, the airline may seize the item, or it can get worse under certain conditions. Before packing, make sure you do not require the below-listed items for your journey:

Alcoholic Beverages with more than 70% alcohol content,Helium Gas
AdhesivesFire extinguishers
Paint BleachGas cylinders and gas burners
Heavy-duty ant moldFireworks
Agricultural ChemicalsSmoke Markers
Hydrochloric AcidHeating Pad (Oil type)
GasolineSelf Heating Meals or Beverage
Kerosene, Gas oilSmoke type Insecticide
VarnishInstant ice packs
EthanolAir disinfectant products
FormalinOil lighters w/o water absorbent
ChloroformStrike anywhere matches
ArsenicMatches not meant for smoking
A lithium content of more than 2g

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much baggage is allowed on Japan Airlines?

Passengers are allowed to bring one personal item, carry-on bag, and checked baggage as per their travel class allowance on Japan Airlines. 

What is JAL business class baggage allowance?

JAL business class baggage allowance includes one carry-on and one personal item under 10kg together, and three pieces of checked bags up to 32kg each. 

Can I carry a cutter knife or fruit knife on JAL flights?

No, passengers are not allowed to carry sharp point objects on planes. However, you can pack such items in checked baggage. 

Are passengers allowed to bring their own boxed lunch and fruits?

Well, it depends. If the lunch is packed in self-heating devices, the airline will not allow it in a checked bag or a carry-on. Such devices are categorized as dangerous. 

What is the weight limit for checked baggage on Japan Airlines?

Passengers can check in bags weighing between 23kg to 32kg, depending on the selected travel class.

Does Japan Airlines charge for checking in baggage?

Japan Airlines permits every passenger to check in a bag of up to 20kg for free. Moreover, almost every fare includes first-checked baggage free of cost. 

Can I  bring my laptop on JAL flights?

Yes, passengers can bring laptops packed in carry-on baggage on JAL flights. 

How many checked bags are free for Japan Airlines Economy Classes?

Passengers flying in JAL Economy or Premium Economy Classes can check in up to two bags for free. 

What is the maximum weight limit for checked bags on Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines does not accept baggage over 45kg. If it is between 32kg and 45kg, additional charges will apply according to the selected route. 

What is the free baggage allowance on checked bags for Japan Airlines passengers? 

Japan Airlines offers checked baggage weighing up to 20kg for free and up to 45kg free for first class passengers. There is no limit on the number of bags. 


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