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GOL Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy 2024

Published on November 27, 2023

GOL Airlines Baggage Allowance states passengers can carry a small cabin bag, personal item, and a checked bag. Most of its fares offer free baggage allowance which further enhances the travel journey of its customers. The quantity, size, and weight of baggage depend on the purchased fare. Refer to the GOL Airlines baggage policy to know what you can pack for the trip. With this, you can dodge any extra baggage fee coming your way by packing just the right quantity. 

GOL Airlines Guidelines for Carrying Baggage

To make your trip more comfortable, it is crucial to know the number of bags you can take on GOL flights. Along with this, check what are the allowed and prohibited items on planes. To know this passengers have to check their GOL Airlines Baggage Allowance. The allowance changes according to the purchased fare type. Passengers can generally take a standard cabin bag with personal items on board and purchase checked baggage. 

According to the GOL Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy, bags have to meet weight and size restrictions. Any baggage exceeding the limits is subject to additional GOL Airlines baggage fees. Check important guidelines for packing cabin, checked, personal or liquid, and powder-based items. If you ignore this notice, you may have to bear additional charges. For a comfortable journey carefully go through the baggage allowance of the airline to know what to pack. 

GOL Airlines Carry On Baggage Allowance Policy

GOL Airlines Carry On Allowance

Passengers can take one standard carry-on bag up to 10kg and one small personal item on GOL flights. These bags are allowed inside the flight, and the cabins have designated space for storage. Therefore, following the size restrictions described in GOL Airlines Baggage Policy is mandatory. It’s also equally important to label your baggage at the correct place with the correct information. Passengers can have their personal items labeled or tagged at the check-in counter. You can also get it done at the boarding gate and have everything organized. 

GOL Carry On Baggage is placed in the overhead compartment of the cabin. The space is limited, so carrying a cabin bag smaller than the permitted dimensions is recommended. The permitted size dimensions are 35 cm wide, 55 cm high, and 25 cm deep, this includes wheels as well. If it’s not, the airline will charge an excess baggage fee to the customer. It can be a suitcase case or a duffle bag that contains items that should be easily accessible. 

Personal Items on GOL flights can be a backpack, purse, eco-bag, laptop bag, airport shopping bag, camera/electronic, etc. Passengers are instructed to stow their personal items underneath the seat in front of them. The maximum dimensions of these bags can be 35 cm wide, 45 cm high, and 20 cm deep. Any baggage not up to the maximum limit is subject to inspection and check-in. Moreover, the airline will apply an excess baggage fee if it is outside the free baggage allowance. 

What to Pack Inside GOL Airlines Carry-On Bag

To avoid unwanted scenarios while traveling, it is better to learn in advance what items are allowed inside the cabin. Some items need previous authorization from the airline. The following items are allowed inside the GOL Airlines Carry-On Bag:

Personal hygiene or medicinal items

Passengers can bring personal hygiene or medical items that are non-radioactive. This includes aerosols but it should meet the following conditions:

  • The quantity of the item per passenger should not be more than 2kg or 2L packed in both carry-on and checked baggage. 
  • The quantity of aerosols and atomizers packed in carry-on bags should not exceed four flasks per passenger. Each flask’s content must be under 300 mL or 300g.
  • Overall, the total quantity of any single item should not exceed 500g or 500 ml. 
  • Some examples of such products include atomizers, perfumes, colognes, and medications containing alcohol.

Separate batteries up to 100 Wh, 2 g or 12 V

Passengers can carry extra batteries for their portable electronic devices. It can be a battery, lithium metal, or lithium-ion batteries, this also includes power sources like power banks. An individual can take up to two extra batteries packed in the carry-on. Make sure to pack them separately to prevent possible short circuits. Consider the following recommendations as well:

  • Lithium batteries must not be more than 2g and Lithium-ion must be under 100 Wh.
  • On the other hand, a non-spillable battery must not be over 100 Wh or 12 V.
  • The airline permits Lithium-ion batteries between 100-160 Wh and lithium metal between 2-8g if required for medical electronic devices. Transportation is strictly prohibited for items exceeding the limits.

Alcoholic Drinks

Carrying alcoholic drinks inside a cabin bag totally depends on your flight and the alcohol content. Note that these beverages are carried by passengers over 18 years of age. The container should be leakproof, labeled, and properly sealed. Otherwise, the airline may deby the transportation. 

  • Alcohol content up to 23%

Passengers can carry it on domestic flights with no quantity restrictions. However, you can take up to 100 mL per container on international flights. 

  • Alcohol content from 24% to 27%

Every individual can take up to 5 liters in containers having a capacity of not more than one liter on domestic flights. On international flights, passengers can carry 100 mL per container.

  • Alcohol content of more than 70%

The airline strictly prohibits the transportation of such beverages in carry-on in any situation and type of flight. 


You take E-Cigarettes and vaporizers with you on the GOL Airlines flight. If it is carried in a carry-on bag then it should be packed individually packed and secured to prevent accidental activation. Remember, you cannot charge them on board the aircraft. 

Non-flammable and Non-toxic Gas Cylinder

The airline allows the transportation of gaseous carbon dioxide in small bottles for passenger usage. You can also carry replacement bottles of similar size to ensure enough supplies for the duration of the flight or trip. Moreover, GOL Airlines also permits the carrying of non-flammable and non-toxic gas in checked baggage. 

Insulating packages with liquid nitrogen

The airline permits the transportation of insulating packages that have refrigerated liquid nitrogen which is fully absorbed in porous material. Moreover, the package designs should prevent the pressure from building up inside the container and should be leakproof as well. You can also carry this packed inside the checked baggage. 

Specimens from uninfected animals

Passengers can carry specimens in a container having a small amount of formalin, ethanol, isopropanol, or other alcohol. You can also carry it inside your checked baggage. However, it is still recommended to contact customer service (0800 704 0465) for more information.

LED Light Bulbs 

Passengers can carry LED light bulbs for personal use if they are in their respective packaging. Make sure it is packed in such a way that it’s protected from getting shattered. The airline will permit the transportation if you want to carry it in a checked bag. 

Disposable Items (Restricted in Fernando de Noronha)

You can carry the disposable items listed below in your carry-on bag, these items are only restricted in Fernando de Noronha. 

  • 500 mL plastic bottles and disposable plastic items like straws, cups, plates, cutlery, and bags. This also includes Styrofoam containers for food and beverage packaging. 
  • Others like polyethylene, polypropylene, and similar products. If you want, you can transport it packed inside checked baggage.

Hair Curlers (Hydrocarbon)

The airline permits one hydrocarbon hair curler per passenger with safety covers provided it is placed according to its heating elements. In no situation, a passenger is allowed to use a hair curler during the flight. Mind you, gas refillers are prohibited from carrying on board and in checked baggage. However, if you prefer, you can pack the curler in the checked bag. 


Passengers can carry their medications in the carry-on bag up until they have the required prescription. Therefore, the airline suggests passengers get additional prescriptions from their doctor, if necessary. We recommend keeping medical reports handy in case asked by the airport security authorities. Some medicines like insulin require proper transport. For this purpose, contact the concerned manufacturer for packaging suitable for the trip. In addition, the airline permits a maximum of 2.4kg of dry ice to store medicines, applicable on both carry-on and checked bags. If you are suffering from acute illnesses then get prior authorization from the airline’s medical team. 

Items Not Allowed Inside GOL Flight Cabins

Items Not Allowed Inside GOL Flight Cabins

Items listed in this section are not allowed inside GOL Airlines Carry On Baggage. Items that can invade the safe environment of the cabins are strictly prohibited. Check the list to know what items to avoid while packing:

  • Dangerous goods like explosives, gases, flammable items, and some sort of weapons that are dangerous for the safety of people on board. 
  • Products that are likely to produce heat and can cause a fire are not allowed inside the cabin. Such items are underwater flashlights and welding equipment. However, the airline will permit the transportation of equipment without a power source. 
  • If you usually carry shock and electric weapons such as tasers then it is worth knowing these are not allowed. In addition, the airline strictly prohibits the packaging of such items in checked baggage. This also implies pepper spray and other items that contain irritating substances.

Items Requiring Prior Authorization of GOL

There are certain items that require prior authorization from GOL Airlines for a smooth and comfortable journey. If you reach out to the airline for this purpose, the authorities will provide in-depth details of carrying the item. So, be sure to contact the airline if you are carrying any of the following items:

Perishable items Medical supplies & equipmentLithium Battery (100 – 160 Wh)
Non-flammable gas cartridgesHome appliancesMatches and lighters
Dry ice (co2)Musical instrumentsMacBook Pro
Cardiac pacemakerSports articlesAvalanche rescue backpack
Fragile itemsValuable itemsPlants

GOL Airlines Checked Baggage Guide

GOL Checked Baggage

Passengers can purchase GOL checked baggage during booking or after confirming the reservation. It is important to follow the size restriction of 50 cm wide, 80 cm high, and 28 cm deep. The bag should not be more than this and a single checked bag should be under 23kg or 50 lbs. If the passenger decides to divide the weight into two or more pieces, the airline charges an additional fee for each extra piece of luggage. If you need more luggage for your trip then you can purchase extra baggage through the “my reservation” option on the official website. You can also make the purchase at the check-in gate. 

As per the GOL Airlines baggage allowance, passengers can carry up to 5 pieces of checked bags. The permitted number of checked baggage depends on the purchased fare and the selected route. Some fares are also a part of GOL Free Baggage Allowance, check below:

w/o Smiles ClassFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags freeFirst bag freeFree baggage freeFree baggage free
Smiles ClassFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags freeFirst bag freeFree baggage freeFree baggage free
SilverFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags freeFirst bag freeFirst bag freeFirst bag free
GoldFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags freeFirst and Second bags free
DiamondFirst, Second, and Third bags freeFirst, Second, and Third bags freeFirst, Second, and Third bags freeFirst, Second, and Third bags freeFirst, Second, and Third bags free

GOL Airlines Checked Baggage Fee

Passengers can purchase their bag by depositing GOL Airlines baggage fees via online or at the ticket counter. However, the charges may get higher if you purchase closer to the departure time. 

More than 48 hrs before takeoff48 hrstake off48 hrs before takeoff-48htake off48 hrs before takeoff-48htake off
1st baggage (Light and Promo rate)23 USD31 USD42 USD55 USD53 USD88 USD
2nd luggage29 USD38 USD52 USD63 USD95 USD136 USD
3rd to 5th luggage each40 USD54 USD73 USD136 USD136 USD157 USD
Excess (Kg)10 USD15 USD15 USD

Items Covered Under GOL Airlines Free Checked Baggage

In case you are traveling with an infant of 2 years old then passengers can check a baby car seat or stroller for free. It is made up of several parts then you can also carry it. However, on domestic flights, it is counted on the baggage allowance of the parents or guardians. On international flights, passengers can carry hand luggage up to 10kg for free. Travelers who require assistance devices like wheelchairs for mobility and other purposes can bring one free of charge. If you bring more than one piece then the airline will offer an 80% reduction on the charged amount. 

Extra Checked Baggage Regulations

If your checked weight is heavier than 23kg or 51 lbs, the airline will charge GOL Airlines an Extra Baggage Fee of 10 USD per extra weight for domestic flights. For international flights, the airline charges around 15 USD per extra kg. The weight can be up to 45kg on domestic flights but it should not exceed it. If flying on an international flight then excess baggage can weigh up to 32kg or 71 lbs. Note that purchasing extra baggage in foreign destinations can lead to differences in charged prices. Every individual can purchase up to 200kg or 441 lbs of excess baggage. Passengers with baggage weighing more than this limit have to submit their items as cargo. 

Baggage Benefits for GOL Smiles Members

Passengers with GOL Smiles memberships are entitled to some benefits. Such individuals can bring one carry-on of 10kg and one personal item free of charge. If you have Diamond, Gold, and Smiles, or Smiles Infinite and Platinum memberships, you can enjoy exclusive benefits. 

  • Diamond Class –  First, second, and third baggage up to 23kg (each) is free. Passengers cannot transfer these benefits to a companion. 
  • Gold Class – First and second baggage weighing up to 23kg each is free. 
  • Silver Class – First baggage is free weighing up to 23kg.
  • Smile Infinite and Platinum Credit Card Holders – Passengers can check the first bag weighing up to 23kg free of charge. 

Purchase Additional Baggage with Miles

If you bought the ticket with Smiles miles and want to add more luggage to your allowance, you can purchase it in advance. You can purchase the baggage on the Smiles website and make the payment with cash or miles. What you can also do is purchase the extra baggage through self-service channels during check-in. This includes the official website, applications, and totem. If you purchase using the previously mentioned channels, you will get a discount on your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I carry sports equipment inside the GOL flight cabin?

Passengers can carry some sports equipment as GOL hand luggage depending on its size and weight. Articles like a surfboard, a stand-up paddle, a skateboard, a bicycle, etc should be checked in. 

How much excess baggage can I purchase with GOL Airlines?

Passengers can buy up to 200kg of excess baggage. If it exceeds the limit then you may have to check in the items as cargo. 

What is the baggage size for GOL Airlines?

GOL checked baggage size should be 50x80x28cm and 25x55x35cm for carry-ons. 

How do I buy baggage on GOL?

You can purchase GOL checked baggage through digital channels like the official website and at the check-in counter. 

Does GOL Airlines provide a free baggage allowance?

Yes, some GOL Airlines fares offer free checked baggage allowance. Items like baby car seats or strollers are always checked in for free. 

What is the carry-on weight allowance on GOL Airlines?

Passengers can carry carry-on baggage weighing up to 10kg, this is stowed in the overhead compartment. 

What is the maximum weight allowance for GOL checked baggage?

Passengers can bring checked baggage weighing not more than 23 kg or 51 lbs. If you require more, buy extra luggage online or at the airport. 

How many pieces of checked baggage are allowed on GOL Airlines?

Every passenger can carry up to five pieces of checked bags on GOL flights.

Can I purchase checked baggage with miles on GOL flights?

No, passengers cannot purchase checked baggage with accumulated miles on GOL flights. 



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