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FlyDubai Baggage Allowance Fees 2024 Carry All Essentials

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Published on December 28, 2023

FlyDubai Baggage Allowance lets passengers carry checked and cabin bags with ease. The airline has designed its policies that directly cater to the travel requirements of a passenger. One has to keep track of the weight and size restriction, or else Flydubai baggage fees will apply. The allowance varies according to the purchased fare and selected routes. Moreover, if your allowance is not able to satisfy your baggage requirement for the trip, you can purchase an additional bag if you want to carry more. Scroll down and learn how much baggage you can carry according to your travel class. 

Flydubai Carry On Baggage Policy

Flydubai Carry On Baggage

Passengers can bring cabin bags according to their purchased travel class. The quantity of carry-on bags depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. A carry-on bag should measure 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm in size according to the Flydubai Carry On Baggage Policy. Moreover, it should weigh under 7kg and 14kg, depending on the purchased fare. Here, you will learn what and how much you can pack for the trip. 

FlyDubai Baggage Limit
Travel ClassesPermitted QuantityWeight AllowancePermitted Dimensions
Economy ClassOne7kg55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm
Business ClassTwo14kg (each bag should not weigh more than 7k)55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm 

Every piece of hand luggage should not exceed the baggage dimension. A passenger must be able to fit the baggage in the overhead locker. In addition to this, you can carry any one of the following items if they do not exceed the dimensions of 25 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm. You can store it under the space of your front seat. 

  • A laptop bag
  • Ladies handbag
  • Gentlemen satchel

Oversized or Overweight Cabin Bag at Check-in Desk

If your carry-on does not comply with the FlyDubai cabin baggage size and weight limits, the staff will ask you to check it in at the desk. You can also remove some items and pack them in the checked bag. Just make sure you do not transfer any valuable items. 

Cabin Bags at the Boarding Gate

All your items are once again measured at the boarding gate to check whether the bags align with the FlyDubai Baggage Limit. The dedicated staff will go through your hand luggage, which includes duty-free items as well. In case the bag exceeds the stated limits (piece or weight), the staff will charge AED 200 or USD 55 as Flydubai baggage fees. The amount can vary depending on the local fees and taxes.

Things You Cannot Pack In Cabin Bags

Passengers cannot pack everything inside their cabin bags. Some articles pose a threat and can cause security risks. Therefore, the airlines have restricted certain items under Flydubai hand baggage rules. Items are straightaway confiscated if found during screening. 

  • Weapons, including replicas and toys. 
  • Objects with sharp or pointy ends, blades, and scissors. 
  • Hypodermic needles (inform the airline if it is required for medical purposes and provide relevant medical certificate)
  • Sporting bats and clubs.

FlyDubai Checked Baggage Allowance

FlyDubai Checked Baggage Policy

Passengers are allowed to bring a maximum of three bags as per the FlyDubai Checked Baggage Allowance. The combined weight should not be over the allowance mentioned on their booking confirmation. Every piece of the baggage should not be over 32kg, and its dimensions must be under 165 cm (height + width + depth. Baggage over the FlyDubai checked baggage weight limit will incur additional charges. Moreover, there are additional guidelines that one should be aware of:

  • Checked bags should have one flat surface without any loose straps.
  • Choose a suitably steady bag for the trip and ensure that you pack and secure it to prevent damage.
  • Avoid packing items attached to each other. 
  • Items with irregular shapes having no flat surface should be put inside a separate box. The size of the box should be within 165 cm (height + width + depth).
  • Make sure to attach a baggage tag with your full name, telephone number, and travel details, like the final destination. Put this in the outside pocket of your bag. Do this with every checked item of yours.
  • Also, do not pack any valuable items in your checked bags. The liability of the airline towards damage or loss of such items is very limited. These items can be money, jewelry, fragile articles, or any valuable documents like business papers, passports, IDs, negotiable papers, security deeds, etc,
  • If you are bringing electronic devices, ensure that you switch them off before packing. Place it in a way that prevents accidental activation. 
  • Do not pack electronic cigarettes in your checked bags.
  • Passengers are allowed to check in smart bags. 
Economy Class
Permitted QuantityWeight AllowancePermitted Dimensions
Maximum Three Pieces
20kg, 30kg, or 40kgWithin 165 cm
(Height + Width + Depth)
Business Class
Permitted QuantityWeight AllowancePermitted Dimensions
Maximum Three Pieces40kg Within 165 cm (Height + Width + Depth)

FlyDubai Baggage Allowance for Infants

Passengers with infants can bring a checked bag under 10kg and a carry-on bag under 5kg as per FlyDubai Baggage Allowance. This allowance is applicable only when you are traveling with your little one. The bag should measure 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm so that you can place it in the overhead compartment or under the front seat.

FlyDubai Excess Baggage Fee

Excess Baggage Fee for FlyDubai

Passengers can purchase extra baggage when they are traveling on FlyDubai. Check out the applicable excess baggage fee per kilogram. The airline has decided on the fee amount continent-wise. Furthermore, these continents are classified into different zones, and the FlyDubai Excess Baggage Fee will apply accordingly. Thus, the cost of excess baggage depends on the route you have selected. 

The fee is tabulated in UAE Dirhams and applied only when you are flying from Dubai. If your flight is departing from another country or airport, the rates are applied in local or substitute currency. Please note that the charges stated here do not include airport and service fees; these may apply separately. Also, passengers can pay excess baggage price only in cash at the departing airport. The rates may vary due to variations in currency exchange rates. For this, the airline has published a pdf on excess baggage rates in other currencies, and passengers can check it out. 

  1. Zone 1: United Arab Emirates – Dubai
  2. Zone 2: GCC – Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Muscat, Salalah.
  3. Zone 3: Saudi Arabia – Abha, AlUla, Dammam, Gassim, Gizan, Ha’il, Hofuf, Jeddah, Madinah, Neom, Nejran, Qaisumah, Riyadh, Tabuk, Taif, Yanbu.
  4. Zone 4: Middle East – Amman, Baghdad, Bandar Abbas, Basra, Beirut, Erbil, Esfahan, Lar, Mashhad, Najaf, Shiraz, Sulaimaniyah, Tehran, Tel Aviv.
  5. Zone 5: Africa – Addis Ababa, Alexandria, Asmara, Cairo, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Entebbe, Hargeisa, Juba, Khartoum, Mogadishu, Mombasa, Port Sudan, Zanzibar.
  6. Zone 6: Subcontinent – Ahmedabad, Chattogram, Chennai, Colombo, Delhi, Dhaka, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Kabul, Karachi, Kathmandu, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Male’, Mumbai, Multan, Sialkot, Quetta.
  7. Zone 7: Southeast Asia – Krabi, Langkawi, Pattaya, Penang.
  8. Zone 8: Europe – Almaty, Ankara, Ashgabat, Astana, Baku, Batumi, Belgrade, Bishkek, Bodrum, Bucharest, Budapest, Catania, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Dushanbe, Istanbul, Kazan, Krakow, Krasnodar, Ljubljana, Makhachkala, Milan Bergamo, Mineralnye Vody, Minsk, Moscow, Mykonos, Namangan, Naples, Novosibirsk, Olbia, Pisa, Poznan, Prague, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Salzburg, Samara, Samarkand, Santorini, Sarajevo, Shymkent, Sofia, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Tivat, Tirana, Ufa, Volgograd, Warsaw, Yekaterinburg, Yerevan, Zagreb.
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7Zone 8
Zone 1 United Arab EmiratesAED 40AED 40AED 60AED 40AED 40AED 60AED 60
Zone 2 GCCAED 40AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 80AED 80
Zone 3 Saudi ArabiaAED 40AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 80AED 80
Zone 4 Middle EastAED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60
Zone 5 AfricaAED 40AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60
Zone 6 SubcontinentAED 40AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 60AED 80AED 80
Zone 7 Southeast AsiaAED 60AED 80AED 80AED 60AED 60AED 80AED 80AED 80
Zone 8 Europe/CISAED 60AED 80AED 80AED 60AED 60AED 80AED 80AED 80

FlyDubai Baggage Policy for Special Baggage

FlyDubai Baggage Policy for Special Baggage

Some articles, like smart bags, battery-operated wheelchairs, medical devices, musical instruments, sports items, etc, require special handling. These items generally exceed the baggage limits. Thus, the airline has separate guidelines under the FlyDubai Baggage Policy for Special Baggage. Here, we have shared rules for special items in accordance with cabin and flydubai check in baggage allowance. 

1. Smart Bags

Smart bags are operated on lithium batteries that enable charging other devices, GPS tracking, Bluetooth, WiFi, digital locking, etc. Passengers can be allowed to bring it as a cabin bag or check it in the hold storage. However, the bag should meet the following requirements.

#Cabin Bag

  • During check-in, the passenger must inform the staff about carrying a smart bag.
  • The battery should be easily removable. It must not have a power rating of more than 100Wh (Li-ion) or 2g for Li metal batteries. 
  • You cannot use the battery to charge external devices onboard. Also, turn off other functions like GPS tracking, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Basically, the smart bag should be powered off during the flight. 
  • Lastly, ensure the smart bag is in accordance with the FlyDubai baggage allowance for cabin bags.

#Checked Bag

  • Inform the staff about smart bags while checking in.
  • Remove the lithium battery from the bag and pack it in your cabin baggage. 
  • The battery must not have a power rating of more than 100Wh (Li-ion) or 2g for Li metal batteries.
  • Ensure the removed battery packed in hand luggage is protected from accidental activation and short-circuit.
  • If it exceeds the above-stated requirements, the airline will reject the smart bag straight away. 

2. Musical Instruments

Passengers are allowed to carry musical instruments inside the flight cabin if they meet the Flydubai cabin baggage size and weight limits. It should be under 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm and weigh less than 7kg. However, if it exceeds the restrictions, you will have to book an extra seat for additional prices. Remember, you can make the booking subject to seat availability. Thus, it is suggested that you inform the airline or book the seat in advance. 

If no space is available, then you have the option to check in the musical instrument. If it is over the Flydubai check in baggage allowance, you may have to pay the applicable excess baggage fee. In case you have booked a business class flight, you can take two pieces of cabin bags with a combined weight of less than 14kg. This implies that you can take one musical instrument along with a cabin bag.  

3. Television

Passengers can carry a TV as checked baggage, but the size should not be more than 55 inches. Some airports may permit television up to 32 inches. Therefore, ensure that airport regulations are checked and decided accordingly. Please note that you will have to pay AED 260 or USD 70 as a handling fee for every unit of television. You can pay these charges at the airport during check-in. Moreover, the airline will consider TV as part of your luggage allowance. If it is over, an excess baggage fee will apply. 

4. Flydubai Pet Baggage Rules

Passengers are not allowed to board the plane with their pets as per the FlyDubai baggage allowance. Though you may travel with a falcon onboard, you will have to get special approval for it. For this purpose, you can contact the customer support team for more details on the regulations. Passengers who wish to travel with their pets can get them transported through Flydubai Cargo. 

FlyDubai accepts guide dogs or service animals in the flight cabin or as cargo. You can travel with a service animal in a cabin free of charge. This is applicable on selected routes, including the United States of America, Canada, and Europe. On other flights, passengers will have to transport their pets in a cargo compartment. You will have to book this service at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Regulations for Traveling with Sports Equipment

Passengers who love traveling with their sports items would love to know that they can carry them when traveling with FlyDubai. It is considered checked baggage, and the same regulations will apply. We have gathered information on the types of equipment you can carry along with the applicable charges.  

You will have to pay a handling fee according to the dimension of your sports item. The airline will accept your baggage only if space is available on the flight. We advise you to inform the airline at least 24 hours before the scheduled takeoff. If it is more than the permitted dimensions, additional charges will apply. You can reach out to the airline’s customer center for assistance. Check the charges below are applicable on Flydubai flights:

Type of sporting equipmentPermitted Dimensions Charges per item
Snowboarding / skiing equipment190 cm longAED 270 for every flight
Wind surfboard235 cm x 90 cm x 45 cmAED 270 for every flight
Kite surf equipment190 cm longAED 270 for every flight
Surfing equipment235 cm x 90 cm x 45 cmAED 270 for every flight
Bicycle190 cm x 40 cm x 80 cmAED 270 for every flight
Scuba / diving equipment75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cmAED 150 for every flight
Golf equipment170 cm longAED 150 for every flight
Fishing equipment190 cm longAED 270 for every flight
Canoe / kayak250 cm longAED 270 for every flight
Sporting weapons75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cmAED 270 for every flight*

Note: The airline will charge AED 300 per head for items that require Dubai Police approval.

Sports Items That You Can Carry Onboard

Only selected sports items are permitted inside the flight cabin as hand baggage. Again, this totally depends on the aircraft space availability. The items that you can carry as a cabin bag are as follows:

  • Tennis rackets
  • Badminton rackets
  • Squash rackets.

Items like pole vaults, javelins, and hang gliders are not prohibited in checked and cabin baggage allowance. They are accepted only on an exceptional basis, and passengers must get them authorized by the airline in advance. 

Packing Instructions

Passengers are responsible for packing their sports equipment appropriately for the transportation of checked baggage. At the same time, ensure that it meets the Flydubai baggage size limit. The airline will make sure the equipment is transported safely, but the passenger is responsible for packing the item in a suitable case. Moreover, you are instructed not to pack items that are not related to sports in the case. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FlyDubai economy baggage allowance?

Passengers flying in economy class can take up to three pieces of checked bags if booked in advance. It should weigh 20kg, 30kg, or 40kg and measure within 165 cm. You can get a 7kg carry-on bag within the dimensions of 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm. 

How many kgs are allowed in Flydubai?

Passengers are allowed to check in bags weighing up to 20kg, 30kg, or 40kg. The allowance depends on the purchased travel classes. 

Is Flydubai strict with hand luggage?

Yes, Flydubai is strict with their hand luggage allowance. If it is not up to the baggage restrictions, the airline can ask the passenger to check in the bag. 

Does Flydubai charge for baggage?

Yes, Flydubai charges for baggage handling. The amount depends on the selected route of travel and purchased fare allowance. 

What is 7kg hand carry luggage on FlyDubai?

Passengers are instructed to bring carry-on bags of up to 7kg on Flydubai flights. Oversized bags are not accepted, and they are checked in at the gate.

What is flydubai hand baggage size?

Passengers have to make sure that their bags measure 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm. They should be able to fit the overhead locker or the space under the front seat.  


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