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Eurowings Baggage Allowance 2024 Hand Luggage Limit

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Published on January 9, 2024

Eurowings Baggage Allowance offers a wide range of options to ensure you pack the correct quantity for the trip. Whether going on a weekend vacation with a carry-on or on summer holidays with heavy luggage – you can get it all. The airline also ensures that every passenger receives some sort of free allowance for every purchased fare. All together, this is an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers. However, the airline charges additional fees for any bag, which differs from what is specified in the Eurowings baggage policy. Therefore, understanding the complete policies is important to note the airline’s permitted size and weight limits. Join us on this journey and explore the crucial aspects of luggage allowance so you don’t pay a single extra penny. 

Eurowings Cabin Baggage Allowance

Eurowings Cabin Baggage Allowance

Eurowings hand baggage allowance includes one small cabin bag up to 40 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm and a large carry-on under 55 cm x 40 cm 23 cm. The larger carry-on bag should weigh within 8kg—however, the allocation of baggage changes according to the purchased fare type.  For instance, not all fares are allowed to carry cabin bags.

Eurowing basic fare baggage allowance does not include a large cabin bag of 8kg. One can add it for an additional fee, varying from 19 EUR to 16 GBP. Passengers can carry only one small carry-on, which can be a laptop case or a small handbag. You may also carry a second small bag for infants under 24 months of age (without a seat). 

On the other hand, passengers flying in other classes can carry bags in accordance with the following table:

Type of BaggageBASIC budget fareSMART standard fareBIZclass premium fare
Small Cabin Bags up to 40 cm x 30 cm x 25 cmAllowed
Also, include another small cabin bag for an infant (0-24 months old) without seat occupancy.
Large cabin bag up to  55 cm  x 40 cm  x 23 cmFor 19 EUR or 16 EURAllowed to carry one item of cabin bag. Allowed to carry two cabin bags. 

Add “2 Cabin Bags & Priority Boarding” Feature

Since Eurowings economy baggage allowance does not include cabin bags, passengers can purchase them for a fee. It is possible with the “2 Cabin Bags & Priority Boarding” option. To enable the feature, you may use the Eurowings mobile application or connect via the call center. By adding this service, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Small cabin bag
  • 8kg Carry-on bag
  • Priority boarding

Additional Information Cabin Baggage

While you go through the Eurowings carry on baggage allowance, we would like to forward some important points below. 

  • All hand luggage will go through a proper inspection where size and weight are crosschecked in accordance with the allowance. If the specification is not as per the Eurowings baggage limit, the airline will ask to check in the baggage for a fee. 
  • Kindly check that you are not carrying any item that is prohibited in the hand baggage. 
  • Passengers are allowed to pack only ten containers of liquid-based items, 100 mL each, in a single bag. A single individual can carry up to only one such bag of up to one liter. Prescribed medications and baby food are exceptional in this case. 
  • You can easily bring items bought at the airport or duty-free items on board and place them under the space of the front seat. 
  • In case the airline asks you to load the carry-on item into hold due to space unavailability. You are allowed to remove your valuables and bring them on board in a small bag. 

Eurowings Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked Baggage Guidelines

Whether it’s a family vacation or a sporting trip, Eurowings Baggage Allowance provides a variety of check-in options for your luggage. Every passenger can submit up to 5 items of checked baggage under 32kg each. SMART and BIZclass ticket holders are allowed to check in one or two bags free of charge under Eurowings Checked Baggage Allowance. On the contrary, BASIC fare passengers are not entitled to any free checked baggage. They can include one 12kg or 23kg bag for the following charges:

  • 12kg bag charges – EUR 17 / £15 / 17 CHF / $17 / 417 CZK / 186 SEK / 176 NOK / 126 DKK / 81 PLN / HUF 6.964 / 69 AED.
  • 23kg bag charges – EUR 19 / £16 / 19 CHF / $19 / 466 CZK / 208 SEK / 196 NOK / 141 DKK / 90 PLN / HUF 7.783 / 77 AED

Additionally, passengers have the option to add more bags before the scheduled departure via the official website, call center, or at the airport. Such baggage is treated as an excess, and the charges can vary from EUR 12 / £10 / 12 CHF / $12 / 294 CZK / 131 SEK / 124 NOK / 89 DKK / 57 PLN / 4.916 HUF / 49 AED.  These charges are applicable only when you bring bags over the permitted baggage allowance. Kindly refer to the table below for Eurowings baggage fee information.

Type of BagaggeBASICOur budget fare – miles includedSMARTOur standard fareBIZclassOur premium fare
Reserved hand baggage compartmentNot AllowedNot AllowedAllowed
First hold luggage up to 12 kgfrom 17 EUR / 15 GBPIf purchased onlineNot AllowedNot Allowed
Second hold luggage up to 12 kgfrom 70 EUR / 61 GBPIf purchased onlinefrom EUR 70 / 61 GBPif booked onlinefrom EUR 70 / 61 GBPif booked online
First hold luggage up to 23 kgfrom EUR 19 / 16 GBPIf purchased onlineAllowedsee baggage up to 32 kg
Second hold luggage up to 23 kgfrom EUR 75 / 65 GBPIf purchased onlinefrom EUR 75 / 65 GBPif booked onlinesee baggage up to 32 kg
First hold luggage up to 32 kgfrom EUR 67 / 58 GBPIf purchased onlineNot AllowedAllowed
Second hold luggage up to 32 kgfrom EUR 125 / 108 GBPIf purchased onlinefrom EUR 125 / 108 GBPif booked onlineAllowed
Special item including sports equipmentAdditional charges apply depending on the availability. Additional charges apply depending on the availability. Additional charges apply depending on the availability. 

Best Time to Purchase Additional Baggage

The best time to add extra baggage is at least 24 hours before scheduled departure through the official website or via a call center. This will help you avoid increased Eurowings baggage charges. You may visit the website and add baggage under the “My Trip” section. The page will display charges applicable during or after booking. This depends on the fare you have purchased and the weight of the checked baggage. 

Baggage Rights of Infants and Children on Eurowings Flights

Infants Baggage Rights on Eurowings Flights

Children under 12 years of age get the same allocation as adults under the Eurowings infant baggage allowance. This is applicable whether they are occupying a seat or not. The airline permits carriage of any two items as free checked baggage – Pram, Pushchair, booster seat, carrycot, etc. Baggage after this limit is accepted in exchange for additional Eurowings baggage charges 

Passengers are not allowed to bring a pram or buggies as cabin bags as they will not meet the standards of Eurowings baggage limit. What you can do is replace the bigger cabin bag with  “pocket buggies” and bring it on board. If your little one uses a booster seat, you will first have to present it at the check-in counter for a thorough inspection. For this reason, passengers with booster seats are not eligible for web check-in. 

Eurowings Baggage Policy for Bulky & Sports Equipments

Eurowings Baggage Policy

Eurowings baggage allowance includes options for carrying sports or bulky items that generally do not fit the standard restrictions. A passenger must specify the equipment during booking the reservation or add it later before scheduled departure. Find everything related to permitted dimensions and applicable fees. Passengers can take bigger sports equipment like bicycles, skis, and surfboards online prior to web check-in closes. Ensure that you inform the airline ahead of time, as the storage is limited to aircraft capacity. Transportation of such baggage will cost you extra money. 

Passengers holding Eurowings credit card (plus their companions) can get this service free of cost. This is applicable only when the booking is done online and paid through Eurowings credit card. In case the baggage is over 23kg, the airline will term such item as ‘BULKY’ and apply additional Eurowings baggage fees. 

Eurowings flight baggage allowance permits musical instruments as checked baggage if they are packed safely in a hard case. If carried in a soft case as a carry-on item, the size should be under 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. Instruments like guitars are accepted as cabin bags only if placed on an extra seat and packed in a soft case. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the airline offer Eurowings free baggage allowance?

Yes, passengers flying in SMART or BIZclass are eligible to bring free carry-on bags and checked bags if paid through the airline’s credit card. 

How strict are Eurowings with hand luggage?

The airline does not permit any carry-on item over the Eurowings baggage limit. Such bags are subject to transportation in the hold for a fee. 

How many kg is a checked bag on Eurowings?

Eurowings permit checked baggage weighing under 32kg for SMART or BIZclass ticket holders. Passengers flying in BASIC fare can add checked bags of 12kg and 23kg for a fee. 

Does Eurowings charge for carry-on luggage?

Yes, Eurowing basic fare baggage allowance does not offer 8kg cabin bag. Passengers have to purchase it for 9 EUR or 16 GBP, depending on the selected route. 

Do Eurowings check bag size?

Yes. Every bag goes through proper inspection at the security screening, where size and weight limit are checked. 

What is Eurowings checked baggage size?

Eurowings checked baggage allowance and accepts bags with dimensions of 158 cm. 

What are Eurowings 12kg baggage charges?

Eurowings BASIC fare ticket holders can add a 12kg bag for EUR 17 / £15 / 17 CHF / $17 / 417 CZK / 186 SEK / 176 NOK / 126 DKK / 81 PLN / HUF 6.964 / 69 AED.


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