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Croatia Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Luggage Guidelines

Published on December 18, 2023

One of the most essential things for all your travel plans is the luggage and stuff you pack for the trip. If you are traveling with Croatia Airlines, you don’t need to worry about your luggage allowance. Croatia Airlines baggage allowance is so flexible that passengers can carry almost everything they need for a personal or a business trip. You can bring a cabin bag with a small handbag, laptop bag, or briefcase. 

Croatia Airlines Hand Baggage Allowance

Croatia Airlines Hand Baggage

Passengers traveling with Croatia Airlines get enough baggage allowance to carry almost all their important stuff. Under Croatia Airlines baggage allowance, the airline offers one cabin bag, small laptop bag, handbag, or briefcase. The mentioned allowance is applicable for Economy Class passengers. 

However, there are some flights on which the airline offers the same cabin baggage allowance for passengers traveling in Business Class, depending on the aircraft type. Otherwise, it provides two cabin baggage allowance for all business-class passengers.

Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 8 kg of weight with a maximum size dimension of not more than 115 cm. The maximum size dimensions must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Business Class passengers can carry a maximum of 8 kg for each bag. Croatia Airlines hand baggage allowance allows passengers to carry bags with overall linear size dimensions that must not exceed 115 cm or 55 x 40 x 20 cm and 57 x 54 x 15 cm if carrying a foldable garment bag.

Cabin ClassNumber of bagsAllowed WeightMaximum Size
Economy Class18 kg115 cm (55x40x20 cm)
Business Class28 kg (Each Piece)115 cm (55x40x20 cm) and 57 x 54 x 15 cm (foldable garment bag)

Apart from the main cabin bag, passengers can carry an additional handbag on both the cabin classes. Croatia Air carry on luggage states that the number of purses allowed is 1, with a maximum size dimension of 40 x 30 x 10 cm for Economy and Business Class passengers.

The airline only allows passengers to carry the luggage up to the permitted limit. Otherwise, the airline may refuse to accept the baggage on board, which will be transported as checked luggage. Depending on the aircraft type, the airline may carry your cabin luggage in the hold. This may be done even if you follow all the handbag restrictions and the airline doesn’t charge additional fees. 

Passengers must place the smaller handbag under the seat in front of them and the larger cabin hand baggage inside the overhead compartment. This is one of the reasons why passengers must follow all the size and weight restrictions so they can easily place their luggage without any help.

Additional Handbag
Cabin ClassNumber of bagsSize
Economy Class140x30x10 cm
Business Class140x30x10 cm

Croatia Airlines Baggage Allowance for Infants

Passengers traveling with infants under two years of age have a specific Croatia Airlines baggage allowance. The passengers can carry anyone from a stroller, child car seat, or one child carrier, along with the food to consume during the flight. However, car seats are only allowed if the passenger has booked a separate seat for the infant. 

If the child’s age is more than two years up to 4 years, one stroller can be carried free of charge. If the passengers have yet to book any seat for the infant or child, they cannot bring any hand baggage. 

Croatia Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Croatia Airlines Baggage Allowance

Croatia Airlines baggage limit allows passengers to carry free checked baggage allowance on all Croatia Airlines flights. The checked baggage allowance varies depending on the cabin fare selected. 

All cabin classes include free checked baggage allowance except the FlyEasy Cabin fare. Only the HON Circl, Senator, and Star Gold passengers can carry one checked luggage in FlyEasy Cabin fare with a maximum baggage weight of 23 kg

Croatia Airlines allows passengers to carry checked baggage with a maximum linear size dimension per piece, which must not exceed 158 cm, regardless of the cabin class booked.

Additionally, the passenger traveling with a child under four can transport one collapsible stroller.

Apart from FlyEasy, all other cabin fares, such as FlyOpti, FlyFlexi, FlyBise, and FlyBizz, offer various Croatia Airlines baggage policies. Here is a table below that shows which cabin fares offer baggage allowance for infants, adults, or passengers having memberships:

Type of PassengersFlyEasyFlyOptiFlyFlexiFlyBWiseFlyBizz
Infantsx1 x 23 kg1 x 23 kg1 x 23 kg1 x 23 kg
Adults / Childrenx1 x 23 kg1 x 23 kg2 x 32 kg2 x 32 kg
M & M members FF (silver)x2 x 23 kg2 x 23 kg2 x 32 kg2 x 32 kg
HON Circle, Senator, and Star Gold1 x 23 kg2 x 23 kg2 x 23 kg3 x 32 kg3 x 32 kg

Are you planning to travel with FlyEasy cabin fare with some checked baggage? Then, you don’t have to worry; the airline allows FlyEasy passengers to purchase Croatia Airlines checked baggage allowance, depending on your needs. Check the table below for the exact Croatia Airlines domestic and individual flight charges:

First bag fares with FlyEasy
Purchase TimeFlights within CroatiaInternational flights
Each Way Up To 24 Hours Before The Flight11 € + 25% VAT30€
Each Way Within 24 Hours Before Departure16 € + 25% VAT40€

FlyEasy passengers can also purchase the Croatia Airlines checked baggage allowance when making a reservation through the official website, contact center, or the airline’s office. Alternatively, passengers can buy the baggage allowance after booking the tickets through the abovementioned channel. The airline also allows passengers to purchase the checked baggage allowance at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. 

Croatia Airlines Excess Baggage Charges

Croatia Excess Baggage Charges

Passengers traveling with heavy luggage are not to cover them under the free baggage allowance. To transport the excess luggage, the passenger must pay the charges applicable to the luggage depending on the airline’s guidelines. Additionally, passengers must inform the airline while making the reservation if they carry any bag that is larger, heavier, or more than the allowed quantity.

Excess Baggage Charges for FlyEasy

FlyEasy passengers who purchased the first and second checked baggage will have to pay the below Croatia Airlines excess baggage charges:

Charges For First Piece Bigger / Heavy / Bigger & Heavy – FlyEasy
First Extra Checked Piece Bigger Than 158 cm(Up To 23kg)17545 + 25% VAT
First Extra Checked Piece Heavier than 23-32 Kg (Up To 158 Cm)12545 + 25% VAT
First Extra Checked Piece Bigger And Heavy(23-32 Kg/Above 158 Cm)22553 + 25% VAT
Charges For Second And Every Other Extra Piece – FlyEasy
Baggage ConditionsWithin EUDomestic
2nd & Every Other Extra Piece (Up To23 Kg/Up To 158cm)7532 + 25% VAT
2nd & Every Other Extra Piece Bigger Than 158cm(Up To 23kg)17545 + 25% VAT
2nd & Every Other Extra Piece Heavier (23-32 Kg & Up To 158 Cm)12545 + 25% VAT
2nd & Every Other Extra PieceBigger And Heavy (23-32 Kg/From 158 Cm)22553 + 25% VAT
Maximum Handling Weight Is 32 Kg (70 Lbs)

Excess Baggage Charges for FlyOpti, FlyFlexi, and FlyBizz Cabin Fares: 

Below is the table showing Croatia Airlines excess baggage charges applicable for the extra size and weight of luggage carried:

Economy Class Excess Baggage Charges for Each Free Piece of Bag
Charges For Free PieceEUREUR
1 Free Piece (Up To 23 Kg / Up To 158 Cm)00
Free Piece Bigger ( Up To 23kg / From 159 Cm)5032 + 25% VAT
Free Piece Heavy (24-32 Kg / Up To 158 Cm)5032 + 25% VAT
Free Piece Heavy And Bigger (24-32 Kg / From 159 Cm)11545 + 25% VAT
Economy Class Excess Baggage Charges for Each Extra Piece of Bag
Charges Per Extra PieceEUREUR
Extra Piece (Up To 23 Kg / Up To 158 Cm)7532 + 25% VAT
Extra Piece Bigger (Up To 23 Kg / From 159 Cm)12545 + 25% VAT
Extra Piece Heavy (24-32 Kg / Up To 158 Cm)12545 + 25% VAT
Extra Piece Bigger And Heavy (24-32 Kg / From 159 Cm)18553 + 25% VAT
Business Class Excess Baggage Charges for Each Free Piece of Bag
Charges For Free PieceEUREUR
2 Free Pieces (Up To 32 Kg / Up To 158 Cm)00
Free Piece Bigger (Up To 32 Kg / From 159 Cm)5032 + 25% VAT
Business Class Excess Baggage Charges for Each Extra Piece of Bag
Charges Per Extra Piece:EUREUR
Extra Piece (Up To 32 Kg/Up To 158 Cm)7532 + 25% VAT
Extra Piece Bigger (Up To 32 Kg / From 159 Cm)12545 + 25% VAT
Maximum Handling Weight Is 32 Kg (70 Lbs)

Note: Passengers will have to pay an additional 10 EUR for the excess baggage on International flights in Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. 

Croatia Airlines Special Items Baggage Guidelines

Croatia Airlines Special Items Baggage Guidelines

Croatia Airlines baggage limit allows passengers to carry a limited quantity of special items due to their weight and volume. Passengers must inform the airline about the special items when making a reservation. These charges depend on the aircraft and the destinations you are traveling.

Passengers can carry special items such as sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. even if the items don’t meet the standard dimensions. The airline recommends that passengers book a separate seat for the precious musical instruments to avoid damage. Check the table below to know about the dimensions of the non-standard baggage:

Aircraft TypeMaximum dimensions (from cabin floor)
A319/320150 x 42 x 25 cm
Dash 8 Q400125 x 42 x 25 cm

Sports Equipment

Are you willing to travel carrying your sports equipment? Don’t worry; Croatia Airlines allows passengers to bring their sports equipment following some basic restrictions. The airline categorized the sports equipment into two categories: Small and Large. If any passenger has the sports equipment under their standard baggage, it will count as checked baggage, and rules will apply, including the Croatia Airlines baggage fees for excess luggage. However, the size allowance of 158 cm doesn’t apply; additional charges will apply if the weight or quantity exceeds. 

Croatia Airlines baggage policy allows passengers to carry 315 m sports equipment at most. Otherwise, the equipment will be transported by Airbus fleet only. The sports equipment exceeding the checked baggage weight limit but weighing under 32 kg will have to pay the sports equipment charges. Equipment exceeding the weight and size limit of 32 kg and 350 cm will be transported as cargo. 

Small Sports Equipment

Small Sports Equipment (Weighs up to 22 kg / up to 200 cm in size)
Golf EquipmentFishing
Winter Sports EquipmentWeapons/Ammunition
Water Sports EquipmentParachuting
Scuba EquipmentHockey
Waveboard/SkateboardInline Skates
Alpinist EquipmentBowling

Golf Equipment: Passengers with Miles & HON-Circle, Senator, or STAR Gold Card holders can carry 1 Golf Equipment entirely free. 1 Golf Bag contains 1 set of golf clubs, golf balls, a tee, one pair of golf shoes, and one golf trolley aluminum.

Winter Sports Equipment: Winter Sports Equipment includes Ski & Snowboard Equipment. Ski Equipment contains one pair of skis, one pair of poles, one pair of boots, and one helmet. Similarly, Snowboard equipment includes one snowboard, one pair of boots, and one helmet.

Water Sports Equipment: Water sports equipment includes water ski (1 pair of water ski or one slalom water ski), Surfboard (1 board up to 2m), Kite Surfboard (1 kite and one board), and Boogieboard/Bodyboard/Wakeboard (1 board).

Bicycle: Transporting bicycles is allowed with Croatia Airlines under some restrictions. Passengers can carry one regular bike (no motor/no e-bike), one special children’s trolley, or one wheel bike. The airline will only accept the bicycle if it’s properly packed. 

Note: To check all the detailed information on the mentioned equipment, visit the official sports equipment page of Croatia Airlines. 

Large Sports Equipment

Large Sports Equipments (Weigh Between 23-32/size between 201-305 cm)
Tandem Bike
Hang Glider
Canoe Kayak Equipment
Rubber Dinghy
Vaulting Pole
Horse Riding Equipment

Croatia Airlines Sports Equipment Fees

The airline charges a specific amount to transport the sports equipment, whether small or large. Check the table below to know the exact fees:

Flights RegionSmall Sports Equipment (Up To 200 cm)Large Sports Equipment (201 – 350 cm)
Flights within CroatiaEUR 40 + 25 % VATEUR 60 + 25 % VAT
Flights within EuropeEUR 70EUR 120


  • Higher charges will apply for the category for passengers carrying sports equipment under the standard baggage allowance but exceeding the allowed size or weight. 
  • Suppose the passenger carries special baggage and sports equipment on International flights in Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina and purchases on the day of departure. In that case, an airline will charge an additional fee of 10 EUR.
  • The airline may transport a set of Ski/Snowboard equipment free of charge on Croatia Flights.
  • E-bicycles with an engine are not allowed to be transported as Sports Equipment, and excess baggage charges may apply. 
  • The e-bicycle battery must be up to 160 Wh. 
  • Passengers can take a spare battery inside the cabin as hand luggage.

Firearms and Ammunitions

Passengers traveling with Croatia Airlines can carry firearms and ammunition under some restricted guidelines. The airline doesn’t allow passengers to travel with exceeding limits of the restricted limit. The airline allows sporting guns, hunting guns, pistols, rifles, and ammunition. The ammunition must be packed separately with a maximum limit of 5 kg. Also, the transportation of weapons and ammunition is completely banned on flights to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Musical Instruments

You can bring your instrument on board if you are a musician or play any musical instrument for fun. Croatia Airlines allows passengers to carry any musical instrument under the baggage allowance. To transport any large musical instrument that weighs more than 32 kg with a maximum size of not more than 158 cm, passengers must get approval from the airline. The charges will be the same as the sports equipment. 

A passenger who booked a passenger’s seat to carry the musical instrument must ensure that the instrument’s weight is at most 80 kg. The dimensions must be of up to 150 x 42 x 25 cm. The dimensions must be 110 x 42 x 50 cm if the instrument is on the floor. 

Pet Travel with Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines baggage policy allows pets to travel inside the cabin or as checked luggage. Only dogs and cats are permitted inside the cabin. Before making a reservation, passengers must be aware of the regulations and pet policy of the country where they travel. Croatia Airlines charges an additional amount for pet travel. 

The airline only accepts two dogs or cats on the same flight, but one dog and one cat are prohibited. Additionally, the animals must be transported in proper containers or bags following all the restrictions and guidelines. No two animals are allowed to travel inside one container. 

Passengers must ensure the container is IATA-approved and follow all the airline guidelines. The pet can travel in a soft transporter bag inside the cabin. Otherwise, a rigid and strong container is compulsory for the pet in which there is enough space to stand and lay down comfortably. Water and food must be available inside the container and must be leakproof. The container and escape proof must be ventilated from at least three sides. 

Pet Container Restrictions

Passengers can carry three puppies or kittens in a container that must not weigh more than 8 kg each and a maximum of 2 pets. The maximum weight of adult pets in a container must be at most 14 kg each. All other animals other than dogs and cats must be transported as cargo. 

Pet Travel Charges

The airline will not count the animals under free baggage allowance, and charges must be paid for the same. 

For the container size of up to 80 x 55 x 55 cm (considered as medium size), the charges are mentioned below: 

  • Domestic flights: 33 EUR + PDV (25 %)
  • International flights (within Europe): 100 EUR
  • International flights (outside Europe): 150 EUR

Charges for the container size of up to 125 x 75 x 85 cm are:

  • Domestic flights: 40 EUR + PDV (25 %)
  • International flights (within Europe): 200 EUR
  • International flights (outside Europe): 300 EUR

Exceptions for Service Animals

No amount will be charged if the passengers travel with trained service dogs. The airline will accept the pets on a leash inside the cabin. Additionally, there must be a muzzle available for safety reasons.


  • Croatia Airlines doesn’t allow pets on flights from Croatia to the UK. However, the pets are allowed on the flight from the UK to Croatia except at London Gatwick Airport.
  • The airline will charge an amount of 10 EUR if the reservation is made for the pet on the day of departure for International Flights in Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Restricted Items

Croatia Airlines is very strict about the items you are taking on board. The airline doesn’t allow restricted items inside the cabin or as checked luggage. The airline restricted the items because of safety reasons. These prohibited items are liquids, dangerous goods, Firearms and Ammunition, Stunning Devices, etc. 

Restricted Items As Cabin Luggage

Here is a list of restricted items that are not allowed inside the Cabin:

  • Guns, Firearms, and Ammunition
  • Stunning Devices
  • Sharp Edged Objects
  • Workers’s Tools
  • Blunt Instruments
  • Explosive, Dynamites, Firecrackers, etc.

Restricted Items As Checked Baggage

Firearms, Explosives, and other Shooting devices with ammunition are banned from being carried as checked luggage. Here is a list of prohibited items as checked luggage:

  • Ammunition
  • Blasting Caps
  • Detonators and Fuses
  • Mines, Grenades, and other Explosive Military Stores
  • Fireworks and other Pyrotechnics
  • Smoke-generating Canisters
  • Smoke-Generating Cartridges
  • Dynamite, Gunpowder, and Plastic Explosives

Liquids: There are various restrictions to carrying liquids while traveling. Liquid items include gels, pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures, toothpaste, hair gels, shampoo, drinks, etc. Not all liquids are restricted to carry. 

There are no restrictions on duty-free items, but the receipt and item must be appropriately sealed inside the security bag. Passengers must carry the liquids in a 100 ml container, which will be then placed inside a resealable and transparent 1-litre bag. There are some exceptions for medicines and special dietary products for babies. 

Firearms and Ammunitions: Passengers carrying guns, firearms, etc., are not allowed because they may cause severe injuries. This includes pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, toy guns, replicas, CO2 Guns, Bows, Cross Bows, Arrows, Slingshots, Catapults, etc. 

Stunning Devices: Stunning devices used for giving shocks, animal stunners and animal killers, tear gas, acid sprays, etc. 

Blunt Instruments: The instruments that may cause serious injuries when hit include baseball and softball bats, clubs and batons, and martial arts equipment. 

Dangerous Goods

Passengers must know the guidelines for dangerous items that are completely banned from carrying. Check the items below that are prohibited from bringing inside the aircraft:

  • Mace, Pepper Spray, etc.
  • Shock Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Compressed Gases
  • Lithium Batteries, etc.
  • Ammunition, Fireworks, Flares, etc. (Exceptional)
  • Flammable and Poisonous Gases
  • Oxygen Bottles
  • Aqualung
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Corrosive Materials

Croatia Airlines is one of the airlines that offers passengers an impressive baggage allowance. The passengers can carry only one cabin luggage plus one small bag on Economy Class fare. Business Class passengers can have a maximum of 2 cabin luggage and one small laptop bag or hand purse. Free checked luggage allowance is allowed for all cabin fares except FlyEasy.

FlyEasy passengers will have to purchase the baggage allowance to carry checked luggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the baggage allowance for Croatia Airlines?

Croatia Airlines passengers can hold a maximum of 1 cabin bag and one small bag with an overall weight of 8 kg for Economy Class passengers. Business Class passengers can carry up to 2 Croatia Air carry on luggage with one small laptop bag. 

How much luggage can you take to Croatia?

Passengers can carry a maximum of one checked bag for FlyOpti and FlyFlexi Cabin fares with a maximum weight of 23 kg and up to 2 checked luggage in FlyBWise and FlyBizz cabin fares of up to 32 kg. 

Are Croatia Airlines strict with baggage?

Croatia Airlines only allows passengers to carry a maximum of 1 cabin bag with a small handbag for Economy cabin fare and doesn’t allow above the restricted limit.

Can you bring pets on Croatia Flight?

Croatia Airlines offers an impressive pet policy for passengers to travel with their four-legged companions. 


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