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Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance 2024 CEB Carry-On Items

Published on February 1, 2024

Carefully go through the Cebu Pacific baggage allowance before starting your journey. The airline instructs passengers to pack luggage according to policy restrictions for a smooth journey. Every bag should be able to meet the carry-on or checked baggage weight and size limits. There are many fares that include bags as a part of Cebu Pacific free baggage allowance. However, if the limit is exceeded, the airline will charge extra. The airline scrutinizes each and every bag before boarding and charges a penalty fee if requirements are not met. Let’s jump into the baggage policies and what you can pack for the trip!

Cebu Pacific Hand Carry Baggage Allowance

Every passenger is permitted to carry 1 cabin under 7kg and 56 cm x 36 cm 23 cm as a part of the Cebu Pacific baggage allowance. Do include the bag’s wheels and handles while measuring it. We recommend packing light since carry-on bags are stowed in the overhead compartment, and the passengers are responsible for lifting the baggage. On top of that, passengers can carry the following items as well for free:

  • An infant bag
  • Assistive device
  • Duty-free purchased items
  • Personal gadgets
  • Food items
  • A small handbag that you can stow under the seat. 

The combined weight of carry-on bags and the above-mentioned items shall be less than or equal to 7kg. 

Things Allowed in Hand Carry Baggage Cebu Pacific

There are several articles or items that are restricted or not allowed in cabin bags as per Cebu Pacific baggage allowance. Before packing, a passenger must identify things allowed in hand carry baggage in Cebu Pacific. Here comes a list of items that you can pack inside your hand luggage without worrying:

Allowed ItemsApplicable Conditions, if any
FruitsThis excludes odorous and foul-smelling fruits like Durian. 
Vegetables This excludes odorous and foul-smelling fruits like Durian. 
Cooked FoodEnsure to pack it in a leakproof containerRegulations on international flights may vary.Pork is not allowed on flights to/from Japan, Australia, Bacolod, Bohol, and Zamboanga. 
LechonMust fit the carry-on size and weight limitations.
Chicharon It is allowed for personal consumption. Regulations on international flights may vary. 
Kakanin (Sticky rice cakes)
Strawberry JamUp to 100 mL quantity packed in a sealable and leakproof container
A Jar of Honey
Coconut Oil
Liquor or Alcoholic Beverages The amount limit is up to 100 mLThe alcohol content is under 70%Duty-free purchased alcohol should be under five liters.
Energy Drinks:Up to three cans of energy drinks are allowed. 
Frozen Breast MilkUp to 100 mL.If you bring it for infants, no limit is levied. 
Powdered Coffee
Uncooked Rice
Chilled Food
CakePack it inside a bag or bag to avoid potential damage.
Dried FishAllowed. If packed in a sealed packet to avoid spillage and strong smells. 
Not Allowed Items
Frozen FoodBagoong (shrimp paste)KimchiBottled Water over 100 mLFresh EggsCanned goodsVinegar

Cebu Pacific Check In Baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed to bring up to three pieces of checked bags under Cebu Pacific baggage weight limit 20kg each. You may upgrade your allowance by 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, up to 32kg per bag. An individual can add checked bags at the time of reservation or later through the “manage booking” option up to two hours before departure. If you forget to add one in advance, you may purchase one at the airport up to an hour before the scheduled takeoff. 

Any bag that is over the stated weight limit or in size (over 39 inches) is subject to the Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee. However, passengers traveling with infants can check in baby strollers for free. Similarly, you may check in walking canes or any other assistive device free of cost. Check the following list of Items not allowed in check in baggage Cebu Pacific:

Fresh EggsThe airline does not encourage packing fresh eggs in checked bags due to their fragile nature. 
VinegarVinegar is termed a corrosive item; therefore, it is not allowed in checked bags.

Conditions For Special Baggage

Conditions For Special Baggage

Packing items bigger than standard size? Cebu Pacific will accept special items such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and other oversized bags for a specific Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee amount. 

1. Sports Equipment

Enjoy your sports equipment on the trip! The airline will take care of the rest. Passengers are allowed to submit their sporting items at the check in counter. The equipment should be packed in a travel-friendly case. Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance for sports only covers – bicycles, Fishing Equipment, Golf Clubs, Scuba/ Diving Equipment, and Bowling Balls. The maximum weight of each item must be under 32kg. If not, the Cebu Pacific baggage fee will apply to excess bags. Passengers are informed that sports baggage allowance is not transferable, but pooling is allowed if booked under the same booking. 

2. Musical Instruments 

Cebu Pacific permits musical as well as religious items on board if they are up to 56 cm x 36 cm 23 cm and weigh under 7 kg. The airline will count it towards the passenger’s cabin baggage allowance. If the instrument exceeds the dimensions and you still wish to carry it on board, you will have to purchase an additional seat. 

3. Firearms, Ammunitions, and Other Weapons

Cebu Pacific baggage allowance domestic flights permit firearms as checked baggage. You will have to pay the Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee for the transportation. In case you are packing a personal firearm, be sure to provide the following documents:

  • Government-issued IDs
  • Firearms License
  • Permit to carry firearms outside the residence boundary. 
  • Permit for Firearms and Ammunitions Transportation.

Members and personnel of law-enforcement agencies can enjoy the benefit of a fee waiver if they present a Valid Mission Order. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is not allowed in hand carry baggage in Cebuhand at  Pacific?

Things that are not allowed in Cebu Pacific carry-on are Frozen Food, Bagoong (shrimp paste), Kimchi, Bottled Water over 100 mL, Fresh Eggs, Canned goods, and Vinegar. 

Does Cebu Pacific have a free baggage allowance?

Yes, Cebu Pacific free baggage allowance includes one carry-on bag and a personal item for all passengers, irrespective of fare type.

How many kilos of baggage is allowed by Cebu Pacific?

Passengers can carry a 7kg cabin bag and checked bags up to 20kg (maximum limit is up to 32kg).

How much is 20 kg baggage in Cebu Pacific?

A 20kg bag can cost up to 500-1000 PHP. It is subject to change based on the purchased fare type. 

Can I check in 2 bags for 20kg in Cebu Pacific?

Yes, you can check in two bags (maximum three) on the Cebu Pacific flight. Each should weigh within 20kg. 

What if my luggage is 1 kg overweight in Cebu Pacific?

The airline will charge 200 PHP per kg on domestic flights and around 800 PHP on international flights. 

Can I bring two hand carry Cebu Pacific?

Yes, you can take one cabin bag under 56 cm x 36 cm 23 cm and a personal item with a combined weight of 7kg or less. 

What is 7kg cabin baggage?

Passengers are allowed to carry one 7kg cabin bag on board the Cebu Pacific flight. 

What happens if hand baggage exceeds 7 kg in Cebu Pacific?

In the case of oversized carry-ons, the airline will either ask you to repack your stuff or you may have to check it in for a fee. 

Does Cebu Pacific check hand carry weight?

Yes, every bag goes through a checking process before a passenger boards the plane. 


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