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Caribbean Airlines Baggage Allowance 2024 Avoid Excess Fee

Published on February 7, 2024

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Allowance offers great flexibility to its customers when it comes to packing bags for the trip. A passenger can carry a cabin bag as well as a checked bag when embarking on their new journey. Except for lite fares, all other inclusive fares come with one or two free hold luggage. Lite fare passengers are restricted to only one cabin plus a personal item. However, they are always welcome to purchase additional bags to extend the allowance.  But do not get caught up in the game of excess baggage. The airline charges around $75 for bags that exceed the permitted weight limit. Be sure to check in bags in accordance with the Caribbean Airlines baggage rules.

Caribbean Airlines Hand Baggage Allowance

Caribbean Airlines baggage policy permits each passenger to carry one cabin bag and one personal item on board. These bags are free of charge up until you comply with the luggage restrictions. The Caribbean Airlines carry on weight must be within 10kg or 22 lbs limit. Moreover, a bag should measure equal to or less than 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm. You may stow your carry-on safely in the overhead compartment.

Additionally, a passenger can also pack one personal item within 33 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm. It may fit under the front seat. A personal item can be a small handbag, laptop bag, book, or magazine as reading material, coat, jacket, etc. Any bag outside your permitted hand baggage allowance is charged as an extra piece.

Furthermore, Caribbean Airlines Infant Baggage Allowance lets parents or guardians bring one collapsible stroller, carrying basket, or an infant car seat on board. However, it is subject to the availability of space in the cabin thus, we advise you to inform the airline in advance. If your infant does not occupy a seat, he/she is still entitled to one carry-on bag up to 10kg. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Rules For Powdered and Liquid Items

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Rules For Powdered and Liquid Items

As per Caribbean Airlines baggage rules, passengers are allowed to pack liquid or gel-based items, given they are non-flammable. It should be packed and placed inside a container with a maximum capacity of 100 mL. If you require more than one container, pack all of them in a single plastic bag. It should be clear and resealable. The overall volume of the plastic bag should be less than or a  maximum of one liter. 

 Caribbean Airlines baggage policy prohibits powdered substances 350 ml or 12oz or larger in cabin bags. There are some exceptions, though. For example, powdered-based medicines or medically prescribed powdered products are permitted. This should be of the passenger’s usage, and he/she should be able to provide a valid copy of the prescription. Parents can bring baby formula for their infants or toddlers. Moreover, a passenger in grief can bring the human remains of their loved ones. These substances are allowed for transportation in the cabin, given no alterations are made and packed appropriately. Any other substance is subject to transportation as checked baggage. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy For Checked Items

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy For Checked Items

Caribbean Airlines baggage allowance for checked bags is determined on the basis of the booked fare and the selected route. You can decide to carry a checked bag if you have a lot to pack for the trip. According to the Caribbean Airlines baggage restrictions, a checked bag can weigh under 23kg or 50 lbs. It should measure in a way that the sum of all sides (L+W+H) is equal to or less than 157 cm or 62 inches. 

The airline will accept overweight bags that are over 23kg but under the 32kg limit. However, the transportation is subject to space availability. The airline may accept oversized bags but not in excess of 292 cm linear dimensions (L+W+H). Passengers will also have to pay Caribbean Airlines Baggage Price in addition to the standard fee. In case you bring bags in excess of maximum limits, the airline will not accept the bag and decline the transportation. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Restrictions (To/From Caracas, Grenada and North America)

Passengers flying to or from Caracas are not eligible to purchase excess or extra baggage. This is also applicable to any individual having international connections and flex tickets.  Whereas, flights to or from Grenada and North America (USA or Canada) will levy the following Caribbean Airlines Baggage Restrictions:

  • Passengers are not eligible to pack or purchase excess baggage, excess weight, or boxes when traveling during the below-mentioned seasons:
Summer Embargo
From 1st June to 30th September
Winter Embargo1st January to 31st January1st December to 31st December
  • Even if you bring an oversized/ overweight or extra piece of luggage, the airline will transport it as Cargo only. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Price

Caribbean Airlines offers one checked bag free of cost to all passengers except for Lite passengers (international flights). Bags outside the free allowance will incur additional charges. Passengers will have to pay a certain amount if they check in more than what is permitted. The amount of which varied depending on the number of bags, travel class, and the selected route. 

Along with that, passengers can also extend their permitted allowance by adding an extra piece by paying Caribbean Airlines additional baggage fee. If you are flying on international flights, you will get two checked bags included in your allowance (Flex, Biz, Biz Flex). We would recommend booking online in advance to enjoy discounted charges. Refer to the table below to check Caribbean Airlines baggage prices for international and domestic flights. 

Domestic Flights Between Trinidad and Tobago

Number Of Checked BagsEconomy Flexible
First BaggageFree
Second BaggagegTTD 3.00 per kg
Third BaggageTTD 3.00 per kg
Fourth BaggageTTD 3.00 per kg
Overweight BaggageTTD 3.00 per kg

International Flights (excluding domestic flights between Trinidad and Tobago)

Checked BagLiteClassicFlexBizBiz Flex
First BagUSD 30 orCAD 40FreeFreeFreeFree
Second BagUSD 40 orCAD 55USD 40 orCAD 55FreeFreeFree
Third BagUSD 150 orCAD 200USD 150 orCAD 200USD 150 orCAD 200USD 150 orCAD 200Free
Fourth BagUSD 175 orCAD 235USD 175 orCAD 235USD 175 orCAD 235USD 175 orCAD 235USD 175 orCAD 235
Overweight BagUSD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90
Oversized BagUSD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90USD 75 orCAD 90

Also read the following additional information:

  • The amount of the fee changes as per the applicable taxes.
  • The fee is applicable one-way on a flight
  • Canadian dollars are applicable to flights originating in Canada only. 

Caribbean Free Checked Baggage for Infants

Caribbean Free Checked Baggage for Infants

Earlier, Caribbean Airlines used to provide one free checked bag to infants traveling without a booked seat. Now, the accompanying passenger can carry one 10kg bag on board. They can check in one completely foldable baby stroller, pushchair, buggy, or basket. If parents or guardians do not wish to check it in, they can decide to carry it on board as well. However, this depends on the storage capacity of the aircraft or space availability. 

Infants occupying a seat in the cabin are entitled to a free checked baggage allowance as per the purchased fare. Please note that Lite fares do not include any checked bags. In addition to this, parents or guardians can check in or carry one completely foldable baby stroller, pushchair, buggy, or basket. Again, this is subject to space availability. 

Conditions for Cremated Human Remains

Conditions for Cremated Human Remains

The airline lets passengers travel with cremated human remains. However, meeting certain conditions for approval is mandatory. Passengers are suggested to pack the remains in an urn or any other suitable container to prevent spillage. It is accepted as both a checked and carry-on item. However, it is preferable to carry it on board as it is precious and holds great value.  Also, note that you can carry only one item in addition to the personal item. The linear dimension of the container should not be greater than 56 cm + 35 cm + 23 cm. It should weigh under 10kg or 22 lbs. 

Sports And Musical Equipment on Caribbean Flights

Sports Equipment
Musical Equipment

The airline permits some kind of sports equipment and musical instruments, which may be included in your free Caribbean Airlines baggage allowance. The weight of the special items should be under 23kg or 50 lbs and measure within 157 cm or 62 inches when all sides are summed up. If the equipment is over the permitted size and weight limit, the airline will count it as excess baggage and apply extra charges. The following are the sports equipment that you can pack for your adventurous trip!

  • Archery
  • Bicycle
  • Boogieboard
  • Cricket
  • Field Hockey
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Equipment
  • Guitar 
  • Ice Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Snow/ Water Skiing Equipment
  • Violin

Please note that the airline does not accommodate items like hang gliding, kayaks, canes, steel pans, windsurfing boards, and sailboards. Another important thing is to ensure the item is packed in a suitable case to prevent damage and injuries to the handling staff. For more, refer to the packing guide below:

  • The travel case should be designed especially for musical instruments or sports equipment. 
  • After packing the item, ensure that it aligns with the size and weight limits.
  • An instrument can weigh a maximum of 32kg. If it exceeds, the airline will still accept it.  
  • However, oversized bags are not accepted for transportation. Exception pieces of oversized equipment are allowed only as excess baggage based on space availability.

Caribbean Airlines List Of Prohibited Item

Caribbean Airlines List Of Prohibited Item

Lastly, aside from all the baggage restrictions on weight, size, and quantity, there are articles or substances that are strictly prohibited. Even if they meet the standard luggage regulations, they will still not accept it. These are those items that have the potential to endanger safety, health, or property security. Caribbean Airlines adheres to the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and IATA. It is strictly followed and applied to all international and domestic flights. Passengers are forbidden to carry the below-mentioned list of items in checked and carry-on bags:

  • Smart bags, cash bags, or any bag that contains lithium batteries.
  • Mace, pepper spray, or any other disabling device with an irritant or incapacitating substance. 
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Strike anywhere matches
  • Electroshock weapons.
  • Lighter with blue flame or lithium battery-powered. 
  • Vehicles operated in lithium batteries like hoverboards, mini-segways, balance wheels, etc.
  • Samsumg Galaxy Note 7 
  • Damaged lithium battery. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how much baggage is allowed on Caribbean Airlines?

Every passenger is permitted to bring one free cabin bag (56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm) and a personal item (33 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm) on board. The cabin bag should weigh less than or equal to 10kg.

What is the weight limit for Caribbean Airlines?

The weight limit for Caribbean checked bags is 23kg; it will accept overweight bags up to 32kg. 

Can I travel with my pet on Caribbean Airlines?

Yes, Caribbean Airlines accept dogs and cats as checked baggage for a fee given the weight of the pet, including the carriage, is under 32kg, and the size of containers is under 292 cm (115 in). 

Does Caribbean Airlines offer free checked bags?

Yes, all fares, except Lite, offer the first free checked bag. Some premium tickets like Flex, Biz, and Biz Flez include a second checked bag as well. 

How many bags can I carry on board the Caribbean flights?

You can carry up to two bags; one should be a standard carry-on, and the other can be a small personal item. 

Are sports equipment permitted on Caribbean flights?

Yes, Caribbean Airlines treats certain sports equipment as checked baggage and does not permit the transportation of items like hang gliding, kayaks, canes, steel pans, windsurfing boards, and sailboards.

What is the permitted size limit for Caribbean Airlines hold luggage? 

As per the Caribbean Airlines baggage allowance, hold luggage should be equal to or less than 157 cm or 62 inches (L+W+H).

Does Caribbean offer a free allowance to lap infants?

Yes, parents or guardians accompanying lap infants can carry or check in a fully collapsible stroller, pushchair, buggy, or basket.


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