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Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Allowance 2024

Published on January 8, 2024

Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Allowance states the number and weight of bags a passenger is permitted to carry. The airline has set its policies to meet the luggage requirements of a traveler. It includes a free allowance that lets passengers carry one cabin bag and one checked bag without any cost. For this purpose, certain weight and size limits are important to satisfy. Otherwise, additional charges will apply. Check important details mentioned under Cambodia Angkor Air baggage policy. 

Cambodia Angkor Air Carry On

Cambodia Angkor Air Carry On

Every passenger is allowed to carry one cabin bag of 7kg completely free of charge under the Cambodia Angkor Air baggage policy. It is accepted only if the size of the bag is within 115 cm or 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm (22 x 11 x 9 inches). You may store your bags in space under the front seat or in the overhead compartment. In addition to this, one small item is permitted inside the flight cabin. It can be a handbag, reading material, camera, baby food, duty-free items, etc. If you are carrying a jacket as a small item, it should be within 114 cm x 60 cm x 11 cm. In the case of a laptop bag, the size should be under 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm

If the Cambodia Angkor Air carry on item is over 7kg, you may have to purchase additional weight to upgrade the allowance. This means you may have to pay additional charges per 10kg, which are 20 USD (12 USD – Advance Purchase) for all routes operated by K6. For bags over 10kg, the passenger will have to purchase a 23kg allowance at the airport and submit it to the check-in counter. The airline will apply checked baggage conditions to such bags. 

Regulation on Liquid-based Items

As per Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Allowance, passengers are allowed to pack liquid or gel-based items onboard. Such items are accepted only if certain regulations and conditions as defined in the policy are satisfied. 

  • Pack liquid items in individual containers with no more than 100mL capacity. You can even purchase containers suitable for air travel. Containers having capacity over the stated limit are not allowed even if they are partially filled. 
  • Afterward, place these containers in a single clear plastic bag, which should be re-sealable and have a zip-top. The volume of such a bag should be within one liter.
  • Any liquid item exceeding the above-mentioned requirement is straightaway rejected and discarded. 

Cambodia Angkor Air Check In Baggage Rules

Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Allowance includes one free checked baggage in almost every fare class. Passengers have to make sure they meet the weight limit as permitted for their purchased travel class. If you are flying in Business or Premium Economy Class, you can carry one piece up to 32kg. For Economy Class tickets, the weight limit is up to 23kg for one piece. When you purchase the ticket, your allowance is mentioned in the confirmation email. The dimensions of all checked bags should be less than or equal to 158 cm in total. Cambodia Angkor Air Check In Baggage over 119 cm or 45 inches is termed an oversized bag.

Cambodia Angkor Air check in baggage allowance is the same for children over the age of two years. Infants are not entitled to any baggage under this policy. However, accompanying passengers may bring a foldable stroller free of charge. Baggage over 320 cm or weighing more than 32kg is not accepted for transportation in hold. 

Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Fees

Baggage Fees

Passengers with bags over the permitted free checked baggage allowance have to pay a certain fee amount. You will pay the Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Fees at the airport to upgrade the allowance.

1. Extra Luggage Charges

These charges are applicable when a passenger brings pieces of bags over the permitted quantity. He/ she is permitted to purchase up to 10 additional pieces by paying the concerned amount. Moreover, the table also shows upgrade charges for passengers who have already purchased extra baggage but wish to purchase more as their actual bag is overweight at the counter. 

Charges Applicable When Purchased At The Airport
Selected Routes23kg per piece32kg per pieceUpgrade 15kg-23kg per pieceUpgrade 23kg-32kg per pieceUpgrade 15kg-32kg per piece
Domestic (included VAT)69 USD96 USD50 USD60 USD80 USD
Flights between Cambodia and Vietnam65 USD85 USD50 USD60 USD80 USD
Remaining Routes100 USD130 USD60 USD70 USD90 USD
Applicable On Flights Between Cambodia and China
Flight from Cambodia to China90 USD120 USD50 USD60 USD80 USD
Flight from China to Cambodia150 USD200 USD120 USD170 USD180 USD

2. Charges Applicable to Oversized Checked Baggage

Bags over 119 cm are subject to oversized charges. The charges are applicable to domestic and international routes separately. Passengers will have to pay 80 USD per oversized piece on domestic routes. If you are flying on an international route, the airline will charge 100 USD per oversized bag. These charges are levied when you make a purchase at the airport. 

Passengers can also upgrade their baggage allowance in weight. The airline offers additional pieces of 15kg, 23kg, and 32kg. It is more convenient in terms of money if you pre-book your checked bags. You will have to pay the following Cambodia Angkor Air baggage fees:

Selected RoutesPrice Per Kilo
Domestic (included VAT)23 USD35 USD48 USD
Between Cambodia and Vietnam30 USD46 USD64 USD
Between Cambodia and China39 USD63 USD80 USD
Remaining Routes49 USD73 USD90 USD

Items Restricted On Cambodia Angkor Air Cabins

Items Restricted On Cambodia Angkor Air Cabins

Some items are prohibited in the aircraft as carry-on items as they can cause potential risk. Items like knives, swords, bludgeons, blackjacks, Billy Club instruments, etc., are not allowed in the flight cabins. This also includes items that can be used as a potential weapon. The airline will consider the possession harmful and reject the item from boarding the plane. 

Such items inside carry-on bags will straightaway get confiscated at the security screening, and no passenger can get them back. The airline holds no responsibility for the consequences of such a situation. Passengers traveling with the mentioned items can repack them in their checked baggage if not restricted. 

The airline permits firearms and cartridges in checked baggage if the passengers have approval from the government. These are not allowed inside flight cabins. The staff will ask to surrender such arms and cartridges before boarding. So, the airline can handle it as per the air transport regulations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much baggage is allowed on Cambodia Airlines?

Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Allowance includes a free carry-on (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm) and a personal item (114 cm x 60 cm x 11 cm) under the combined weight of 7kg. One checked bag is free for every passenger under 23kg and 32kg, based on purchased fare. 

Does Cambodia Angkor Air allow pet travel?

Yes, Cambodia Angkor Air accepts household cats, dogs, and birds as excess baggage in the cargo compartment for a fee. Service animals are permitted in the flight cabin free of charge.  

What is the weight limit for Cambodia Angkor Air?

Passengers can check in bags under 23kg and 32kg, which vary from fare to fare, and their size should be 158 cm or less. 

What is the size limit for laptop bags on Cambodia Angkor Air flights? 

Passengers carrying laptop bags to the Cambodia Angkor Air flight must make sure that they are within 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm. 

What are the charges for Cambodia Oversized bags?

Passengers will have to pay 80 USD on domestic routes and 100 USD on international routes for every oversized bag as Cambodia Angkor Air baggage fees.


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