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Batik Air Baggage Allowance 2024 Carry Your Special Items

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Published on January 15, 2024

Batik Air Baggage Allowance offers you a wide range of bag options to make your travel more convenient. Every fare allowance has different weight and size restrictions. The amount of baggage you can take free of charge depends on the selected route, chosen travel class, and ticket terms and conditions. Moreover, checked and carry-on luggage follow their own policies. Most of the time, both are included in the allowance, but in some cases, they incur additional costs. Before purchasing a fare, ensure you go through its Batik Air baggage policy and check whether it meets your travel requirements. 

Batik Air Cabin Baggage Allowance

Batik Air Cabin Baggage SIZE

Cabin bags, also known as carry-on luggage, are items that you can bring on board the flight. Passengers do not submit them at the check-in counter; instead, they can store them in the overhead compartment of the aircraft. Therefore, the bag should not exceed 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm in size to fit the provided space. On the other hand, Batik Air baggage limits for Indonesia are 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm for Boeing/Airbus aircraft. The limit varies according to the purchased fare class. For instance, you can carry only one piece of cabin baggage up to 7kg if flying in Economy Class. Meanwhile, passengers flying in business class are allowed to carry two carry-on bags.

In addition to this, passengers can also take their personal items. They can choose between a laptop and a handbag. This applies to all travel classes. Any bag not in compliance with the baggage regulations is put to the hold storage of the aircraft. 

Conditions for Carrying Smart Baggage/ Luggage

Suppose you are traveling with a “Smart Baggage” or bag with lithium batteries installed, including motors, GPS, GSM Bluetooth, RFID, or WiFi. You may carry it on board only if it checks all the conditions stated below:

  • The lithium battery is acceptable only when the watt-hour rating is under 2.7 Wh or 0.3g lithium metal.
  • Such batteries are strictly prohibited in the cabin baggage if they are non-removable.
  • All of its features, like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc, should be turned off. 

In a case where the battery exceeds the restrictions, and it is non-removal, passengers cannot carry it on board. 

Batik Air Check In Baggage Rules

Check In Baggage Rules

The airline offers Batik Air checked baggage free of charge on all routes up to a certain weight limit. Passengers can submit one hold luggage at the check-in counter free of cost. Again, the free allowance varies based on the chosen fare class. Passengers may check-in bags up to the weight limit as per their fare conditions. Otherwise, the airline will apply additional charges that will increase your overall budget. Thus, pack your bags according to the Batik Air Check In Baggage Rules.

1. Bags Permitted On All Routes

Different Travel ClassesPermitted Weight Allowance
Business Flexi40kg
Business Promo30kg
Economy Flexi30kg
Economy Value20kg
Super Saver20kg

2. On Bangladesh Routes

Different Travel ClassesPermitted Weight Allowance
Business Flexi40kg
Business Promo40kg
Economy Flexi35kg
Economy Value35kg
Super Saver35kg

3. On Melbourne Routes

Different Travel ClassesPermitted Weight Allowance
Business Flexi30kg
Business Promo25kg
Economy Flexi35kg
Economy Value20kg
Super Saver15kg

Note: For flights between Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu, passengers can carry up to 35kg in Economy Class. This is applicable only on OD-operated flights. 

Purchased Additional Baggage at Lower Prices

Purchased Additional Baggage

The airline understands that long vacations call for more baggage, and the given Batik Air Baggage Allowance may not be enough sometimes. Therefore, it gives you an option to increase your limit by purchasing additional checked bags. You can get extra luggage at very reasonable prices if you add them to your booking in advance. Extend the number of bags or purchase additional weight up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure. You can visit the official airline website and go to the “Manage Booking” section or contact the airline directly. If you purchase the baggage at the check-in counter, the Batik Air Excess Baggage Fee will spike. 

In case you choose to check in highly valuable baggage, the airline will first ask you to sign the Limited Release baggage. This tag will limit the liability of the airline, and it will not be held responsible for any damage to the item. It is suggested that we have enough travel insurance on such items. 

Moreover, if your checked baggage lies under the following category, you will have to sign the Limited Release Tag (LTR). Otherwise, the airline will not accept the bag for transportation. 

  • Fragile items, including sports equipment
  • Bags packed in unsuitable packing
  • Perishable goods
  • Damaged goods
  • Luggage with broken handles or torn straps. 
  • Late luggage check-in
  • If not permitted inside flight cabins. 

Batik Frequent Flyer Free Allowance

Frequent flyers are always given more options and facilities in return for trusting airline services. Similarly, they get additional free baggage benefits, which can weigh a maximum of 10kg. It is applicable on each part of the flight, and only the cardholder can avail of this service. More importantly, the passenger should be active as a Batik Frequent Flyer member. 

Batik Air Excess Baggage Fee

Bags over the Batik Air baggage limit will result in an additional fee. The amount is levied per extra weight or piece. The following table shows baggage rates if purchased in advance. These charges vary for international and domestic routes, depending on the chosen weight limit. Rates are applicable on a sector basis. 

1. Rates Applicable on All Domestic Routes

Weight LimitsApplicable Charges
10kg180 MYR
15kg250 MYR
20kg310 MYR
25kg380 MYR
30kg460 MYR

2. Applicable Charges on All International Routes

Selected Routes10 kgs15 kgs20 kgs25 kgs30 kgs
Malaysia to Australia / Saudi Arabia330 MYR460 MYR610 MYR760 MYR880 MYR
Indonesia to Australia280 MYR390 MYR510 MYR630 MYR730 MYR
Malaysia to Bangladesh330 MYR460 MYR610 MYR760 MYR880 MYR
Malaysia to Hong Kong230 MYR310 MYR410 MYR510 MYR580 MYR
Malaysia to Bangalore / Kochi / Thiruvananthapuram / Chennai / Indonesia / Sri Lanka230 MYR310 MYR410 MYR510 MYR580 MYR
Malaysia to Australia / Saudi Arabia280 MYR390 MYR510 MYR630 MYR730 MYR
Malaysia to Tiruchirappalli350 MYR430 MYR530 MYR630 MYR700 MYR
Malaysia to Thailand / Singapore / Uzbekistan180 MYR230 MYR310 MYR380 MYR430 MYR
Malaysia to Pakistan280 MYR390 MYR510 MYR630 MYR730 MYR
Malaysia to Nepal280 MYR390 MYR510 MYR630 MYR730 MYR
Malaysia to Japan / United Arab Emirates280 MYR390 MYR510 MYR630 MYR730 MYR
Malaysia to China / Taiwan230 MYR310 MYR410 MYR510 MYR580 MYR
Malaysia to Vietnam230 MYR310 MYR410 MYR510 MYR580 MYR
Malaysia to Korea / Maldives280 MYR390 MYR510 MYR630 MYR730 MYR
Malaysia to New Zealand / Turkey630 MYR890 MYR1190 MYR1490 MYR1730 MYR
Taiwan to Japan230 MYR310 MYR410 MYR510 MYR580 MYR
Sri Lanka to Maldives230 MYR310 MYR410 MYR510 MYR580 MYR
Australia to New Zealand330 MYR460 MYR610 MYR760 MYR880 MYR

3. Excess Luggage Charges on Batik Air One Way Direct Flights

Departing LocationArrival LocationPer Kilogram
MalaysiaAll Domestic pointsRM 37
All International points excluding Bangladesh, Pakistan & NepalRM 48
Bangladesh, Pakistan & NepalRM 65
New Zealand / TurkeyRM 58
AustraliaMalaysiaAUD 20
IndonesiaAUD 18
New ZealandAUD 30
BangladeshMalaysiaBDT 1,500
ChinaMalaysiaCNY 75
IndiaMalaysiaINR 1,000
IndonesiaMalaysiaIDR 150,000
AustraliaIDR 120,000
New Zealand / TurkeyIDR 337,000
NepalMalaysiaUSD 20
PakistanMalaysiaPKR 2,100
SingaporeMalaysiaSGD 20
ThailandMalaysiaTHB 400
VietnamMalaysiaUSD 10
Hong KongMalaysiaHKD 85
TaiwanMalaysiaTWD 330
JapanMalaysiaJPY 1,600
KoreaMalaysiaKRW 14,500
TaiwanJapanTWD 275
JapanTaiwanJPY 1,200
Sri LankaMalaysiaUSD 12
Saudi ArabiaMalaysiaSAR 40
United Arab EmiratesMalaysiaAED 40
Turkey / UzbekistanMalaysiaUSD 15
New ZealandMalaysiaNZD 25
AustraliaNZD 32

Batik Air Baggage Policy For Sports Equipment

Batik Air Sports Equipment Baggage Policy

The airline accepts sports equipment as checked baggage under Batik Air baggage allowance. However, baggage restriction on such items persists. Even though the airline takes care of your precious equipment, it is still advised to get travel insurance for the safe side. 

  1. Surfboard or Windboard These items are not allowed on ATR-operated flights. The airline will charge handling charges to the second surfboard. 
  2. Bicycle – The airline permits up to ten units of bicycles on a single flight at the same time.
  3. Diving Equipment/ Bowling Ball/ Golf Bag – The weight of such items is determined as per the Batik Air Baggage Allowance stated on the purchased ticket. Ensure to pack these items in an approved bag with a 165 cm maximum length.
    Note – Malindo Mile Platinum and Gold members get an additional 15kg free baggage allowance for one golf set 
  4. Equipment like Hang gliders, sails, kayaks, canoes & oars, pole vaults, and javelins are not accepted on Batik Air flights.

Guidelines For Traveling With Musical Instruments

Passengers are allowed to carry small instruments like guitars, violins, saxophones, flutes, etc, on board as cabin bags. Only if they are able to meet the Batik Air cabin baggage restrictions on size and weight limits. For bulky and larger equipment, passengers first have to sign the LTR form and submit the item as checked luggage. It would be advisable to get the travel insurance on time, especially if the instrument is expensive. 

Additionally, passengers can even carry larger equipment on board by purchasing an extra seat in the same cabin. Baggage restrictions are still applicable on such items. For instance, an instrument like a cello packed in a suitable carry case should have a maximum height of 65 inches or 165 cm with a base of 10 x 18 inches. Its weight should not be more than 75kg if placed in an EXTRA SEAT. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Batik Air overweight baggage?

Excess baggage charges differ according to the selected route and travel class. Domestically, it can cost around 180 MYR to 460 MYR.

Can I check in 2 bags with Batik Air?

Passengers are permitted to check in one piece of checked baggage weighing from 20kg to 40kg, depending on the chosen fare. 

Does Batik Air permit Musical Instruments on board?

Yes, small instruments are permitted on board. You may purchase an extra seat for the instruments that cannot fit in the overhead compartment. 

What items are not allowed on Batik Air flights?

Items like explosives, toxic substances, flammable fluids & gas, corrosive items, radioactive material, oxidizers, etc., are not allowed on Batik Air flights. 


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