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Bangkok Airways Baggage Allowance 2024 Hand luggage Limit

Published on January 11, 2024

Bangkok Airways Baggage Allowance helps in understanding the permitted number of bags per traveler and the restrictions levied on them. Every passenger is allowed to check in or carry a limited number of bags. Such policies help passengers as well as the airline. Passengers can pack just the right quantity for the trip, and the airline can ensure flight safety. Bangkok Airways baggage limit differ according to the type of purchased fare. Some travel classes offer more baggage while some don’t due to limited benefits. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the correct knowledge of luggage policy is mandatory before you start your journey. 

Bangkok Airways Carry On Baggage Allowance

Bangkok Airways Carry On Baggage Allowance

Bangkok Airways hand luggage allowance states that every passenger gets one cabin bag included in their fare. An infant occupying a seat also gets the same allowance as the adult. However, there is no allowance for infants without a seat. A cabin bag should be in accordance with the Bangkok Airways baggage limit, i.e., up to 7kg and within 50 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm. If you are flying to or from Luong Prabang, your cabin bag should weigh 5kg maximum as per the Bangkok Airways hand baggage. 

For safety concerns, the airline prohibits some items on board. Passengers carrying such items will have to face serious consequences. Thus, we are sharing a list of items that a passenger should avoid packing in cabin bags:

  1. Ammunition, including cartridges for weapons.
  2. Bags with lithium batteries 0.3 g lithium metal or 2.7 Wh.
  3. Fuel cell engines
  4. Permeation devices
  5. Security-type attaché cases, cash boxes, cash bags
  6. Thermometer (medical or clinical)

Bangkok Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

Bangkok Airways Checked Baggage

Passengers are allowed to check-in Bangkok Airways baggage up to 20kg if flying in Economy class. Meanwhile, Blue RIbbon Class or Business Class tickets are allowed to check in bags up to 40kg. The airline permits a 10kg baggage allowance to infants irrespective of the class they travel in. 

As per Bangkok Airways baggage policy, passengers who wish to extend their allowance can purchase additional bags. Booking extra baggage through the following channels will guarantee you a lower purchase price:

  • Airline’s call center, ticket office, or ticketing agent at least four hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Through the official airline website at least two hours before the scheduled takeoff time.

Bangkok Airways Excess Baggage Fees

Excess Baggage fees on Bangkok Airways

As per the instructions of the Airport of Thailand, the weight of a single checked bag should not be over 32 kilograms. If it exceeds the maximum weight limit, the bag is subject to re-packing. Otherwise, any extra weight over the permitted baggage allowance will result in the application of Bangkok Airways Excess Baggage Fees. If you are flying on codeshare and interline flights, you may refer to the charges of the airline that is in charge of operating the flights. 

In addition, passengers can purchase additional baggage in advance if they feel they require more baggage for the trip. Such service comes with charges however, booking online in advance can save you some extra pennies. The amount varies depending on the selected route or destination. You can refer to the table below for applicable Bangkok Airways excess baggage fees according to five different zones. 

  • Zone 1: Thailand
  • Zone 2: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam
  • Zone 3: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Bangladesh
  • Zone 4: India, Maldives, Japan, China
  • Zone 5: Other from above except USA/ Canada

1. Pre-paid Baggage Charges for Domestic Routes

Prepaid BaggagePrice 
5 KGTHB 600
10 KGTHB 900
15 KGTHB 1,350
20 KGTHB 1,800
25 KGTHB 2,250
30 KGTHB 2,700
35 KGTHB 3,150
40 KGTHB 3,600

2. Prepaid Baggage Charges for International Routes

Per 1 KgDestination
OriginZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Zone 18 USD10.4 USD16 USD48 USD
Zone 28 USD10.4 USD16 USD20 USD48 USD
Zone 310.4 USD16 USD20 USD24 USD48 USD
Zone 416 USD20 USD24 USD28 USD48 USD
Zone 548 USD48 USD48 USD48 USD48 USD

3. Excess Baggage Rates for Domestic and International Routes

Passengers flying on domestic routes will have to pay 180 THB for every extra kilo per sector. Refer to the table below if flying on an international flight. 

New Excess Charge Rate for international flights
Per 1 KgDestination
OriginZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Zone 111 USD14 USD20 USD60 USD
Zone 211 USD14 USD20 USD25 USD60 USD
Zone 314 USD20 USD25 USD30 USD60 USD
Zone 420 USD25 USD30 USD35 USD60 USD
Zone 560 USD60 USD60 USD60 USD60 USD

Bangkok Airways Baggage Policy for Special Baggage

Bangkok Airways Special Baggage Policy

The airline is happy to transport your special items that require special care. It has designed specific guidelines for items like Bicycles, fishing equipment, surfboards, etc. Passengers have to make sure they meet the Bangkok Airways baggage limit for special baggage. We have discussed regulations for some items, and you may visit the official website for detailed information. 

1. Guidelines for Bicycle

The airline offers quite a good offer to passengers taking a bike through its Bangkok Airways baggage allowance. Passengers can load their bikes at no cost if the following conditions are met:

  • This is applicable on flights operated by Bangkok Airways and Airbus-operated flights.
  • Your bike is treated as checked baggage. It should be packed suitably for air transportation. 
  • The bicycle should be collapsible. The size should be 50 x 100 x 50 cm for ATR flights and 145 x 160 x 110 cm for Airbus flights, according to the Bangkok Airways baggage policy
  • An individual can bring only one bike for free; additional bikes will incur additional charges.
  • This offer is not valid if transporting a bike for commercial purposes. 
  • You will have to make a reservation for your bike at least a day before your travel day.
  • This does not include your normal baggage allowance.

2. Foldable Baby Stroller or Pram

The airline accepts completely foldable baby strollers or prams as Bangkok Airways carry on baggage. But, the item should be in accordance with the permitted size and weight limit. This means it should be within 7kg or 5 kg, depending on the selected route, and measure under 50 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm. However, its acceptance as a cabin bag is subject to space availability. In some cases, the staff may ask to put the baggage in the aircraft hold. The airline will return it to you when you arrive at the final destination right at the aircraft door. 

3. Diving Equipment

The airline will transport one set of diving equipment as checked baggage. Make sure to pack the item securely with the right packaging material to prevent damage. In case you are bringing a diving lamp, ensure that it’s completely switched off. Remove the battery and place it separately, or you may carry it in the cabin baggage. You may bring any of the following set of equipment:

  • One scuba regulator.
  • One tank harness.
  • One tank pressure gauge.
  • Face mask.
  • One dive suit/vest.
  • One diving knife.
  • One empty cylinder tank.
  • One diving lamp.
  • Spear Gun

3. Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment is accepted for transportation as checked baggage only. The airline states it should not exceed the Bangkok Airways baggage dimensions of 109 inches or 277 cm in total for Airbus flights. However, the size limit is different for ATR-operated flights, i.e., 170 cm in total. Passengers are solely responsible for packing the item with suitable material for transportation. You may submit the following at the check-in counter:

  • One fishing box
  • One landing net
  • Pair of fishing boots
  • Two reels and two rods. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many kg is allowed in Bangkok Airways?

Bangkok Airways permits carry on bags up to 7kg and 5kg, based on the purchased travel class. Meanwhile, checked baggage should weigh 20kg and 40kg. 

What is Bangkok Airways extra baggage price?

Passengers can extend their allowance by purchasing extra bags at prices starting from THB 600 to THB 3,600, depending on the extra weight.

What is Bangkok Airways baggage allowance economy class?

Passengers flying in Economy Class are allowed to check in bags up to 20kg and bring a 7kg carry-on under 50 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm.

Can I carry sports items on board the Bangkok Airways flights?

Yes, passengers can bring sports equipment on board the flight if it is under the Bangkok Airways baggage limit for cabin bags. Otherwise, you may have to check it in. 

Does Bangkok Airways offer baggage allowance to infants?

Yes, infants occupying a seat get an allowance of 10kg bag on all fares. They may carry cabin bags the same as the adults. 


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