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Avianca Baggage Allowance 2024 Packing Guide

Published on January 31, 2024

Avianca baggage allowance is crafted separately for all different fares. Passengers can pack only what is permitted for the travel class. Understanding the airline’s luggage allowance gives you insight into what to pack and in what quantity. The Avianca baggage policy states checked and carry-on bag size and weight limits. Every individual is responsible for complying with these restrictions, or else the airline will levy penalty charges. Scroll down to learn what fare type will be best for you according to the baggage requirements and avoid unnecessary fee charges. 

Avianca Carry On Baggage Allowance

Avianca Carry On Baggage

Avianca carry on weight limit should be under 22 lb or a maximum of 10kg and not exceed the 22 x 14 x 10 inches of overall dimensions. Ensure to count the bag handles and wheels while measuring the height, length, and width of your bags. The bag is free up until you comply with the baggage restrictions. Eligible bags are permitted in the flight cabin, and you can stow them in the overhead compartment. If the bag is overweight or oversized, it will not fit the provided cabin. Thus, the airline will check it in for a fee. 

Since free cabin bags are available except for XS fares, such passengers may purchase one for a fee as per Avianca Baggage Allowance. You can purchase it through the official website or add it during booking or later at the time of online check-in. Additional Avianca Baggage Prices of $60 will apply if purchased 48 hours before departure. The price will increase to $100 if purchased within 48 hours of departure. 

The following table depicts the Avianca Carry On Baggage Allowance as per the purchased fare type:

Type of FareCabin Baggage Up To 10kg 
XSNot Included

Avianca Personal Item Size

Avianca Personal Item Size

In addition to a carry-on, passengers can pack one purse, backpack, diaper bag, laptop bag, etc, as a personal item. This item is free for all passengers, including XS fares, as long as the Avianca Personal Item Size is within 45 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. There will be space under the seat in front of you where you can keep your personal items. If your bag exceeds the limits, the airline will check it in for Avianca baggage fees.

Avianca Checked Baggage Allowance

Avianca Checked Baggage

Avianca checked bag weight, and the size limit should be under 23kg/ 32kg and 158 cm, respectively. One bag is already included in M and  L fares. On the other hand,  XXL fares include two pieces of hold luggage up to 32kg. Other fares will have to purchase it and add it to their baggage allowance. Avianca Baggage Allowance states passengers are eligible to purchase a second piece of checked bag for an additional price. You can add it at the time of booking or later via the “Manage Booking” option. If you realize later that you require more bags, the buy option is valid during online check-in and at the airport. 

However, Avianca baggage fees will vary depending on the point of purchase. Bags purchased in advance or online are cheaper than those added at the airport. In addition, during high season, these charges are at their peak (January, June, July, August, September, December, and Easter). Check the table below to see free hold luggage per fare type according to the Avianca baggage policy:

Type of FareCabin Baggage Up To 10kg 
XSNot Included
SNot Included
XXLTwo Pieces Included

Avianca Baggage Prices For Additional Checked Items

Avianca baggage fees are applicable per extra bag, depending on the point of purchase. The option to purchase additional bags within 48 hours is valid when you are checking in, either online or at the airport. Purchases made before that are valid on You may refer to the following table to check Avianca Baggage Prices For Additional Checked Items:

Number of Additional BaggagePurchased 48 hours or more before flight departurePurchased within 48 hours before the scheduled departure 
First Bag$60$110
Second Bag$75$150
Third or more bags$85$170

In case you hold LifeMiles status, and you wish to add more bags or extend your Avianca Airlines baggage allowance, check the following steps:

  • Select the number of additional bags you want to add
  • Add the bag to your allowance
  • Now, calculate the total by adding the price for each additional bag. 
  • For instance, if your allowance of flying status includes one checked bag, the fee for two additional bags is equal to the sum of the second and third bags.

Maximum Avianca Checked Bag Weight & Size Limit

As per Avianca baggage policy, the maximum hold luggage weight is 23kg in Economy Class and 32kg in Business Class (XXL). The dimension should not be more than 158 cm, as mentioned previously. If your bag is over the limit at the counter, the airline will levy overweight and oversized charges. This is applicable only if it’s up to 230 linear cm and 99 pounds. However, flights to or from Europe do not permit transportation of any bag weighing over 70 pounds. If carrying special baggage, the airline will apply different regulations. 

Avianca Baggage Policy For Special Items

Avianca Baggage Policy

The airline follows a specific Aviance baggage policy for items that are termed as “Special.” An item is called special due to its unique shape, size, nature, or basically because it does not meet the standard baggage restrictions. Such items are sports equipment, musical instruments, perishable goods, human remains, firearms, etc. We recommend you talk to the airline or the agent before packing such equipment. We have discussed the key highlights of bringing special baggage on board or at the check-in counter. 

1. Musical Instrument

Passengers are eligible to pack musical instruments like guitars, drums, trumpets, etc., according to Avianca baggage policy. You can either check them in or carry them on board the flight. This is subject to the purchased fare conditions and space availability. 

(A) Carry-on

If you decide to carry it on board, check the item is less than or equal to 120 H x 30 W x 20 L and weighs less than 10 kg. You can carry it in place of a cabin bag or a personal item. Ensure the item is travel-friendly packed, and all the sharp edges or pointy ends are covered to prevent damage. 

(B) Checked Luggage

If you submit it at the check-in counter, the instrument should follow the standard Avianca checked bag weight and size limit. It should be under 23kg and 158 linear dimensions. Since it is counted towards your Avianca baggage allowance, the airline will apply charges as well. Passengers are allowed to submit instruments up to 45kg and 330 cm with overweight and oversized charges. 

(C) Book Additional Seat

Passengers who do not wish to check in the instrument can request to purchase an additional seat for it. The request is made via the Contact Center, Sales Office, or at the airport. Moreover, passengers can carry more luggage when they purchase additional seats. Ensure that the musical instrument is fastened to the seat belt. Also, check the maximum weight for the instrument on the set, which is 75kg and 203.2 cm

2. Sports Equipment

Similarly, passengers can carry sports equipment on board and hold luggage. The restrictions on weight and size may vary. Passengers are completely responsible for packing the equipment correctly in a suitable case. If you submit it as additional baggage, the corresponding fee will also apply. However, equipment over 33kg and 230 cm is not accepted on flights to/from Europe. 

(A) Carry-on

If you decide to carry your sports item, ensure that it meets the size and weight limits of 115 linear cm and 10kg, respectively.

Type of EquipmentPermitted Quantity
Bowling Case, balls, and shoes
TennisThe racquet should be kept in a suitable bag
FishingA pair of boots, a net, and two fishing rods
ArcheryBow and Arrows in a suitable case

Please note that passengers holding XS fares will have to pay additional charges for carrying equipment. 

(B) Checked Luggage

Checking in your sports equipment as hold luggage will call for additional charges. Items that are up to the following restrictions are permitted for transportation:

Type of EquipmentApplicable Restrictions
Ski:A pair of skis, two poles, boots, and shoes.230 linear cm maximum.
hand Gliders:One glider, harness, and metal structure to hold the gliders.
Under 23kg and 158 dimensions. 
Surf Equipment:Up to three surfboards are allowed for a fee. The length should be under 3.7 meters. 
Diving Equipment:One air regulator, empty tank, two rubber fins, speargun, mask, snorkel, rubber suit, weight belt, and an underwater lamp.230 cm linear dimension maximum.
Golf/ Polo:Golg bag with secure clubs, 12 balls, and a pair of shoes. Under 230 linear dimensions. 
Polo case with 12 cues, two balls, a pair of boots, knee pads, and gloves. 
Bicycle:Only non-motorized bikes with single seats are allowed.Pack it inside a cardboard box.Remove the paddles and keep them parallel to the bicycle body. 230 linear dimensions

The following Avianca baggage prices will apply when you check in sports equipment. 

Point Of PurchaseDomestic Flights
Domestic Flights(Ecuador)International Flights
Online (Websites or other channels)COP 70.000USD 25USD 100
Airport CounterCOP 90.000USD 35USD 120

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much baggage is allowed on Avianca?

Passengers can carry one checked and cabin bag with one personal item for free; this is subject to purchased fare conditions. 

How strict is Avianca with baggage?

Avianca Airlines complies with its baggage policies and charges additional fees for bags over the permitted allowance. 

Does Avianca charge for carry-on?

Avianca charges for carry-on bags only for XS fares, as it’s not already included. 

Is a backpack a personal item?

Yes, a backpack can be a personal item as long as it is under 45 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm dimensions.

How much is the board bag fee in Avianca?

Avianca charges around $60 to $110 for first-checked baggage added to the permitted allowance. 

How many pounds does Avianca allow?

The airline permits 23kg of checked baggage in Economy Class and 32kg in Business Class on Avianca Airlines. 

Do you get a free checked bag on Avianca?

Yes, passengers are allowed to carry one cabin bag (22 x 14 x 10 inches), one checked baggage (158 cm), and a personal item free of charge except for XS fares. 

Can I take food in my carry-on Avianca?

Yes, ensure to pack them inside an airtight container to avoid leakage and smell. 


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