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Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance (2024 Update)

Published on February 15, 2024

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance fulfills your travel requirements and ensures you do not carry any harmful substance on board. Getting the passengers and their luggage to the final destination is a prime concern of the airline. Whether you are planning to travel with fragile, bulky items or with just a carry-on, each of its services is catered to your needs. Scroll through and browse several categories of Alaska Airlines Baggage policy. Passengers not complying with the policies will face additional charges in the form of a penalty. Therefore, do not make this silly mistake and familiarize yourself with the baggage size and weight limit before packing ‘em bags. 

Carry On Baggage Size on Alaska Airlines

Carry On Baggage Size on Alaska Airlines

When you are traveling with Alaska Airlines, you can take one carry-on bag and a personal item. Before you pack your bags, ensure they are up to the Alaska Airlines baggage size. Recently, the airline changed its cabin bag size to 22” x 14” x 9”. When you measure the bag, do include handles and wheels as well. The sum of three measurements, i.e., length + height + width, should not be more than 45 inches. In case you are traveling with a suitcase that has soft sides or is expandable, you should measure it again after you have packed it. 

Furthermore, a personal item can refer to an additional briefcase, laptop bag, or purse. You may carry only one item and place it under the seat in front of you. You can also store carry-on bags in the overhead compartment. Please be careful while stowing heavy bags in the locker to prevent possible injuries.  

5 Tips To Carry A Cabin Bag Like A Pro

Tips To Carry A Cabin Bag

Are you already packing for the next adventurous trip? Check out these five tips to tame your carry-on bag and get set for a stress-free journey!

1. Should I carry it or check it in? 

Before packing the bag, ensure that you really it, as sometimes checking in a bag can be more convenient in terms of money. 

  • Your first checked bag is always included in your Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card, meaning you can submit it at the counter free of charge. This is valid for the passenger and up to six people in the same booking. 
  • The airline has a 20-minute baggage service guarantee since 2010. This implies they will be in your hands under 20 minutes just after you arrive at the gate. Otherwise, the airline will pay you 2,500 Mileage Plan miles or USD 25 off on future flights. 
  • Have a relaxing journey without needing to carry anything at all to the plane.

2. Comply with the Alaska Airlines baggage size limit

Do crosscheck your baggage measurements according to the Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance. What passes through the security checkpoints doesn’t always fit the overhead locker. The expandable pockets on the sides and front of your luggage can increase the overall dimension. Due to this, it’s possible that the bag cannot fit the provided space in the aircraft. Thus, avoid using these pockets as much as you can. 

3. Load the cabin bag with wheels out and outface

The most convenient and easiest way to stow your bag in overhead storage is to have its wheels down. This prevents it from getting stuck at the opening of the bin. Moreover, you’ll also find a “wheels out” instruction sticker near overhead lockers. However, if you are flying in “Boeing Space Bins,” the same instructions will differ. Don’t worry the flight attendant will be there to assist you throughout the process.  

4. Can you carry it with ease? If not, put it in the hold storage

Avoid packing items that are too heavy in the cabin bags, as you have to carry them throughout your journey. Such bags can be dangerous when stowing them in the overhead locker and can even cause injury. For this reason, no flight attendants are allowed to assist passengers in stowing bags. So make sure you pac what you can carry easily without facing any challenges. 

5. Check the limits for “Smart Bags.” 

Check certain limitations if you choose to travel with smart bags with installed lithium batteries and features like GPS tracking, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance permits such bags only if the battery or power bank is removable and no extra tool is required to detach the battery. Check Alaska Airlines baggage requirements for smart bags:

  • If taken to the cabin, the battery can remain attached to the bag, but all the features should be turned off. 
  • In case you are checking a smart bag, ensure to remove the lithium battery before submitting it at the counter. Once removed, pack it separately to prevent short circuits. 
  • Non-removable lithium batteries are not accepted on board or in checked luggage. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Size For Infants

The airline will transport the luggage (car seat and stroller) of your infants free of charge as checked baggage. You may submit these items at the check-in counter or the gate. Mind you, Alaska Airlines Baggage policy is applicable to only stroller wagons designed for carrying children that are within 90 linear inches and weigh under 35 pounds. The airline will apply a standard baggage fee for bags larger in size, not designed to carry children, or brought in addition to a pram or stroller. Restrictions will apply to strollers or car seats if operated by battery or has a power bank. 

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Size

Alaska Airlines baggage weight limit for checked bags is 50 lbs, and the maximum linear dimensions are under 62 inches. Passengers can add hold luggage to their booking in exchange for a fee. Some items like strollers, car seats, and mobility devices are exempted from these charges. Passengers in possession of Alaska Airlines credit cards, Elite Level Mileage memberships, and US military personnel are also exempted. 

Baggage Fee Waiver Categories
(Restrictions will apply)
First LuggageSecond LuggageThird or More Additional Luggage
Alaska Airlines Visa Cardholders
Applicable to up to six passengers booked under the same reservation. 
FreeUSD 45USD 150 per luggage
Alaska Airlines Visa Business Cardholders
Applicable to up to six passengers booked under the same reservation.
FreeUSD 45USD 150 per luggage
Passengers Flying in Business Class
A passenger should be upgraded to this class before asking for a waiver. 
FreeFreeUSD 150 per luggage
Mileage Plan Membership with MVP and MVP Gold Level Status
Including companions booked under the same reservation.
FreeFreeUSD 150 per luggage
Mileage Plan Membership with MVP Gold 75K and MVP Gold 100K level Status
Including companions booked under the same reservation.
FreeFreeThe third bag is free
Additional bags will incur USD 150 each
Oneworld Ruby and Sapphire members
Companions will face Alaska’s standard baggage fees.
FreeFreeUSD 150 per bag
Oneworld Emerald members
Companions will face Alaska’s standard baggage fees.
FreeFreeThe third bag is free
Additional bags will incur USD 150 each
Club 49 membersTo avail, it is mandatory that the selected itinerary include at least one city in Alaska.FreeFreeUSD 150 per bag
Passengers traveling within the state of AlaskaThe first three bags are included free of charge.
Additional bags will incur USD 150 each.
Active duty US military personnelUS Military Personnel on active duty.
He/she should be able to provide a valid military ID as well. Bags can weigh up to 70 pounds and be increased to 115 inches (linear) without overweight or oversized charges.
The first five bags are included free of charge.
Additional bags will incur USD 150 each.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees for Standard Baggage

The standard Alaska Airlines Baggage fees are applicable depending on the number of bags. For instance, the first bay you check in will cost you less than the third checked bag. This implies that the luggage fee increases with the quantity of bags. The shared fee amount is the same for all the fare classes.

Type of BaggageApplicable Charges (Per bag)
First Bag35 USD
Second Bag45 USD
Third or More Bags150 USD

Alaska Airlines Oversized or Overweight Baggage Fee

Bags exceeding the size or/and weight limit will incur Alaska Airlines Baggage fees. This can result in the application of more than one fee to a bag – checked bag fee + oversized charges. A single piece of luggage should not weigh more than 100 pounds or exceed 115 inches in linear dimensions. If it is, contact Alaska Air Cargo to get assistance. 

Type of BaggageApplicable Charges (Per bag)
Bags over 51 lbs or 100 lbs100 USD
Bags with linear dimensions between 63 and 115 inches. 150 USD

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy for Musical Instruments

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy for Musical Instruments

Traveling with your precious musical instruments? The airline has several options for passenger taking their instruments on the trip. You may carry it on board or submit it at the check-in counter based on levied restrictions. Please note you will have to pay Alaska Airlines baggage fees for the successful transportation of your instrument. 

1. Instruments as Carry-on Items

The airline will count your musical instrument as a carry-on item. It may exceed the standard Alaska Airlines baggage size, but it is acceptable as long as it can safely fit in the stowage compartment. 

You can book an extra seat if you are bringing larger equipment and wish to carry it on board. Passengers can place the item in its own seat on the same plane. The cabin seat is sold at the 100% adult base fare. In addition, a 6.25% cargo tax is also included. Contact the airline and ensure that you make a reservation in advance before bringing in larger instruments. Please note that this service is not available online. 

2. Check-in Your Instrument

The airline is happy to check in your instrument if it is too large to fit the space provided in the cabin and you do not want to purchase an extra seat. Since such items are too precious, it is advised to pack them in a suitable case. If not, the airline has the right to decline the transportation. Moreover, we recommend getting your instrument completely or partially insured to cover potential damage. Each instrument will levy an Alaska Airlines baggage fee as stated in the table below:

Weight of Musical InstrumentCharges Applicable per Item
Up to 50 lbsStandard checked baggage fee will apply
Weighing between 51 and 165 lbsStandard baggage fee + overweight fee of 100 USD.
Dimensions of Musical InstrumentCharges Applicable per Item
Linear Dimensions Within 62 inchesStandard checked baggage fee will apply
Dimensions between 63 and 150 inches(1-1999 flight only)Standard baggage fee + oversize fee of 150 USD.
Dimensions between 63 and 115 inches
(2000 – 2999 and 3420 – 3499 fligts)
Standard baggage fee + oversize fee of 150 USD.

Guidelines For Traveling With Sports Equipment

Guidelines For Traveling With Sports Items

Alaska Airlines accepts sports equipment as checked items and offers complete assistance in handling the item. Passengers are responsible for submitting securely packed equipment at the baggage counter. Use the case with hard and soft sides, which are suitable for air transportation. 

For some sets of sports equipment, the airline has waived the oversized and overweight baggage weight. Items listed below will not incur such costs. However, if the content is not related to the equipment, an additional fee will apply. 

  • Archery
  • Bicycles (non-motorized)
  • Boogie boards
  • Bowling
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment
  • Kiteboarding Equipment
  • Pole Vaults
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Skateboards
  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Surfboards/Paddleboards
  • Windsurfing Equipment

Oversized Sports Equipment 

The airline is ready to accommodate the equipment even though the equipment is over the standard size and weight limit. Additional charges like oversized/ overweight will apply. Kayaks qualify as such items, excluding glass kayaks, which are not accepted. You do not have to pack it in a case for acceptance just make sure it is not longer than 115 inches. Kayaks are not accepted on flights operated by Horizon Air or SkyWest. 

Prohibited and Restricted Items on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines allowed baggage items to be categorized as safe and non-dangerous substances. Items that can endanger the safety of passengers and crew members are prohibited, or some restrictions will apply. This varies according to the cabin and checked baggage guidelines. If an item is accepted in the cabin but not in checked baggage, you must keep the item with you or in the carry-on bag. If found in the checked baggage during security screening, the airline has the right to confiscate it. 

Most of the items listed in the table below are categorized as dangerous goods by the United States government. Transportation of such items can result in criminal or civil penalties. 

Type of ItemsCarry-On BagChecked Bags
Alcohol (Over 100 ml or 3.4 oz.)Not AllowedRestrictions will apply
Boards operated on batteries and devices like Self-balancing scooters. This is not limited to only electric boards, gliders, electric unicycles, intelligent scooters, etc. Such devices are not categorized as personal electronic devices. Not AllowedNot Allowed
Breast Milk
(Lactating mothers flying with or without their infant)
Strollers that are battery-operated or are foldable.Restrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Equipment used in camping or outdoor activities like camping stoves, flammable liquids, camp fuel cylinders, matches, animal repellents, propane heaters, etc. Not AllowedNot Allowed
Electronic or motorized bicycles or devices with the same features, including but not restricted to only – battery-operated kick scooters.  The airline does not categorize these items as personal electronic devices. Restrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Electronic cigarettes and other smoking devices
Ensure to put it in safety mode to prevent accidental activations. Such items include e-cigarettes, USB-charged cigars, cigarettes, or pipes used for smoking.
AllowedNot Allowed
Explosives such as fireworks, gunpowder, signal flares, sparklers, or other explosivesNot AllowedNot Allowed
Flammable Goods (solid, liquid, and gas) such as Fuel, paints, lighter refills, strike-anywhere matches, Sterno, mothballs, self-heating meals such as MREsNot AllowedNot Allowed
Items used in households include drain cleaners, solvents, and other caustic or corrosive solids or liquids.Not AllowedNot Allowed
Internal combustion engines, Outboard motors, chainsaws, generators, gas-powered weed eaters.Not AllowedNot Allowed
Liquid-based items, including gels and aerosols, are within 100 ml and packed as per the TSA regulation. AllowedAllowed
Liquid-based items, including aerosols and gels, are over 100 ml and not packed as stated under TSA regulations. Not AllowedAllowed
Liquids, gels, or aerosols bought after the Security CheckpointsAllowedAllowed
Devices with installed lithium batteries. If it is put on the charger or in a similar device, it will not be considered installed. AllowedRestrictions will apply
MarijuanaNot AllowedNot Allowed
Matches or lighter – either one book of safety matches or one common lighterAllowedNot Allowed
Toxic or hazardous materials like gasoline-powered tools, wet-cell batteries, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious substancesNot AllowedNot Allowed
Perishable and trophy itemsRestrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Personal air purifiersNot AllowedAllowed
Pool chemicals or anything containing hazardous, oxidizing, or reactive materials.Not AllowedNot Allowed
Items made out of pottery, glass, or wood cannot be carried on board for flights originating from Mexico. Restrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Powder and substances in powder consistency Quantity is within 12oz or larger from Canada, Costa Rica, and MexicoRestrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Pressurized containers, including Avalanche airbag systems, butane fuel, scuba tanks, propane tanks, C02 cartridges, self-inflating raftsRestrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Printer and toner cartridges under 16 oz or greater for flights to or from CanadaRestrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Smart Luggage / eBags, Self-propelled / Self-riding luggageRestrictions will applyRestrictions will apply
Objects with sharp edges or pointy ends like Knives, cutting instruments – including carpet knives, box cutters, folding or retractable blades, ice picks, straight razors, metal scissors (edge of more than 4 inches and pliers larger than 7 inches)Not AllowedAllowed
Styrofoam containersAllowedNot Allowed
Weapons such as Firearms, ammunition, mace, tear gas, or pepper sprayRestrictions will apply

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

what is the allowance for Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance includes one cabin bag up to 22” x 14” x 9” and checked baggage under 62 inches that can weigh up to 50 lbs.

Does Alaska Airlines charge baggage fees?

Yes, passengers have to pay Alaska Airlines Baggage fees for checked items.  Items like strollers, mobility devices, and passengers holding Alaska Airlines credit cards etc are exempted. 

What is Alaska Airlines first class baggage allowance?

First Class passengers may get 1st and 2nd checked baggage free of charge. For other classes, it is limited to only special categories of passengers. 

Can you take two carry-on bags on Alaska Airlines?

Passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag with one personal item on board without paying additional charges. However, you cannot bring two carry-on bags.

Is Alaska Airlines strict about baggage weight?

Yes, passengers have to comply with the weight and size limits stated in Alaska Airlines Baggage policy. Otherwise, additional charges will apply as a penalty. 

Does Alaska allow one free checked bag?

Yes, Alaska Airlines offers first checked bag free to airline’s credit cardholders, visa cardholders, Mileage Plan Membership, US Military personnel, and passengers flying in business or first classes. 

Is carry-on free on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, a carry-on and one personal item is included in all fares offered by the airline. Just make sure to follow Alaska Airlines baggage size. 

How much is it to check two bags in Alaska?

Alaska Airlines Baggage fees for first-checked baggage is 35 USD and 45 USD for second-checked baggage. You can also purchase additional baggage online at reasonable prices. 


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