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Air Premia Baggage Allowance 2024 – What to know?

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Published on February 15, 2024

The Air Premia Baggage Allowance is decided according to different fare classes and selected routes. Passengers flying in premium cabins are entitled to more flexible bag options than those flying in economy cabins. Overall, Air Premia baggage policy is in accordance with the industry standard, letting passengers carry all the travel essentials for their journey. Passengers just have to comply with the baggage size and weight limit in order to avoid excess fees. Moreover, the airline permits purchasing additional luggage over and above the permitted allowance. You can find further details listed on this page. 

Air Premia Carry On Baggage Allowance

Air Premia Carry On Baggage Allowance

The airline lets passengers carry cabin bags free of charge if they are carried in accordance with the luggage regulations. Air Premia baggage size for carry-on bags must be 115 cm (sum of three sides) or smaller on all routes and fares. Bags larger than the permitted dimensions are not allowed inside the flight cabin.  Moreover, the Air Premia baggage weight limit for cabin bags is 10kg (22 lbs) for all ticket classes. Passengers flying on Premia 42 are allowed to carry two cabin bags. Meanwhile, Economy 35 passengers are allowed to pack only one cabin bag. 

Carry One Personal Item On Air Premia Flight

Carry One Personal Item On Air Premia Flight

In addition to this, passengers can pack one personal item, such as a small backpack, coat or jacket, laptop bag, tablet, etc. The item is free of charge as long as it is under 100cm (50 cm in height, 30 cm in width, and 20 cm in length). So, you can carry one cabin bag plus a personal item on board as per the Air Premia Baggage Allowance. However, if it is over the free allowance limit, the airline will charge an excess baggage fee. You may have checked it in at the airport counter as well. 

Additional Information On Cabin Bags

While you understand the standard weight and size limit, you may also read points related to the Air Premia baggage rules:

  • Carry-on bags are the responsibility of passengers. You must be able to stow it in the overhead compartment. As for personal items, you can place them under the front seat. 
  • All items are included in the carry-on allowance. However, items for infants, children, and elderly passengers are permitted as extra items.
  • Passengers can purchase additional seats to bring a larger musical instrument into the flight cabin. These instruments can be cellos, gayageums, geomungos, guitars, etc., whose sum of three sides is equal to or less than 115cm.
  • The following items are strictly prohibited on board and will be confiscated if found in possession:
  1. Weapons
  2. Electronic shocking devices 
  3. Disabling devices like pepper spray
  4. Knives and swords (items with sharp edges and pointy ends)
  5. Chemical and toxic substances
  6. Any other item that can be used as a weapon

Air Premia-Checked Baggage Allowance

Air Premia-Checked Baggage Allowance

Air Premia check-in baggage size should be 158 cm when all sides are added together. The airline permits baggage weights ranging from 15kg, 23kg, and 32kg, depending on the selected route and fare class. For instance, the Air Premia international baggage allowance includes two bags on Premia 42 and Economy fares. You may refer to the table below to check the Air Premia baggage weight limit according to different fare classes:

Category Premia 42Economy
(Flex/ Standard)
Economy 35(Lite)
Flights to and from AmericaTwo Checked Bags
32kg each
Two Checked bags, 23 kg each One Checked bag, 23 kg
Remaining FlightsOne Checked Bag
One Checked bag, 23 kgOne Checked Bag: 15 kg 

Clubbing of checked bags is allowed between two or more passengers if booked under the same reservation and checked in simultaneously. However, the weight limit per passenger must not exceed. 

Additional Information On Checked Bags

  • Air Premia permits checked bags up to 32kg only as per the Air Premia Baggage Allowance. Items exceeding this limit will not be accepted for transportation.
  • The checked baggage allowance for ticketed infants and children is the same as for adults. 
  • Passengers with physical disabilities are allowed to check in one wheelchair or other assistive devices for free. This is in addition to the permitted allowance. 
  • The airline suggests not packing valuable items or documents in checked bags. Some examples of such items include laptops, mobile phones, cameras, cash, securities, pharmaceutical products, personal IDs, documents, etc. 
  • In case you booked a flight with multiple legs, it is your responsibility to confirm during check-in whether to receive bags to the final destination or onto the connecting flight. 

Air Premia Baggage Fees For Additional Checked Luggage

As per the Air Premia baggage allowance, passengers can pay for additional checked bags online in advance or at the airport. Passengers can enjoy discounted rates up until purchases are made two days before the scheduled departure.  The prices vary depending on the point of purchase. Thus, we recommend adding them online, as you get great deals there. Air Premia baggage fees will cost you more when you add bags at the airport check-in counter on the day of travel. 

Purchase Additional Bags Online In Advance
Additional Bags
Northeast Asia

Southeast Asia

America/ Europe
Exceeding the permitted quantity
(Under 23kg each)

60,000 KRW

80,000 KRW

160,000 KRW
Exceeding the permitted weight limit (over 23kg)24~28kg29~32kg24~28kg29~32kg24~28kg29~32kg
25,000 KRW50,000 KRW35,000 KRW70, 000 KRW60,000 KRW100,000 KRW

Please note that passengers flying Economy 35 and Premia 42 fares are not allowed to check in bags exceeding the weight limit. Such passengers are allowed to check in only an additional number of bags. 

Purchase of Additional Bags At The Airport
Additional Bags
Northeast Asia

Southeast Asia

America/ Europe
Exceeding the permitted quantity
(Under 23kg each)
70, 000 KRW100,000 KRW200,000 KRW
Exceeding the permitted weight limit (over 23kg)10,000 KRW per KG15,000 KRW per KG20,000 KRW per KG
Exceeding the permitted size80,000 KRW (159~203cm)

160,000 KRW (204~292cm)
120,000 KRW (159~203cm)

240,000 KRW (204~292cm)
160,000 KRW (159~203cm)

320,000 KRW (204~292cm)

Please note passengers flying in Premia 42 fares are permitted to book additional bags over the permitted quantity only. Also, if the bag exceeds weight, size, and quantity at the same time, Air Premia baggage fees for each category will apply. 

Air Premia Baggage Rules For Special Items

According to the Air Premia Baggage Allowance, special items levy specific regulations due to their irregular shape and size. The weight of the item should be less than 32kg, and it should measure within 292 cm. Passengers have to make sure that the item is packed securely in a suitable casing.  Let’s check the Air Premia Baggage Rules for sports equipment and musical instruments.

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Every piece of equipment except golf bags, snowboards, and snow skis is considered a single checked bag. If the sum of the three sides measures more than 292 cm, an excess baggage fee will apply. Irrespective of the free baggage allowance, passengers are liable to a handling fee of 10,000 KRW for sports items (excluding golf bags, snowboards, and snow skis). The following are the sports equipment that you can pack for your trip:

  • Golf Equipment
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

As per the Air Premia baggage policy, passengers are allowed to bring their musical instruments as carry-on and checked baggage. Small instruments that measure within 115 cm (sum of three sides) are permitted on board. However, it should be able to fit in the overhead compartment. If the instrument is larger, you can book an extra seat for it. For this purpose, you will have to inform Air Premia of your reservations.  However, if you wish to check in your bag, the airline will count it as your Air Premia Checked Baggage Allowance. The passengers will have to fill out a form for the pledge on the transport of special baggage. This should be submitted at the check-in counter. In the event that the permitted allowance is exceeded, the airline will apply a surcharge to the item. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much baggage is free on Air Premia?

Air Premia baggage policy includes one carry-on bag and a personal item free of charge. At least one checked bag is free on all fares. 

Does Air Premia allow a personal item?

Yes, passengers are allowed to bring one personal item on board. It should measure equal to or less than 50 cm in height, 30 cm in width, and 20 cm in length.

What is the maximum baggage limit on Air Premia flights?

As per the Air Oremia checked baggage allowance, passengers can check in bags up to 32kg. If this limit is exceeded, the airline may decline transportation. 

What are the conditions for Air Premia extra baggage?

Passengers will have to pay additional charges for checking in bags that exceed the permitted quantity, weight, and size limits. 

What items are not allowed in Air Premia checked baggage?

Passengers are not allowed to pack any types of explosives, flammable substances, radioactive or infectious substances, or other dangerous articles in Air Premia checked baggage. 


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