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Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance 2024 NZ Baggage Policy

Published on December 5, 2023

Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance unfolds the do’s and don’ts of packing bags for the trip. Passengers must learn the ins and outs of luggage regulation to ensure a smooth journey with the airline. From understanding the Air NZ baggage weight limits and special item rules, this page has everything that you should know before flying. Scroll down to unravel the details of baggage policy and pack confidently for the trip. 

Baggage Regulations for Air New Zealand Flights

Air New Zealand baggage policy is designed to cater to the luggage requirements of every customer. At the same time, the airline ensures that every traveler follows the baggage regulations. Passengers can bring a carry-on and checked baggage if their allowance permits. The Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance is highly influenced by the selected route, purchased ticket, and the status of the passenger. Premium tickets and greater status offer flexibility and more convenience. However, every traveler is required to comply with the Air New Zealand baggage restrictions, irrespective of their status. 

Air New Zealand Carry On Baggage Allowance

Air New Zealand Carry On Baggage

Air New Zealand baggage restrictions are levied on carry-on bags’ length, width, and height, including wheels and handles. The size is measured by calculating all three sides together. This calculates Air NZ Carry On Dimensions, which is 118cm or 46.5 inches in total. On Q300 aircraft, the width of the bag must not exceed 22cm or 8.7 inches. In addition, the airline permits carry-on bag weights of up to 7kg, 10kg, and 14kg, depending on different fare classes. Check Air New Zealand Carry On Baggage Allowance as per different fares:

Types of FaresNumber of Carry-onsAir NZ Baggage Weight
Economy One carry-on bag + small personal item7kg or 15 lbs
Premium EconomyTwo carry-on + small personal item14kg or 30 lbsSmall item – 10kg or 22 lbs
Business Premier, and Airpoints Gold, EliteTwo carry-on + small personal item14kg or 30 lbs
Small item – 10kg or 22 lbs
Star Alliance Gold members Two carry-on + small personal item14kg or 30 lbs
Small item – 10kg or 22 lbs

Passengers with carry-on bags over the permitted allowance have the following options. This is only possible if your allowance includes checked baggage.

  • You can adjust the items in your carry-on bag into your checked bags. 
  • Purchase additional checked bags by paying extra.
  • Check in your carry-on bag at the airport and pay an excess amount.

Guidelines for Traveling Internationally with Liquid Items

These restrictions are only applicable to international flights, not to domestic flights within New Zealand. Passengers are permitted to carry all liquids, aerosols, gels, or pastes in a container with a capacity to store 100 mL of product. This also includes items like toothpaste, peanut butter, sunscreen, liquid electrolytes, and bug spray. You can also pack such items in your checked baggage. Afterwards, pack all these items in a single plastic, transparent, and resealable bag. It should be under 20cm x 20cm or 8″ x 8″ and not larger than one litre. Every passenger can bring one such bag. You will have to take it out and present it for inspection at the security checkpoint. Passengers may also bring ice packs and gel packs, but the same restrictions as above apply. However, medicines, baby products, and dietary supplements are some exceptions to this. Pack these items in a container with a capacity of over 100 mL in checked baggage. 

Air NZ Infant Baggage Allowance

When you are traveling with your toddler, stroller and prams become a necessity. Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance lets passengers carry a stroller and a car seat for absolutely no charge. The airline will not count it against your baggage allowance. Even if your allowance does not include checked baggage, you can still carry a pram or stroller. In addition, passengers are allowed to carry one small stroller in the cabin if all the following conditions are met:

  • You booked a domestic or international flight on 777-300, 787-9, A320 or A321 aircraft.
  • You bring a fully collapsible stroller that can fit in the overhead locker. 

Even if you meet the above-stated conditions, the decision is still dependent on the space availability. If the flight is full, the staff will ask you to check your stroller at the gate. Remember, you cannot fit a pram, three-wheeled buggies, or large stroller in the overhead compartment. You can only check them in hold luggage. Also, passengers flying on a flight operated by smaller turbo-pop aircraft cannot bring such items on board. 

Air New Zealand Checked Baggage Allowance

Air New Zealand Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers can bring in checked bags measuring up to 158cm or 62 inches, or they have to pay extra charges. Hold luggage can weigh up to 23kg or 50 lbs, or passengers can pay extra to bring baggage up to 32kg. If your allowance lets you check in two bags, then each baggage should be under 23kg. Extra baggage is accepted only if there is space available on the aircraft. In case your baggage is over the Air New Zealand baggage limits, the airline can send it as unaccompanied bags on international flights from Wellington and Christchurch. In both scenarios, it is better to purchase the extra baggage in advance.  

Passengers booking tickets directly from the airline’s official website can check their Air New Zealand Checked Baggage Allowance on the e-ticket. If you have connecting flights with other airlines, then your allowance may vary. All airline fares include checked baggage except for seat-only fares. The number of checked bags for domestic and international flights varies. Likewise, this also varies depending on selected travel classes. 

  1. Baggage Allowance on Domestic Flights
Types of FarePermitted Baggage Quantity
Seat+Bag FareOne checked bag
Flexichange FareOne checked bag
Flexirefund FareTwo checked bags
  1. Air New Zealand Checked Baggage Allowance International
Types of FarePermitted Baggage Quantity
Seat+Bag FareOne checked bag
TheWorks FareOne checked bag
Economy FaresOne checked bag
WorksDeluxe Two checked bags
Premium EconomyTwo checked bags
Business PremierThree checked bags
  1. Economy Fares International Flight Exceptions

In addition to checked baggage allowance for international flights, the following routes have different allowances. Check below:

Type of FareSelected RoutesPermitted Baggage Quantity
theWorks FareFlights to Honolulu from AustraliaTwo checked bags
Economy FaresFlights from New Zealand or Australia to Shanghai or SingaporeTwo checked bags
Flights from New Zealand to TaipeiTwo checked bags
Flights from Australia to Canada/ USA (excluding New York)Two checked bags
Flights from Australia to New YorkOne checked bag

Air New Zealand Baggage Benefits for Koru Members

Passengers with Koru membership receive complimentary extra checked baggage up to 23kg. You can avail of this benefit only if your standard fare already allows three checked bags, each under 23kg. However, if you have a connecting flight with another airline, this benefit will be treated as extra baggage. Passengers will have to pay additional charges as well. 

Get Extra Baggage on Air New Zealand

Passengers can easily book extra bags after confirming the flight reservations. Nevertheless, if you are flying on seat-only fare, you simply have to get seat+bag fare. For others, there are few options. Firstly, you can add a prepaid extra bag to your booking. The airline permits passengers to add extra baggage up to 90 minutes before international flight departure. In domestic flights, you can add it up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers are allowed to have a maximum of three bags per head in total. Check how much the airline charges for extra bags according to your route:

Flights (charged in USD)First and Second Extra Bags
New Zealand domestic flights$30 for every bag
Flights between New Zealand & Australia/Pacific Islands (except Perth & Tahiti)$55 for every bag
Long-haul flights (including between New Zealand and Perth or Tahiti)$90 for every bag

Air NZ Overweight and Oversized Baggage

Air NZ Oversized Baggage

Air New Zealand Checked Baggage Allowance permits bags under 23kg before they incur fees. However, if it is overweight, passengers can either purchase a prepaid extra bag or pay an excess fee at the airport. The airline accepts heavy bags up to 32kg only. If the bag is over 32kg or 70 lbs, you may have to submit it as unaccompanied baggage on an international flight from Wellington to Christchurch. In case the baggage is over 23kg but under 32kg, passengers can easily check it in by paying an overweight charge at the airport. We suggest repacking the bag by purchasing an extra bag, as it will be cheaper. 

If the Checked Bag is Over 158cm or 62 Inches

When the total dimension of your baggage is more than 158cm, you have the following options:

  • Repack the baggage – Instead of purchasing extra baggage, repack your stuff into two smaller bags. This is a cheaper and more convenient option for passengers. Every passenger gets a standard checked baggage allowance except for seat-only fares and infant fares. Some fares are eligible for additional checked bags as well. Therefore, make sure to confirm your allowance before heading to the airport. It’s possible that you can check your extra bags for absolutely no price if you are an Airpoints™ Gold, Elite, Star Alliance Gold, or Koru member.
  • Pay oversized baggage charge – Depending on the availability of space, the airline may accept oversized baggage for an extra fee. However, if the sum of all three sides is more than one meter, you may have to contact the airline. After getting in touch with the concerned authorities, you will be sure whether you can bring such baggage. 
  • Submit it for cargo hold – If the baggage is way too big or cannot fit the concerned area, contact the Air New Zealand National or International Cargo. You may also get in touch with the local freight company to find out what the other options are. Make sure to contact the concerned parties at least five days before the scheduled departure.  

NZ Excess Baggage Fee

NZ Excess Baggage Fee

The airline applies Air New Zealand baggage fees according to different regions. Besides that, the type of fare and baggage size & weight also influence the excess baggage fee. As stated above, every passenger is liable to additional charges for extra baggage. The tabulated information will help you understand different charges according to the airline’s destination. These charges will apply to baggage not already counted in your ticket, prepaid extra baggage, and Airpoints membership benefits. 

  1. Additional Baggage Charges From Pacific Regions
New Zealand
DestinationChargesOver 23kg
but under 32kg or oversize
Domestic New ZealandNZD $45 for every bagNZD $20
Flights to Australia and the Pacific Islands, excluding Perth, Honolulu, and Bali (Denpasar)NZD $90 for every bagNZD $40
To remaining countriesNZD $150 for every bagNZD $60
Flights to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (except Perth)AUD $85 for every bagAUD $40
From Perth to New ZealandAUD $140 for every bagAUD $55
Remaining foreign destinationsAUD $140 for every bagAUD $55
Cook Islands (Rarotonga)
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)NZD $90 for every bagNZD $40
Remaining foreign destinationsNZD $150 for every bagNZD $60
Fiji (Nadi)
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)FJD $135 for every bagFJD $60
Remaining foreign destinationsFJD $225 for every bagFJD $90
New Caledonia (Noumea)
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)XPF 6,500 for every bagXPF 2,900
Remaining foreign destinationsXPF 10,500 for every bagXPF 4,500
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)NZD $90 for every bagNZD $40
Remaining foreign destinationsNZD $150 for every bagNZD $60
Norfolk Island
Flights departing from Norfolk Island to Australia and the rest of the worldAUD $140 for every bagAUD $55
Samoa (Apia)
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)WST $160 for every bagWST $70
Other foreign destinationsWST $270 for every bagWST $105
Tahiti (Papeete)
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)XPF 6,500 for every bagXPF 2,900
Remaining international destinationsXPF 10,500 for every bagXPF 4,500
Flights to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth, Denpasar, and Honolulu)TOP 140 for every bagTOP 65
Remaining international destinationsTOP 230 for every bagTOP 95
  1. Additional Baggage Charges From North America
Flight OriginFinal DestinationsAdditional ChargesOver 23kg
but under 32kg or oversize
CanadaAll international destinations from VancouverCAD $135 for every bagCAD $55
United StatesAll international destinationsUSD $110 for every bagUSD $40
  1. Additional Baggage Charges From Asia
Flight OriginFinal DestinationsAdditional ChargesOver 23kg but under 32kg or oversize
Bali (Denpasar)All international destinationsIDR Rp1,500,000 for every bagIDR Rp600,000
ChinaAll international destinationsCNY ¥700 for every bagCNY ¥280
Hong KongAll international destinationsHKD $800 for every bagHKD $320
JapanAll international destinationsJPY ¥11,500 for every bagJPY ¥4,500
KoreaAll international destinationsKRW ₩123,000 for every bagKRW ₩50,000
SingaporeAll international destinationsSGD $140 for every bagSGD $55
TaipeiAll international destinationsTWD $3,000 for every bagTWD $1,200
  1. Additional Baggage Charges From the United Kingdom and Europe
Flight OriginFinal DestinationAdditional ChargesOver 23kg
but under 32kg or oversize
United KingdomAll international destinations from the United KingdomGBP 80 for every bagGBP 35
EuropeAll foreign destinationsEUR 90 for every bagEUR 35

Air NZ Instructions for Musical Instruments

Air New Zealand will accept your instrument against standard allowance if it’s under one meter and weighs less than 7kg. If not, the airline will apply overweight and oversized baggage charges, and restrictions will apply. Passengers may carry with Cellos inside the cabin by purchasing an extra seat. Ask the onboard staff to secure the instrument safely in the seat next to you. Call the airline’s customer care service or the travel agent to book an extra seat for a Cello. You can travel with the following musical instruments. Kindly inform the airline before bringing any one of these:

  • Guitars
  • Flutes
  • Clarinets
  • Oboes
  • Piano
  • Violins
  • Drum
  • Harmoniums
  • Keyboard
  • Cellos, etc.

Traveling with Sporting Equipment

Air New Zealand considers sports equipment under 2m or 78.7 inches and weighing up to 23kg a standard bag. If not, the airline will treat it as excess baggage, and the standard fee will apply. The Air NZ baggage weight of such luggage can be up to 32kg, and the full size can be up to 2.5m or 98.4 inches. If you have purchased a Regional Domestic flight, the dimensions must be under 1.8m (70.9″) x width 0.8m (31.5″) x height 1.20m (47.2″). Equipment sizing up to 2.2m or 86.6 inches long, like fishing rods, skis, and poles, may get accepted for transportation.

In addition, a sports bag must contain only related equipment, you cannot pack clothes and personal items in it. Otherwise, the airline will not accept the bag. The baggage is thoroughly checked at the airport to assess the overall weight and length.  Below are some examples of equipment that you can pack for your journey:

  • Bike 
  • Windsurfer
  • Hang glider
  • Surfboards
  • Snow skis + boots + poles
  • Snowboard + boots + bindings
  • Water skis
  • Golf bag (golf clubs and a pair of shoes)

Special Packing Instructions for Bikes

Passengers must submit bicycles packed appropriately in a bike box or a bag for the trip. The airline does not provide you with the packaging material. You can get the box at the New Zealand airport for 25 NZD, if available. The bike should measure equal to height 0.80m x length 1.44m x width 0.31m (80cm x 144cm x 31cm). Air New Zealand will accept your bike as checked baggage. For this purpose, you do not need to deflate the tires. However, ensure to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Handlebars should be removed, you can also turn them sideways.
  • Remove the pedals or turn them inward.
  • Nitrogen gas pressure in mountain bikes should be under  200kPa (kilopascal) or 29PSI (pounds per square inch)
  • Cartridges for inflating tires should be under 50 mL and contain non-flammable gas.
  • Make sure to seal the box entirely, and do not forget to mention your name and phone number on it. 
  • No part of the bike should stick out of the box.

Item to Avoid on Air NZ Flights

Air New Zealand has mentioned some items that are not meant to fly on their planes. The decision is taken for the safety of passengers and other staff members. Such items are strictly prohibited inside the flight cabins. Make sure to check the list of forbidden items before packing your bags. If these items are caught in your bags during screening, the airline will seize them, and you will not get them back:

  • Aerosols that are not meant for medicinal use.
  • Toiletry items
  • Lithium batteries (spare or installed) with more than 160Wh or 8g lithium content.
  • Gas used for camping.
  • Disabling devices such as pepper spray or any other that contains irritant or incapacitating substances. 
  • Durian fruit is not allowed in checked or cabin bags due to its peculiar and pungent smell. 
  • Electric shock weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Firestarters
  • Gunpowder
  • Chemicals used for household cleaning
  • Hoverboards
  • Lithium-powered skateboards or any other devices. 
  • Liquid oxygen system
  • Security-type equipment containing lithium batteries (attaché cases, cash boxes, and cash bags)
  • Flammable products
  • Radioactive items

Travel With Your Furry Friend On Air New Zealand Flights

Passengers can travel with cats, dogs, and caged birds as checked baggage on flights within New Zealand. The pet must be kept in a suitable carrier appropriate for travel. However, the airline does not accept pets as checked bags on international flights, there are different travel requirements. Only certified service dogs are accepted inside flight cabins and on international flights. The airline is proud to inform its passengers that this service is entirely free. 

While checking in your pet, you will have to provide documents to ensure a safe travel. Reach out to the concerned authorities via the contact center to inform the airline about adding a pet to your booking. You will have to provide the following information:

  • Six characters booking confirmation number. You can find it in your emails and itinerary. 
  • Name and age of your pet
  • Pet’s breed
  • Weight
  • Weight of pet’s carrier

Get The Right-Sized Pet Carrier

Air New Zealand does not provide carrier facilities to its passengers. Thus, it is your responsibility to get the pet carrier with adequate ventilation. The size of the container should be according to current standards published in the IATA Live Animal Regulations. All three sides and the upper section should have holes to initiate proper ventilation. The carrier should not be longer than the pet when standing outside. While inside the carrier, the pet should not duck down to fit in. In other words, the carrier should be wide enough so the pet can turn around and sit easily.

Cost of Traveling with Your Pet

Passengers will have to pay a certain fee amount for the transportation of pets as checked baggage. You can pay the fees at the airport, and the airline will make arrangements for the pet’s safety. The amount depends on the size of the animal. 

  • For pets weighing under 25kg – NZD $75
  • For pets weighing more than 25kg – NZD $100

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is not allowed on New Zealand flights?

Passengers are not allowed to pack lithium batteries, flammable goods, and other items that can be dangerous. 

What is the baggage allowance for Air New Zealand?

Passengers can bring one carry-on and checked baggage on every flight except for seat-only fares, where checked baggage is not allowed. 

How many kg of baggage is allowed in Air New Zealand?

Passengers are allowed to check in bags up to 23kg, and the dimensions must be 158cm (62″) or less. 

Is Air New Zealand strict with baggage?

Yes, Air New Zealand is strict about what items you pack inside your cabin and checked baggage. The airline charges extra for bags that are over the permitted dimensions. 

What happens if your bag is over 23kg?

The airline will charge additional charges depending on the flight origin if the baggage is over 23kg but under 32kg. 

Do I need to provide a vaccination certificate for my pet to travel on Air NZ flights?

No, passengers are not required to submit vaccination or vet information for pet travel within the country (domestic flights).

Can I bring crutches or a walking stick on an Air New Zealand flight?

Yes, passengers are allowed to carry crutches or a walking stick as carry-on baggage. 

Are laptops allowed in carry-on?

Yes, passengers can pack personal electronic devices like laptops in carry-on bags as per the Air New Zealand baggage policy. 


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