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AirAsia Baggage Allowance Policy 2024 Get Updates on Luggage

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Published on December 19, 2023

AirAsia Baggage Allowance is the restriction on a bag’s weight, size, and quantity. Every passenger is allowed to carry a limited number of bags, varying according to different fare classes and selected routes. This is also known as AirAsia baggage policy. These restrictions are levied according to the needs of passengers. At the same time, aircraft storage capacity and fuel consumption to carry the weight are considered. In addition, certain items are entirely prohibited onboard or at the airport due to safety concerns. There are two types of baggage: carry-on and checked bags. Scroll through the page to learn about the allowance of these bags. 

AirAsia Hand Baggage Allowance

AirAsia Hand Baggage size

Passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of bag under the AirAsia Hand Baggage Allowance. The size of one carry-on bag should measure up to 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm, and the size of small personal items should not exceed 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm. Some good examples of small cabin bags or personal items include a laptop bag, handbag, backpack, or any small bag. Passengers can bring these two bags up until the weight of both items is under 7kg. Any baggage over the described Air Asia carry on size is not accepted as a cabin bag. Passengers are responsible for storing their carry-on bags in the overhead compartment and small bags under the seat in front of them. In order to fit the space properly, a passenger must ensure they meet the AirAsia carry on dimensions. Any item purchased at the airport is also counted as in your cabin baggage allowance. 

AirAsia Baggage Policy for Infants and Children

AirAsia Baggage Policy for Infants

Air Asia does not offer any cabin allowance to infants who are under two years of age. However, the airline lets passengers carry baby strollers, buggies, or prams free of charge for their little ones. If such items are not used by an infant, you may have to purchase the checked baggage allowance. Children aged two years or above have the same AirAsia Hand Baggage Allowance as the adults. 

Xtra Carry On Bags on Air Asia Flights

Passengers who wish to travel with only cabin bags and want to add more to their allowance can do so in exchange for a fee. As per AirAsia baggage rules, passengers are permitted to add Xtra carry on up to an additional 7kg for a special fee. By upgrading the cabin bag, you can bring baggage weighing up to 14kg in total. This implies one bag can weigh up to 10k, but the total must not exceed 14kg. Check the following table for a better understanding. 

Cabin Baggage 1Cabin Baggage 2Condition
11kg3kgNot Allowed

Please note that this facility is available only for selected flights. So, if you are unable to see the Xtra Carry On option on your selected flight, then it simply means you are not eligible for it, or chances are that it’s sold out. Passengers flying to Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Philippines, Singapore,m Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand can avail of this service. Simply head over to the official airline website and click on the “Add ons” section. Unfortunately, this service is non-refundable. 

Restriction on Carrying Liquid-based Items on Air Asia Flights

Air Asia levies some restrictions on liquid-based items that passengers carry in their cabin bags on international flights. These constraints are not applied to items packed inside checked baggage. Passengers are eligible to pack liquid-based, aerosol, and gel-based goods in a separate container of up to 100 mL or 3.4 oz. All these containers should fit inside a single plastic bag, and the area should not exceed 80 cm in total (20×20 cm or 15×25 cm). Please note that any items exceeding the 100 mL limit are not accepted as a carry-on item. 


  • Passengers can carry medications and food, including baby formula, in a required quantity. Ensure that such items are declared during the security check. 
  • Duty-free items bought at the airport are packed according to airline restrictions, so they do not require extra packaging. These items are already packed in a Security Tamper-Evident Bag (STEBs).

AirAsia Baggage Rules for Checked Bags

AirAsia Baggage Rules for Checked Bags

Passengers can bring multiple bags as long as they comply with the Air Arabia baggage rules for checked bags. However, if you purchased over 30kg, the bag should meet a few requirements. For example, the AirAsia check in baggage size should measure under 119 cm x 119 cm x 81 cm, or the total sum should be equal to or less than 319 cm or 126 inches. A single bag should not weigh more than 32kg. Passengers are allowed to combine or share their checked baggage allowance. But this is applicable to only similar routes, and such passengers will have to conduct baggage drop and check-in together. 

Air Arabia baggage limit is based on a piece concept for flights to and from the United States. Passengers can purchase up to two pieces of checked bags; each bag should not weigh over 20kg. If you bring two bags weighing 10kg each, the airline will consider it as two pieces only. The number of pieces matters more under this concept. In case you bring an overweight bag (25kg) and one underweight (15kg), you will have to balance out the weight by removing the extra 5kg and adding it to another bag. 

If you are carrying a piece of smart luggage, the airline will accept it as checked baggage if it meets the mandatory requirements. If it has non-removal batteries, the lithium metal content must not exceed 0.3g, and the watt-hour rating should not exceed 2.7Wh for lithium-ion. In case the smart luggage does not meet these limits and the batteries are not suitable for removal, the airline will reject the baggage right away. If it has removal batteries, passengers must remove it and carry it onboard. Ensure the WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS is turned off. This way, passengers can carry up to 2 spare batteries in their cabin bags. 

Check-In Items For Free on Air Asia Flights

Some items are accepted as checked baggage free of charge due to their nature of importance. According to AirAsia baggage allowance, passengers can bring an infant stroller, buggies, prams, wheelchairs and mobility devices, crutches, and walking frames for free. Ensure that these items are used by infant children, the elderly, or physically challenged persons. If not, you have to pre-book the checked baggage. In addition, passengers can use these items up until reaching the boarding gate, except for battery-operated wheelchairs and mobility devices. 

AirAsia Allowed Baggage Every Passenger

Every passenger is eligible to purchase checked baggage for as long as it meets the required weight and size limits. You can buy luggage during flight reservations or after booking the ticket. Not only that, you can also purchase different-weight baggage for departing and returning flights. Each traveler can add an allowance of up to 60kg per part of a flight. Below is the weight allowance for bags that every passenger is eligible to purchase:

  • 50kg and 60kg baggage is available for every passenger; however, it is not for those who are flying to or from Bangladesh and Maldives.
  • If you have purchased tickets to and from the United States, you can buy bags according to the above-stated allowance.
  • The airline offers a complimentary bag allowance to passengers who are traveling domestically within Indonesia and passengers who have booked flights to Dhaka. 

Complimentary Checked Baggage Allowance on AirAsia

According to AirAsia baggage allowance, checked bags are already included in your fare if you purchased Value Pack, Premium Flex, or Premium Flatbed. Also, if you are flying between Dhaka (DAC) and Kuala Lumpur (KUL). Under this, you will get a baggage allowance as shown in the table:

Booked FareIncluded Checked Baggage Allowance
Value pack &Premium Flex20kg
Flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) toDhaka (DAC)30kg
AirAsia Complimentary Baggage Allowance for Connecting Flights
Booked FareConnecting Flight Segment
Value Pack* &Premium FlexYesYes
PremiumFlatbedNot EligibleYes
Flights betweenDhaka – Kuala LumpurNoNo
AirAsia Indonesia (QZ)domestic flightsYesNo

The above-mentioned allowance is included when you make the reservation. No passenger is capable of removing them from their bookings. You can decide whether to use it or not. However, if you wish to carry more bags than stated in your complimentary allowance, you have the option to upgrade it. For this, passengers will have to purchase additional bags for an extra price. This service is available up to four hours before the scheduled departure. Please note the maximum weight on the complimentary allowance is 40kg. Passengers carrying more will have to pay excess baggage fees if they bring bags over their AirAsia Berhad baggage allowance. 

Upgrade AirAsia Checked Baggage

There are two ways through which passengers can upgrade their existing allowance according to the AirAsia baggage policy. One way is through pre-booking the bag online, and the other is by purchasing it at the airport counter. We recommend adding the baggage in advance as the prices are high at the counter or when you are closer to your departure date. 

  1. Remember, pre-booking your baggage is always wiser and cheaper in terms of money. If you are upgrading after purchasing the ticket, then you are eligible to do so up to four hours before scheduled departure. In addition, note that the price paid for buying the baggage is non-refundable.
  2. If you forgot to pre-book your bag, you have the option to add one at the airport counter on the day of your departure. The only limitation is that you can add up to only 20kg of baggage per passenger/ per way. The fee charged here will be higher. If you happen to carry extra baggage, the airline will levy excess baggage fees separately on a per kilogram basis. 

Air Asia Baggage Fees for Standard

Air Asia Baggage Fees for Standard

Air Asia Baggage Fee varies depending on the selected travel time, the purchased fare, and the nature of the baggage. Some fees are charged for every part of your flight, while some are charged throughout the flight. However, specific baggage fees are applied according to the piece. If a passenger is bringing more than the purchased allowance, they will have to pay the AirAsia Excess Baggage Fee for an extra kg. Such fees differ according to the departing airport, and you can pay it only after checking in at the airport on the day of travel. 

  1. Baggage Fee for USA Routes
Checked Baggage During Flight Booking 
20kg Baggage40kg Baggage
JPY 5,850.00JPY 10,300.00
MYR  175.00MYR  259.00
USD 50.00USD  90.00
Checked Baggage After Flight Booking 
20kg Baggage40kg Baggage
JPY 6,800.00JPY 13,000.00
MYR  205.00MYR  329.00
USD 59.00USD  105.00
  1. Baggage Fee for AirAsia Thailand Flights From Bangkok (International and Domestic)
Domestic Routes
Checked Baggage Fee During Flight Booking
15 KG20 KG25 KG30 KG40 KG50 KG60 KG
THB 560THB 588THB 756THB 1,190THB 1,470THB 1,918THB 2,394
Checked Baggage Fee After Flight Booking
15 KG20 KG25 KG30 KG40 KG50 KG60 KG
THB 742THB 798THB 1,008THB 1,582THB 1,946THB 2,512.15THB 3,127.10
International Route
Checked Baggage Fee During Flight Booking
15 KG20 KG25 KG30 KG40 KG50 KG60 KG
CNY 444CNY 483CNY 605CNY 1008CNY 1310.4CNY 1638
HKD 220HKD 282HKD 420HKD 669HKD 870HKD 1090
IDR 649600IDR 774200IDR 921200IDR 1320200IDR 1716400IDR 2146200
INR 3769INR 4112INR 5139INR 8567INR 11200INR 14000
MOP 494MOP 539MOP 673MOP 1123MOP 1456MOP 1820
MYR 105MYR 133MYR 196MYR 294MYR 382.2MYR 477.4
SGD 57.4SGD 74.2SGD 110.6SGD 175SGD 228.2SGD 285.6
THB 1617THB 1764THB 2205THB 3675THB 4774THB 5964
JPY 6860JPY 7420JPY 9240JPY 15400JPY 20020JPY 25060
TWD 1288TWD 1484TWD 2310TWD 3822TWD 4970TWD 6216
USD 60.2USD 65.8USD 82.6USD 138.6USD 180.6USD 225.4
VND 901600VND 1155000VND 1720600VND 2737000VND 3556000VND 4452000
Checked Baggage Fee After Flight Booking
15 KG20 KG25 KG30 KG40 KG50 KG60 KG
CNY 588CNY 641CNY 798CNY 1331CNY 1834CNY 2293
HKD 293HKD 370HKD 556HKD 883HKD 1220HKD 1530
IDR 872200IDR 1008000IDR 1232000IDR 1736000IDR 2402400IDR 3004400
INR 5002INR 5450INR 6784INR 11308INR 15680INR 19600
MOP 655MOP 714MOP 889MOP 1483MOP 2044MOP 2548
MYR 140MYR 179.2MYR 260.4MYR 389.2MYR 534.8MYR 667.8
SGD 77SGD 96.6SGD 145.6SGD 232.4SGD 319.2SGD 400.4
THB 2146THB 2338THB 2911THB 4851THB 6678THB 8344
JPY 8960JPY 9800JPY 12180JPY 20300JPY 28000JPY 35140
TWD 1680TWD 1974TWD 3024TWD 5040TWD 6958TWD 8708
USD 81.2USD 88.2USD 109.2USD 183.4USD 253.4USD 315
VND 1201200VND 1513400VND 2275000VND 3614800VND 4984000VND 6230000
  1. For AirAsia Malaysia (AK) Flights (Domestic and International)
Domestic Flights
Baggage Fee During Flight Booking
MYR 61.60MYR 78.40MYR 96.60MYR 123.20MYR 190.40MYR 247.80MYR 334.60
Baggage Fee After Flight Booking
MYR 86.8MYR 109.2MYR 135.8MYR 172.2MYR 266MYR 327.55MYR 442.45
International Flights
Baggage Fee During Flight Booking
BDY 14366.8BDY 18678.8BDY 25225.2
BND 74.48BND 96.04BND 143.08BND 225.4BND 260.68BND 352.8
CNY 488.6CNY 615CNY 782CNY 1212CNY 1575CNY 2127
HKD 481.6HKD 525HKD 656.6HKD 1094.8NANA
IDR 597800IDR 778120IDR 987840IDR 1530760IDR 1989400IDR 2685200
INR 3768.8INR 4111.8INR 5245.8INR 8566.6INR 11200INR 15120
LKR 16072LKR 19796LKR 25088LKR 38808LKR 50372LKR 68012
MOP 442.96MOP 568.4MOP 844.76MOP 1344.56MOP 1744.4MOP 2175.6
MYR 222.6MYR 274.4MYR 348.6MYR 560MYR 728MYR 982.8
PHP 1400PHP 1600PHP 1900PHP 2700PHP 3300PHP 4100
SGD 72.52SGD 94.08SGD 139.16SGD 221.48SGD 288.12SGD 388.08
THB 1822.8THB 2234.4THB 2920.4THB 4645.2THB 6036.8THB 7761.6
TWD 1400TWD 1638TWD 1988TWD 2800TWD 3640TWD 4914
USD 60.2USD 65.8USD 84USD 138.6USD 225.4USD 303.8
VND 1058400VND 1293600VND 1646400VND 2548000VND 3312400VND 4468800
Baggage Fee After Flight Booking
BDT 18972.8BDT 26146.4BDT 35319.2
BND 99.96BND 125.44BND 188.16BND 297.92BND 364.56BND 493.92
CNY 684.6CNY 861CNY 1094CNY 1696CNY 2205.6CNY 2978
HKD 638.4HKD 695.8HKD 866.6HKD 1444.8NANA
IDR 836920IDR 1089760IDR 1383760IDR 2142280IDR 2785160IDR 3759280
INR 5320INR 5740INR 7280INR 12040INR 15680INR 21140
LKR 22540LKR 27636LKR 35084LKR 54292LKR 70560LKR 95256
MOP 589.96MOP 742.84MOP 1117.2MOP 1775.76MOP 2450MOP 3038
MYR 312.2MYR 383.6MYR 488.6MYR 784MYR 1019.2MYR 1376.2
PHP 1500PHP 1800PHP 2200PHP 3000PHP 3700PHP 4500
SGD 101.92SGD 131.32SGD 194.04SGD 309.68SGD 403.76SGD 542.92
THB 2548THB 3136THB 3978.8THB 6174THB 8447.6THB 10858.4
TWD 1960TWD 2296TWD 2786TWD 3920TWD 5096TWD 6874
USD 81.2USD 92.4USD 117.6USD 183.4USD 315USD 425.6
VND 1489600VND 1803200VND 2312800VND 3567200VND 4645200VND 6252400

Fees Charged for Other Baggage

Aside from this, if a passenger purchases additional services like Xpress baggage and Xtra carry on, the airline will charge separately for this. Moreover, Airasia check in baggage price is different for carry-on bags that are checked at the boarding gate. We have tabulated all these charges below according to the selected routes.

Other Baggage for USA Routes
Checked Baggage Sports
Excess BaggageBaggage Checked at GateExpress Baggage
JPY 12300JPY 12300JPY 18600JPY 25000JPY 600
MYR 450MYR 450MYR 680MYR 900MYR 22
USD 100USD 100USD 150USD 200USD 5
Other Baggage / AirAsia Thai
Domestic Flights
Other Baggage
FeeChecked Bag Airport Counter First 15 KGChecked Bag
Airport Counter
First 20 KG
Sport Item
Airport Counter First 15 KG
Extra Baggage (Per KG)Baggage Checked at GateXpress BaggageXtra Carry On
International Flights
Checked Bag Airport Counter First 15 KGChecked Bag Airport Counter
First 20 KG
Sport Item
Airport Counter First 15 KG
Extra Baggage
(Per KG)
Baggage Checked at GateXpress BaggageXtra Carry On
CNY 300CNY 480CNY 300CNY 140CNY 460CNY 36CNY 317
HKD 400HKD 400HKD 450HKD 120HKD 500HKD 25HKD 220
IDR 696000IDR 900000IDR 696000IDR 278000IDR 1044000IDR 81000IDR 464000
INR 2490INR 4200INR 2490INR 1100INR 6204.45INR 380INR 2692
MOP 250MOP 540MOP 280MOP 140MOP 400MOP 40MOP 353
MYR 130MYR 238MYR 198MYR 60MYR 296MYR 13MYR 75
SGD 63SGD 90SGD 103SGD 50SGD 100SGD 4.5SGD 41
THB 2360THB 3100THB 2360THB 940THB 3540THB 170THB 1155
JPY 4637JPY 6000JPY 5256JPY 2200JPY 10000JPY 4900
TWD 1200TWD 1600TWD 1400TWD 540TWD 1800TWD 160TWD 920
VND 950000VND 1200000VND 950000VND 440000VND 1500000VND 70000VND 644000
Other Baggage/ Air Asia Malaysia 
Domestic Routes
Checked Baggage Airport Counter First 15KGChecked Baggage Airport Counter First 20KGSport Equipment Airport Counter
First15 KG
Extra Bag (Per KG)Gate BaggageXpress BaggageXtra Carry On
MYR 90MYR 120MYR 120MYR 40MYR 200MYR 7MYR 54
International Routes
Checked Baggage Airport Counter First 15KGChecked Baggage Airport Counter First 20KGSport Equipment Airport Counter
First15 KG
Extra Bag (Per KG)Gate BaggageXpress BaggageXtra Carry On
BDT 3500BDT 4100BDT 3200BDT 1500BDT 5300BDT 500
BND 50BND 80BND 63BND 10BND 100BND 7.5BND 36.4
CNY 500CNY 900CNY 907CNY 65CNY 1361CNY 70CNY 279
HKD 400HKD 500HKD 450HKD 120HKD 500HKD 40HKD 344
IDR 500000IDR 800000IDR 793000IDR 150000IDR 1189500IDR 61000IDR 244000
INR 4000INR 7000INR 7020INR 1000INR 10530INR 400INR 1600
LKR 17000LKR 22000LKR 21320LKR 3500LKR 31980LKR 1600LKR 6600
MOP 450MOP 600MOP 585MOP 80MOP 884MOP 25MOP 226
MYR 230MYR 390MYR 413MYR 60MYR 620MYR 22MYR 104.4
PHP 1850PHP 3000PHP 2860PHP 650PHP 4290PHP 160PHP 1090
SGD 50SGD 100SGD 96SGD 12SGD 144SGD 7SGD 30
THB 1300THB 2500THB 2418THB 350THB 3627THB 190THB 780
TWD 1500TWD 2700TWD 1768TWD 300TWD 2652TWD 160TWD 680
USD 50USD 100USD 76USD 10USD 114USD 10USD 41
VND 800000VND 1400000VND 1404000VND 200000VND 2106000VND 110000VND 430000

Traveling with Sports Equipment On Air Asia

Traveling with Sports Equipment On Air Asia

Passengers going on sporting trip with Air Asia should know some important notes before packing their equipment. The airline treats sports equipment as checked baggage. Some items like golf sets, bicycles, diving equipment, ski items, cricket, etc, require special handling due to their fragile and sensitive nature. Passengers will have to purchase sports equipment allowance in order to carry such items. The weight range for equipment is similar to the standard checked baggage: 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, & 40kg. Every passenger is eligible to get an allowance of up to 40kg per way. The following is a list of equipment that you can check in as normal checked baggage, and standard rules will apply.

  • Fishing equipment
  • Archery
  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Tennis/ Badminton/ Squash

You can purchase AirAsia Sport Equipment Allowance during flight booking or after making the reservation. The purchase should be done at least four hours before the scheduled takeoff. Prebooking will cost you less than making the purchase at the airport counter. If you are route includes Australia, you will get a complimentary surfboard check-in of up to 15kg. 

Fee Applicable to Sports Items

Passengers can purchase AirAsia sports equipment allowance by paying a specific fee. The fee amount is decided according to the selected route. You can either purchase it while booking the flight ticket or after making the reservation. The fee varies accordingly; ensure purchasing in advance as the fee charged close to the departure date is expensive. 

  1. For USA Routes
For USA Routes
JPY 5200JPY 6500JPY 8190JPY 10400
MYR 266.5MYR 297.7MYR 362.7MYR 453.7
USD 78USD 91USD 104USD 123.5
  1. For AirAsia Thailand Flights (Domestic and International)
For AirAsia Thailand Flights (Domestic Flights)
15 KG20 KG25 KG30 KG40 KG
THB 728THB 770THB 910THB 1,400THB 1,960
International Flights
15 KG20 KG25 KG30 KG40 KG
CNY 200CNY 240CNY 330CNY 410
HKD 280HKD 310HKD 410HKD 640
IDR 340000IDR 390000IDR 570000IDR 940000
INR 1680INR 1890INR 2836INR 3360
MOP 190MOP 200MOP 350MOP 560
MYR 60MYR 70MYR 90MYR 140
SGD 42SGD 50SGD 73SGD 103
THB 1500THB 1700THB 2000THB 3200
JPY 6200JPY 7600JPY 9100JPY 12100
TWD 1000TWD 1200TWD 1700TWD 2300
USD 32USD 40USD 56USD 77
  1. For AirAsia Malaysia (AK) Flights (Domestic and International)
For AirAsia Malaysia (AK) Flights 
Domestic Routes
During Flight BookingMYR 67MYR 83MYR 106MYR 163
After Flight BookingMYR 94MYR 116MYR 148MYR 228
International Routes
During Flight BookingAfter Flight Booking 


BDT 1466
BDT 1710BDT 2198BDT 1466BDT 1466BDT 1710BDT 2198BDT 3420BDT 1466

BND 42
BND 50BND 73BND 42BND 42BND 50BND 73BND 103BND 42

CNY 419
CNY 515CNY 654CNY 419CNY 587CNY 721CNY 916CNY 1420CNY 587

HKD 280
HKD 310HKD 410HKD 280HKD 280HKD 310HKD 410HKD 640HKD 280

IDR 366000
IDR 476000IDR 605000IDR 366000IDR 512000IDR 667000IDR 847000IDR 1312000IDR 512000

INR 3200
INR 3500INR 4500INR 3200INR 4600INR 4900INR 6200INR 10300INR 4600

LKR 9800
LKR 12100LKR 15400LKR 9800LKR 13800LKR 16900LKR 21500LKR 33200LKR 13800

MOP 270
MOP 350MOP 520MOP 270MOP 380MOP 490MOP 720MOP 1150MOP 380

MYR 191
MYR 235MYR 299MYR 191MYR 268MYR 329MYR 419MYR 672MYR 268

PHP 1200
PHP 1400PHP 1550PHP 1200PHP 1200PHP 1400PHP 1550PHP 2400PHP 1200

SGD 44
SGD 58SGD 85SGD 44SGD 62SGD 80SGD 119SGD 190SGD 62

THB 1120
THB 1370THB 1900THB 1120THB 1560THB 1920THB 2440THB 3780THB 1560

TWD 1000
TWD 1200TWD 1700TWD 1000TWD 1000TWD 1200TWD 1700TWD 2300TWD 1000

USD 46
USD 56USD 72USD 46USD 64USD 79USD 101USD 156USD 64

VND 650000
VND 790000VND 1010000VND 650000VND 910000VND 1100000VND 1420000VND 2180000VND 910000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the baggage allowance on Air Asia flights?

Passengers can bring two pieces of cabin bags for free and checked baggage for an additional fee. However, Value Pack, Premium Flex, or Premium Flatbed passengers get complimentary checked bags. 

Can I carry sports equipment on an Air Asia flight?

Yes, you can. Air Asia will treat your equipment as checked baggage and charge a special fee for handling. It may vary from USD 70 to USD 130. 

What is the AirAsia Carryon dimension?

Passengers can bring two cabin bags, the Air Asia carry on size should be under 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm, and the small bag should measure up to 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm. 

Can I upgrade my AirAsia carry on bag?

Yes, passengers who wish to travel with only cabin luggage and want to add more bags can purchase Extra Carry On service for a fee. With this service, you can bring two bags up to 14kg. 

What is the maximum size of the checked baggage in Air Asia?

AirAsia checked baggage size, which should measure up to 119 cm x 119 cm x 81 cm or 319 cm or 126 inches in total. 

How many weight allowances are there for checked luggage?

Passengers have a total of six weight allowances to choose from, and it ranges from 20kg to 60kg. However, 50kg and 60kg allowance is applicable to only selected flights

What is AirAsia check in baggage time?

The check-in counter for AirAsia checked baggage opens two hours before domestic flight departure and three hours before international flight departure. The counter closes an hour before the flight departure.

How much luggage is allowed in AirAsia?

Every passenger can add up to a 60kg allowance as long as they comply with the AirAsia check in baggage rules. 

Can I check in 2 luggage in AirAsia?

Yes, passengers can check in more than one bag on AirAsia flight, but every bag should be at most 32kg. 

Is AirAsia strict with 7kg luggage?

Passengers can bring carry on bags over 7kg. However, you can get an allowance of up to 10kg with AirAsia Xtra Carry On baggage service. 

How much does AirAsia charge for extra baggage?

AirAsia charges up to 150 USD for extra baggage, and the rates may vary depending on the point of purchase. Pre-booked extra luggage is always cheaper than those purchased at the airport counter. 

Can I add baggage after booking with AirAsia?

Yes, you can add baggage to your allowance up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure. 

What items are prohibited on AirAsia flights?

Items like ammunition, disabling devices, electroshock weapons, oxygen cylinders, security-type attache, cash boxes, lithium batteries, specimens, etc, are prohibited on AirAsia flights. 


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